Memorial Day-Take a Moment to Remember

  1. ANZAC: Still, 2. 04ITC02a, 3. midnight raid

I’ve never tripped a booby trap,
or stood upon a mine,
but I have seen what happens,
when you’re out there on the line.

1. Guaviare, 2. to earth thou shalt return, 3. General

Some men die real hard,
others not so bad,
but t really doesn’t matter,
when you’ve given all you had.

  1. a little brake 2. Sniper 3. “I Have IVA “

I was never wounded,
so I never felt the shock,
or felt the pain rip through my body,
while calling our for Doc.

1. WW II  2. Not dead until Forgotten  3. BrotherinIraq

Sometimes the pain is awful,
it can make you want to dry,
that pain can get so bad at times,
you might pray to God to die.

  1. fallen comrade 2. I love you Douglas MacDonald 3. Mourning the Fallen

I know I was lucky,
that it never happened to me,
and that someone else’s blood,
was shed to keep me free.

Ronald Murray

6 Responses

  1. Thank you for posting this.

  2. Great post…I especially love “midnight raid.”


  3. Very moving Chrysti, love and hugs to you Judyx

  4. Wow, what a powerful tribute!

  5. Hearfelt thanks for posting and to our men and women who serve.

  6. So glad y’all enjoyed :-)

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