The birth of a piece…

Angels Walk Among Us
originally uploaded by ArtByChrysti

Angels Walk Among Us 

I’ve received quite a few emails about the inspiration for this mixed media painting, so I thought I’d tell you a bit of the back story behind it…

When my life tends to feel chaotic and a smidge out of control.. I find myself reaching for my white & cream paints.. and creating a calm, monochromatic piece. The process is what I find most soothing … it’s messy, carefree, gratifying, and oh so easy to lose myself in!

On this particular day.. with this particular piece …I found myself yearning for strength.. I began thinking abut my grandmothers…. they were amazing women.. whose personal lives and stories are incredible within their own right (someday I’ll share) , their memories are constantly my source for wisdom, guidance and strength. The obstacles they overcame, and the grace they handled it with.. will never cease to amaze me…

And so it began… repetitiously cutting, pasting, painting, gluing layers & layers of ephemera…words that spoke to me, that I connected with.. photographs of women…all ages, all sizes, all different backgrounds .. strong women… the women of our past who shaped this beautiful world we live in ..and though a lot of these pieces cannot be seen within the piece.. they are a vital part of it.. it is a piece of strength, and wisdom… and a tribute to those who walked before us, whose lives intertwine with ours when we aren’t even aware… they are the angels that walk among us.

And there you have it.. a small glimpse of how this piece came into creation.. it’s currently for sale on ebay  (ends soon!!) if you’re interested, or to see more detail…click the photo, it will take you to flickr.. click all sizes, and view the original size for detail..

Artfully Yours.. Chrysti

12 Responses

  1. Chrysti –

    I love the story, and I love the art. BRAVO!!

    Wonderful to see you blogging!

    xo – Chel

  2. This is a lovely piece! I just followed your link frm ClubCreative!
    Nice to meet you!


    Cant wait to see more!

  4. Chrysti — I just love this piece — so beautiful!! And your blog looks fabulous!!! I am adding a link on mine to yours, if that’s okay!! :)

  5. Boy…I know I am going to be SO disappointed in not getting them…but I had to try! I LOVE these!!! And the story to this one…you know gets to me…grandma stuff will wrap me around your finger!!! : ) I hope I win…but I have a feeling I won’t…all is good though they are gorgeous! Hugs

  6. This is one of the most beautiful pieces I have ever seen and I love the story behind it.

  7. Thanks soooo much y’all! I love hearing from everyone!

  8. I LOVE your new blog!! So inspiring….your art is always so uplifting~

    Thanks so much for adding my link to my blog on your sidebar…I will do the same on my website!

    xo ~Izabella

  9. Great new blog and wonderful art, you’ve done a terrific job with it all! Thanks for adding my blog link, I’ve got you added on mine, too. Looking forward to getting to know you better.

  10. Chrysti!
    This piece is absolutey, perfectly lovely! I’m off to EBAY to check on the progess of it’s sale…I’m going to become an official Chrysti collector!!!


  11. This piece is so lovely! i have seen it before on flickr, and took a look again today, and find this link ! I like to read your story behind! I am doing fabric collage at the moment also with old photos, and I think they have so much to learn us, our grandmothers!

  12. […] & calming process of all. I’ve talked about it in depth, in past entries .. click here & here for some reading if your in the mood! If you poke around my blog archives, you’ll […]

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