Try It Tuesdays: My Week 2 Results!

They see poetry in what I have done. No. I apply my methods, and that is all there is to it.”
Georges Seurat

So, I made time today to try the latest technique over at Try It TuesdaysWeek 2 is An Easy Transparency Alternative, and it only took me 20 minutes to do a bunch. I had done variations of this transfer previously with packing tape, but it’s seldom I am pleased with the result.. I really don’t care much for the shine on packing tape, or the limitations in it’s width.

“I don’t study; I create.”
Viktor Korchnoi

On this batch, I used Clear Contact Paper.. and I LOVE the results.. once it’s adhered to the surface it’s nearly  impossible to detect. A quality I seek in transfers as I want to look as if it’s a part of the artwork.. not just an element that was added. Besides, it allows me the freedom to create transfers of almost any size. I found that the better I burnished each image, the better the clarity of the transfer.

Laser printed images were used for almost all the transfers on the pieces you see below. Keep in mind, these are all works of mine in progress, notta one is completed. Further details are provided beneath each photo. I also did a few additional transfers with other image sources — something I’ll share with y’all later in the week. Matte Gel Medium was used to adhere all of these, burnishing the transfer well to the piece so it’s virtually seamless. Clicking on the image, will open a larger one in a new window. 

cah-tryittuesday-week2-1 B & W Laser Printed Vintage Girl, Dog, House ImageContact Paper TransferAdhered to a hand painted ATC/ACEO background on cardstockTransfer covers the entire Artist Trading Card
cah-tryittuesday-week2-2 B & W Laser Printed Door ImageContact Paper TransferAdhered to this canvas background from Try it Tuesdays Week 1
 cah-tryittuesday-week2-4 Sepia & Black Vintage Receipt Laser ImageContact Paper TransferAdhered to a 4″ x 4″ Art Squared Collage background on board.Transfer is applied over the girl on the left. 
 cah-tryittuesday-week2-5 B & W Laser Printed Vintage LetterContact Paper TransferAdhered to this canvas background from Try it Tuesdays Week 1Handwriting Transfer covers entire canvas.
 cah-tryittuesday-week2-6 Vintage Dictionary PageContact Paper TransferAdhered to this canvas background from Try it Tuesdays Week 1Transfer is the definition of Beautification on the statue.

Using the old dictionary was awesome.. paper rubbed off much faster!

 cah-tryittuesday-week2-3 Color Laser Printed Window ImageContact Paper TransferAdhered to this canvas background from Try it Tuesdays Week 1Transfer is the window on the upper right.

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”
Pablo Ruiz y Picasso

All in all, I think I will use this transfer method in my altered art more frequently. Heat transfers are still my favorite, but they don’t work effectively on all surfaces, and can tend to be a lil bit too unpredictable for my taste. This method has less limitations. Thanks so very much Heather for exposing me to this again — I  may never have revisited this process otherwise!

That’s about all folks, if you have any questions.. just leave a comment and I’ll get back to ya ASAP!

Keep those answers comin’ in from earlier too, I am so enjoying your stories!


11 Responses

  1. These are looking great. I especially love the one with the girl and boy. There are obviously more layers going on there. Could you explain how you did these? TIA

  2. I loved your cards really super, I want to learn it so much, I can make my own transfer!!
    But i don’t understand the technique in English. I thought, take a transfer paper in my HPcopyapparaat-scanner and put the picture on it, then I put it with my iron for…the drywash to use ,on the transfer with bakerypapaper between it en put in on my card,after that you need modpodge to vernis it!!
    Is that it??
    greetz alice

  3. Amanda — Actually, it’s a predesigned scrapbook paper..HA! Prolly why i havent’ been inspired to do much with it…doesn’t feel like my own.

    Alice — I don’t know how to explain it to you do you understand.. did you try using one of the translators online?

    There’s no iron involved.. no bakery paper.. no inkjet images..

  4. chrysti, these are very beautiful and it sounds fun too. I will be working on mine on the weekend! can’t wait! Lia

  5. I haven’t tried the contact paper. I’ll have to get some. I love the text you did…great effect. Also the mysterious look of the 4 X 4. Before this, I had tried packing tape transfers but I thought I had to coat them with Mod Podge first and that made it a longer process. I am thrilled to have found that it can be a simple, quick process!

  6. Sorry to admit my ignorance, but when you use the contact paper do you used the front or the back?

  7. Susan — the technique is at the Try It Tuesdays site.. the sticky side goes on the image….

    Thanks everyone!

  8. […] Earlier this week, I discussed my experiences with the TIT (Try It Tuesdays ya perv!) Week 2 Transfer Technique… Since then, i have somehow managed to complete a few more transfers. Keep in mind, none of these are finished works of art..I just wanted to share the transfers with you. These were a perfect fit to my insane schedule this week, thanks so much for sharing Heather! […]

  9. In England – would contact paper be the same as sticky backed plastic paper?

  10. Mab..yes!

  11. Mab — Sounds the same!

    Llaurie..Thank Ya!

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