More Try It Tuesdays Week 1 Backgrounds

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I am absolutely addicted to making backgrounds… especially when life’s a tad chaotic.. I find creating these to be incredibly soothing, and a great release of any tension that I have internally stockpiled.

This is what drew me back to experimenting with Karyn’s Easy, Acrylic, backgrounds technique (Week 1 of Try It Tuesdays). I should have posted these the day I did them, as now some of the details are foggy to me.. but here’s a general idea of what I did, and the results they yielded.


# 1. Paint Colors Used: Yellow, Mango, Midnight Blue
8″ x 8″ Canvas Panel
I started with a collaged background of ephemera scraps.. then applied the gesso.. and did Karyn’s technique .. the washes were more watered down, so that the text would peek through.. on this one, I used a finer mist of water and let it sit for a lil over 5 minutes (great time for a quick studio clean up!).. I applied my stamping, then washed over the entire board with a combo of the yellow & mango washes.. the canvas looked duller, so I re-applied the midnight blue .. over the stamping.. re-misted the water.. and was thrilled with how it turned out. The colors are different for me.. but I love the tropical feel this has… I’ve already finished a stunning piece out of it, one I’ll share later. I will definitely continue on this path of experimenting more with this process. It has endless possibilities!



# 2 & 3. Paint Colors Used: Mango, Barn Red, Lumiere Gold
5″ x 7″  & 4″ x 4″ Canvas Panels
Not much of my own take on these.. I tried using Lumiere paint as the final paint, and am pleased with the sparkle these have. I’m not happy with the depth, so I can guarantee these will end up altered more :-) I did make sure not to completely brush the edges.. I applied the 2nd color randomly around the edges, instead of total coverage.. and am much more content with the blending.

In case you missed it, you can see more of what I did with this technique in this blog entry and see what others have done as well by clicking here.

That’s all for now folks.. ’til later.. Chrysti


10 Responses

  1. Woohoo! You go girl! These are all so stunning!….mine ended up pale and faded….but I am not giving up…I so enjoy the painting process…it is soothing and theraputic…..I think I need to use less water and do more blending and adding color to spots that call out to me….I have no formal training in painting or art in general…except in highschool lol does that count!? hehe I try to absorb as much as I can…and with Try It Tuesdays I can do just that….Thank you again! :) Nancy and no you can’t have my daughter LOL :))

  2. Thanks for sharing your Art Tech.
    Irving fom his cave in Chicago

  3. […] Remember this post yesterday? Well, did I ever 'Scream'!  True to myself, I did it unconventionally allowing it to take form in my newest altered art piece… and wow.. the healing power of creating art… never, never ceases to amaze me. I blogged about the background earlier, it was one of the Try It Tuesdays canvas's I experimented with…see it here. […]

  4. Thanks so much darlin’!!! Who needs formal training.. it’s over rated..Ha! ( I dont’ have any either) …

    Fiiine.. Keep your daughter.. i don’t need the financial burden anyhow.. these animals take enough of my money!

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