Five Things .. 5’s ..

 Five's ..

1. One Digit / 5, 2. Hooked on fli..r, 3. One Digit / 5, 4. Almost blue
5. Here lies number 5, 6. Cinco, 7. Cell 5, 8. 5 – delicatessen
9. White 5 on Orange Dumpster, 10. guess where nyc, 11. 5, 12. give me
13. Untitled, 14. Travel Bug #5, 15. Five, 16. five

Why the 5 Montage You Ask? 

Well, The oh so talented Deryn Mentock Tagged me …

So I’ll try to give this a go … Really, I’m pretty Boring..
(Think i’d tell ya the exciting stuff?)

5 items in my fridge

  1. Starbucks Venti Iced Skim Mocha
  2. Sugar Free Tapioca Pudding
  3. Diet Arizona Ginseng & Honey Iced Green Tea
  4. String Cheese
  5. Parkay Spray Butter (so it’s not real butter)

5 Items in my closet

  1. Paint Covered T-Shirts & Sweats
  2. A Pile of Clothes to Cut into Fabric
  3. Vintage Ponchos
  4. A Size 4 Sundress I’d kill to fit in again
  5. Lotsa Old Purses & Handbags

5 Items in my Purse

  1. A Bottle Of Hydrocodone (Toothache)
  2. 10 Kinds of Fun Lip Balms/Glosses
  3. A Shoe Shine Sponge
  4. Victoria Secret Corset Shaped Mints
  5. My Wallet

5 Items in My Car

  1. I
  2. Don’t
  3. Have
  4. A
  5. Car !!

5 People I Tag

  1. Carmen aka Gyspy Froggie
  2. Chel
  3. AmyMa (Time to update that blog girl!)
  4. Lisa Carney
  5. Art Junk Girl

” He who asks a question is a fool for five minutes;
he who does not ask a question remains a fool forever “

I Could High 5 Y’all… But I’m really not THAT lame.. ( Ok so maybe I am…)

^5’s to All… Chrysti

7 Responses

  1. Hey girl!

    I have always adored your artwork on Flicker, and I have now discovered your Blog! Would love to exchange links with you if you’re interested. I also love your new idea for Technique Tuesday! Count me in!

    I had sent you an email about places to visit before your trip to DC. Did you receive it, and were you able to hit any of the stores?

  2. Love your “5” montage! Wish I’d thought of it first! Thanks for playing along Chrysti!

  3. Oh you brat! Giggle….now I have to tell secrets! Giggle

  4. You e-mailed me from collage cats about my new blog site. I tried to reply but keep getting e-mail send errors so just thougth I’d post this here. Hope you don’t mind.

    Thanks Chrysti,

    I do love painting birds.

    I went to your blog .. wordpress looks pretty cool.

    I did have a question about the collage images on the flickr group. How does one join up for this group? I couldn’t find out how.

    I LOVE your “Angels Walk Amoung Us” it is so beautiful.


  5. Love your 5’s!! ewww I was tagged today too…by Chel!
    xo ~Izabella

  6. Alrighty, you tagger, you!

    I’ve posted my five things. And don’t ask me to expand on the closet stuff.

    Tee hee!

    xo – Chel

  7. […] Artist: Chrysti […]

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