Shhhh! I’m Hiding…

Yep, you heard that right! I’m going into hiding today…

Originally uploaded by robert madeira.

With too much to do, and not enough time.. I am hereby declaring this my hide from the world day. So from this moment on you won’t hear from me via email, at the message boards, on Flick’r etc etc.. until I have completed orders, invoices and shipping them…  preparing, coding, testing  the new Try It Tuesday challenge, do the lottery and announce the winner for the current week, showcase entries… and a ton of real life stuff you don’t really wanna hear about.

I always feel more than a bit guilty when I can’t sit on top of things, and help out as needed throughout the day. So, if you’re reading this.. and frequent the places I go.. and see someone in need of help, please do give them a hand if it’s within your power!

 “If you start soon enough, you won’t have to run to catch up.”

Ha! I’m already running.. and with that..



6 Responses

  1. Another great…funny…amazing…post.

    Good work (and a great photo to boot!).


  2. I hear ya sister–I have those days quite often!Sometimes holding the rest of the world up is a hard hard job :D Hope you had a nice quiet day.


  3. photo is amazing, hope you catch up soon we’ll miss you. Jx

  4. Thanks Y’all … Now i better slip back to where i was… (Is this cheating?)

  5. My girlfriend gave me a sticky notepad that says,” If I’m always running late does that count as exercise?” Life does get hectic!

  6. LOL!! Love that! That just may turn up on ACEO!

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