Who Reads Me? Who Are You?

No two persons ever read the same book.”
Edmund Wilson


Check out these amazing photographs by talented Flick’rites!
 1. I Want to Live 2. walking away. 3. Light Rest Light Breeze
4. Bookends 5. Uomo (con cane) che legge. 6. I can only say ‘aaaah’
7. For Hoov 8. Italian love 9. Bathroom reading
10. Teach me How to …? 11. Reading 12. “Reading is to the mind..
13. Pondering the press 14. cat’s literature
15. Read-Write 16.
Pomelo Seller

The ever talented Misty Mawn posted an interesting entry in her blog the other day..

It peaked my own curiosity.. Who reads me?

 “Reading is a means of thinking with another person’s mind; it forces you to stretch your own.”
Charles Scribner, Jr.

 the following questions have been scientifically designed in an effort for me to better understand my target audience and for potential blackmail purposes

Ok, so really, these are just for fun..
let me hear more about you.. answer one, or answer all..
leave it in the handy lil comments section.. I eagerly await your responses!

  • Who are you & why do you visit me?
  • What is your definition of beauty?
  • If you were a food, what food would you be & why?
  • Are you a dentist? If yes, EMAIL ME!
  • Name one thing that always makes you smile!
  • Now tell me one of your pet peeves..
  • Tell me a little known fact or quirk about yourself..
  • Suggest a song for my art time music play list..
  • What do you consider your greatest accomplishment?
  • What is one thing you simply MUST do before you die?

Extra Credit: Make me laugh! Tell me a funny one-liner, short joke, or your most embarrassing moment (now c’mon, would sweet lil ol me realllllly blackmail you?)

 “Curiosity was framed. Ignorance killed the cat.”

Now have at it!

The finally starting to accept I’ll never truly be fully caught up…
– Chrysti


12 Responses

  1. Zack. Fun. Smile. Curry…spicy. No…sorry. Kids. Ignorance.

  2. (deep breath)…

    Musical ADD. “Mad World.” Living. Live.

  3. –GOING FOR THE GOLD (star)–

    “Clones are people two.” (Yes.)


  4. Hi Chrysti,
    Thanks for visiting my blog & commenting on my art work.
    I’m just getting into Altered Art, & really enjoying it.
    You have a Great blog here, & Some Brilliant links, Have joined a couple of the Yahoo groups you have linked.

    Have fun

  5. Here we go!

    Nancy, Goofy, Pizza, (not a dentist lol), making other people smile, clutter, forgetful ugh!, My Dingaling (song) lol, surviving motherhood, Live!

    A joke hu…let me see if I can think of a clean one lol….ok not making fun of people in the south here (I am one of them lol) You might be a redneck if you use a frontloader to carry your beer home….(a joke madeup by my loving hubby) OY! Ha ha you missed it, just did the chicken dance with my daughter LMAO

  6. Who am I? Kelly, I read this b/c….well I got really excited about try it tuesday
    Beauty is everywhere- especially in the things you go by everyday
    I would be a gluten free cookie, crisp and yummy
    My rabbits always make me smile
    When people steal my stuff out of my flat file at school
    A lil known fact- I have a bleeding disorder
    Anything spoon
    Getting into art school
    I must tell everyone close to me how much they mean to me as much as possible before I die

    Funny? Um- funny tragic or funny haha? I was getting up one morning, knocked my glasses off the nightstand, bent down to pick em up, and accidently stepped on them- I crushed them, then I went to get my backup pair only to find my wife had secretly crunched them and put them back in the case!

  7. […] Keep those answers comin' in from earlier too, I am so enjoying your stories! […]

  8. Who are you & why do you visit me?

    I am a webcrafter by profession and an… ARTIST! Yes, I can now call myself an artist – huge step in the right direction! I love creating anything these days, but Sharpies are my favorite. I found your blog just a week or so ago and I appreciate seeing your artwork, your writing and all you do for the online art community!

    What is your definition of beauty?

    My definition of beauty is variable depending on time and place. Something beautiful jumps out at me, gives me a chill, or makes me think. It definitely doesn’t fit the rest of the world’s standard of beauty!

    If you were a food, what food would you be & why?

    I think I would be a fruit popsicle – I am cool! :) (probably not, but it’s funny) and I make people smile.

    Are you a dentist? If yes, EMAIL ME! Sorry – no…

    Name one thing that always makes you smile! Cats always make me smile – mine in particular, but all cute animals! Kitties are always doing something goofy to get me smilin’

    Now tell me one of your pet peeves.. My pet peeves – numerous! Drivers who aren’t paying attention make me nuts! When you’re in your car driving – it is your job to pay attention and do things right! Like not signalling for a turn – duh! That drives me crazy!

    Tell me a little known fact or quirk about yourself.. Little known fact… I’ve made this more known, but I couldn’t even pick up a pencil to draw a stick figure about 3 years ago – it was too traumatic. NOW – you can’t stop me from trying anything and everything art related – Try it Tuesdays is fabulous for me!! New stuff to try!

