The Basics..

I finally took the plunge and got myself a’s only been on my to-do list (i.e. book) for a year or so now…

So, I thought i’d just share the general bio i use.. and let you get to know me more through my posts… Psst… Anyone know how to get my bookmarks to show on my sidebar? I’d appreciate any help!!

Bored? Curious? So.. who am i… 

At almost 32 years old (June 3rd) .. I’m a self taught artist who discovered my passion for mixed media art & collage at a very young age. Much to my parents dismay, my “formal” training came from 15 years of painting, drawing, cutting & gluing anything to my walls! I found that losing myself in something creative, not only suppressed my tics (a byproduct of living with Tourette’s Syndrome) but nurtured my soul.

I’m considered an outsider artist, I live with Bipolar Disorder, my work is highly personal as my moods, passion & intensity can be found within each of my pieces… every one of my creations has a piece of me within them, whether it’s my sense of humor, my sensuality, my passion for animals, my love of whimsy, words and all things odd… or my flair for seeing things in a new light, I hope my creations speak to a part of you as well.

My work has been published in numerous e-zines & zines, used in advertisements, displayed in coffee houses, pet boutique’s, offices and more.. I have won numerous contests, and awards for my quirky, one of a kind art.. in addition, my artwork is internationally collected, and I’m proud to say my pieces reside in collector’s homes across the world.. it’s a true honor, and something I am grateful for daily.

 In addition to my art, I am also the proud owner of The Altered Abbey

A New & Upcoming Store, Technique & Project Center, Gallery, and Resource Center for Altered Art & Mixed Media Artists .. Come Visit Me!

Until That Store is Fully Running.. You can shop with me at My Ebay Store



4 Responses

  1. Fabulous Blog and I just love your soothing angel piece…..the subtle textures are wonderful….and I love the photo that is visible as well!

    Have fun blogging, Chrysti!!


  2. Well look at you Mizz Fancy Pants! All Bloggified! B E A U T I F U L! And I am going to enjoy checking up on you through your blog…as you know I stalk you every where now as it is! Giggle

    Welcome to the journal world! You are starting off great! AND thanks for listing me! How sweet! I will put you on mine as well! Some day I have to organize mine a little better! But I am glad to see you here! I look forward to your honesty, your passion and your wit! : ) Hugs!

  3. Congrats on getting your blog up and running. You’ve always got your hands in so many wonderfully creative things and this, I’m sure will be another delightful piece of art for me to visit, and re-visit as time goes on!

    So looking forward to seeing your continued artful growth!

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