Hope and Better Days ..

Remember this post yesterday? Well, did I ever ‘Scream’!  True to myself, I did it unconventionally allowing it to take form in my newest altered art piece… and wow.. the healing power of creating art… never, never ceases to amaze me. I blogged about the background earlier, it was one of the Try It Tuesdays canvas’s I experimented with…see it here.

 A Better Day
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A Better Day
This life’s a rugged way for us, But there’s a better day for us
8″ x 8″ Mixed Media Collage & Painting on Canvas
by Raleigh, NC Outsider Artist Chrysti

“In the night of death, hope sees a star, and listening love can hear the rustle of a wing.”
Robert Ingersoll

Initially, I went up into my art room, just as crabby as could be .. really, I was in a downright foul mood. I chose this adorable vintage dog, as his sad face.. well, it just spoke to me. In that moment? I was that pitifully sad, almost hopeless puppy. His whole world began dark and gloomy.. but as I worked the piece.. something, well magical happened..

“In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.”
Albert Camus

I wanted a better world, a more colorful world for the puppy…a happier place, as it’s what he so richly deserves. I wanted him to have wings, to soar.. to fly free.. My heart ached for him and I wanted him to have love, companionship…and hope for a better day. It was my desire that he find a whimsical world, where anything was possible. Little by little, both my mood and the piece began to transform before me.. it was an amazing experience.. and I am more then pleased with the result.

“We must learn to let go, to give up, to make room for the things we have prayed for and desired.”
Charles Fillmore

I’m gonna have a heck of a time parting with this piece, but alas.. finances (or my lack there of) need to win out this internal conflict.. so it’s for sale here. You can read a bit more about it there as well. It’s my hope, that this piece touches someone else, as it did me. It truly is a small part of me… amazing how that occurs isn’t it? Ahhh, better days ahead.

Remember Friends..
“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.”
– Chrysti


6 Responses

  1. thanks for posting that link to your blog. this blog is really nice.
    i just wanted to say that i find that sometimes, being dpressed makes me wan’t to run to my art (sometimes on the expence of other, more urgent stuff), to deal with pain creatively.

  2. Oh Chrysti–this piece is phenominal. I believe it is my most favorite you have done. there is something about it that is really “magical” as my kids would say! you are SUCH an inspiration to me to keep with up doing art. I was so excited after doing the backgrounds that I had a painting day to make some collage backgrounds and random paintings. you will see on my flickr. thank you for all you do, it’s really inspiring and very much appreciated!

  3. I absolutely love this piece Chrysti! The colors and images are so vivid. It’s just wonderful!

  4. Thank you all SO much, I appreciate it more then you know!

  5. This piece is awesome! Thank you so much for sharing your process in creating it. I love hearing other artist’s processes. I went straight to your ebay store – but it was already sold – congratulations! Wonderful, wonderful work!

  6. Yes..depression & creativity seem to go hand in hand.. on a similar note, pieces i create while I am down.. i rarely like. They could be the next Mona Lisa, and i’d hate it.. the association with that feeling i believe.

    Thanks so much everyone!

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