    Suggest a song for my art time music play list.. One of my favorite new CDs is K.T. Tunstall – kind of kicky and fun music!

    What do you consider your greatest accomplishment? So far, I would have to say the websites I’ve built and continue to build! (www.argusinstitute.colostate.edu and http://www.petpeoplehelp.com)

    What is one thing you simply MUST do before you die? I MUST go to Italy! It’s not a question of want – it is a question of NEED!!

    Love your blog, ebay store, Try it Tuesdays! You are an inspiration!


  9. Zack — LOL at the Clones one. I have a serious weakness for bad puns.

    Nanc — Didja get the chicken dance on tape? You can email me the dorty jokes.. i’m not easily offended :-)

    Kelly — that’s soooo something that would happen to me!

    Tammy — Calling, and believing in yourself as an artist is the hardest step! I sooo want to go to Italy as well.. i’ve been drooling over the thought of Caludine Hellmuth’s class there next year.

    Thanks so much everyone.. it really does brighten my day reading these!

  10. Because you invited me to your Flickr groups and I’m a member.
    Beauty is an intangible feeling/response and I find it mostly in nature and acts of kindness.
    Something spicy!
    ICK no, not a dentist.
    Laughing babies.
    People who can’t be honest about their flaws.
    SONGS: 2a.m. Anna Nalick, Fantastic Voyage by Lakeside, Spin Me by Dead or Alive
    That my grown son is my dear friend
    See Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water in PA.

    Check out my blog and my flickr page!

    Kelly (a recovering depressive as well).

  11. hey chrysti… i’m sarah. i’m a full time mom and an artist, married to a sculptor. (we are starving artists! :) i visit your blog everyday for a little uplifting boost. :) you are a terrific writer… i hope to maybe learn something new about myself when i visit.
    i have learned that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. a common statement… but oh, so true. a stormy sky, a little boy’s smiling dirty face, a rarely completed to do list :)
    if i were a food… gosh… maybe i’d be a grilled cheese sandwich. warm and comforting.
    i’m not a dentist. don’t think i could be. i don’t like ’em…
    watching my children sleep always makes me smile.
    whining is my biggest pet peeve.
    a little known fact… hmmm… i’ve never been on an airplane.
    when i am painting i love to listen to diana krall, everything but the girl, keane, enya… whatever it is, i like it loud. :)
    my greatest accomplishment… so far, it’s being able to manage my time so that i can paint and create and raise four small boys, manage house and husband all at once… (whew… )
    before i die i want to FLY to europe, visit italy and ireland… i want to travel…
    …oh, i’d also like to see burning man in nevada someday.

  12. O.k…while I have a moment from housework (ugh, but somebody’s got to do it!) I’ll go for this…

    I’m Jannie, a wife to a great dh for 28 yrs & mom to three grown determined to be who they are children (they still have some growing to do…,but I love ’em!:-) and I’m grandma to six beautiful kids so… to get in some “my time” I am an artist who shuts the doors on the above mentioned (no,not really… they can sit by me and create too when they want) to create and “take myself away”!
    Why do I visit you? Because…you’re incredible, your art is awesome and you inspire me. I’m on artistazine so that’s where I found out about you and then you got me interested in “Try It Tuesdays” for which I’m hooked & there’s no turning away from it.
    My definition of beauty is… you can find beauty in anything. There is beauty in a dry desert, in kids making mud pies, in a person crying, in gestures, and more.
    If I were food I would be…a Snickers candy bar because I’m a little bit “nutty” and yet I’m ” soft & sweet” though sometimes I can be “tough” like caramel and hey chocolate is a good !
    Sorry, I’m not a dentist (wouldn’t want to be, their on the list of the top careers to have the most suicidals), but my dd is a dental assistant!
    One thing that makes me smile is …when my entire family is together for get-togethers and everyone is getting along and there’s love,peace,forgiveness,understanding,helpfulness,joy,compassion,trust,hugs and kisses amongst us.
    One of my pet peeves? hmmmm… people who find fault in others without looking at themselves (point a finger at someone, you have three fingers pointing back at you).
    A fact or quirk about myself is… oh gosh, I guess I will say that I am extremely afraid of any type of bees, but yet I’ve allowed my dh to become a beekeeper and having the hives in our little fenced in backyard.
    A song… I love Coldplay so I would suggest Coldplay CD’s
    My greatest accomplishment… staying with my family through thick & thin, ups & downs, and realizing that the down times made me become a stronger person/wife/mom/grandma/daughter/sister/aunt,etc.
    Something I must do before I die… I must feel “content” that all will be okay without me and that I made those who have known me know that I loved them immensely and if I should slowly die in my bed I must have either Coldplay, Elton John or Aerosmith playing in the background while family is around and I must have either my dh, my children/grandchildren hold me.
    And, I must have all my important stuff taken care of (it’ll never all be taken care of so therefore I must never die!:-)
    Most embarrassing moment… skinny dipping with my ex-boyfriend and one of his brothers and their uncle suddenly shined a big spotlight on us (from the uncle’s truck) as we had climbed onto the dock (before we grabbed our towels).*blush*

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