Good News, Handmade Paper, And Random Thoughts

“Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.”
Mother Teresa

Can I just tell you… I have been soooo amazed, genuinely touched, and rendered speechless at the kind responses & inquiries I’ve received regarding the dental drama I’ve been going through. It never ceases to amaze me, the power a “stranger” can have.. or the profound impact a few thoughtful words can make. Your support, and concern has truly made an otherwise difficult time, far more bearable.

Thank You.

 Dental Stuff





1. lost Wisdom 2. My view 3. mini molarzinhos 4. Give me a kiss

 The UNC Hospital Setting Dental Clinic evaluation went pretty well. I left with only a handful of reservations.. and an appointment for the 13th of June (figures it’s a Tuesday eh?). They will try me on IV sedation at first…which is a conscious sedation, a twilight sleep. If for some reason that doesn’t work well, then they will reschedule it into an O.R. General Anesthesia procedure… Something I’d like to avoid if it all possible. They will be extracting 2 teeth, and performing a root canal that day.. a good starting point for the massive amounts of work I need done. This procedure, should relieve the pain I’ve been enduring these past few months…Thank heavens! I have every hope this will go well.

Now, I still do not know the cost, but I should this week. I have no idea what price range to expect, but it’s got to be better then $35,000!! Since I can’t get treated elsewhere, I’ll move heaven & earth to raise the funds. I’ve already begun spending less time on the computer talking about art… and more time in my studio…making art. I plan to finish the piles of canvas’s, ACEO’s, and other pieces I have been working on for months, and load my stores with them….wish me luck! I’m trying to create a range of work, something for everyone.. every taste, in every price range. So, if you don’t see me around as often, that is why — I really do appreciate your patience. 

“I write down everything I want to remember. That way, instead of spending a lot of time trying to remember what it is I wrote down, I spend the time looking for the paper I wrote it down on.”
Beryl Pfizer

Or in this case, making the paper! Ha!

Really though, it’s quick.. it’s just a matter of being patient while it dries. If you didn’t already know, Easy, Plantable, Handmade  Seed Paper is the Week 3 technique over at Try It Tuesdays. If you’ve put off trying this, now is a perfect time to give it a go! ZNE has donated an amazing prize .. you don’t wanna miss out on a chance to get it! On a personal note — If you don’t already belong to ZNE, I can’t recommend it highly enough. Of all the mixed media groups I’m a member of .. this is one of the most supportive communities you will run across. There are so many benefits to becoming a member .. and for about a dollar a month.. can’t beat it! So go, join.. tell them I sent ya…and no, I don’t get any sort of benefit as a result!

So, I gave this paper making thing a go… aside from when I was a child.. I’ve avoided papermaking…for a multitude of reasons.. I wish I hadn’t, as now I’m hooked! I love working with the pulp, watching it transform…and I have a plethora of ideas I cannot wait to explore! Beneath each photo is a summary of my initial results. They aren’t very pretty, but then again.. I didn’t aim for them to be. I just wanted to try, and test the process before I gave it a more professional shot.

Some thoughts on creating both sheets… It really was fast to do… under 20 minutes (not including drying time). I did run out and buy a cheap 8 dollar blender at Wal-mart.. just to use for crafty purposes. No way I’m gonna chance ruining my fancy blender. It is still one of my favorite gifts ever. What is it about fancy kitchen appliances that make us swoon anyhow? Back to the project: The paper turned out to be thicker then I intended, my own fault.. I made too much pulp, and instead of using 2 sheets of felt, I used one.. just lazy. I’ll correct that next time.

 Try it Tuesdays - Week 3 - My results - 1

Paper Type Used: Junk Mail
Coloring: Coffee
Drying Method: Oven for 20 mins, Then set in front of fan.

I used junk mail for this first piece and as I suspected, it turned into a grey glob of mess… I wanted to tint it, and didn’t have much on hand (why didn’t I think of paint?) … Loving the dark color of coffee, I decided to grab my cheapo instant coffee grinds and blend it in… the odor was horrendous, and the color really didn’t take well.. it’s sort of an oatmeal color now… I added seeds, and scraps of text for some interest. Not bad, I’ll find a way to incorporate it into my work. If only I could get rid of that cheap coffee smell.. Ick. The Red Drops, are a result of a spill from my second try.

 Try it Tuesdays - Week 3 - My results - 2

Paper Type Used: Junk Mail
Coloring: RIT Dye
Drying Method: Oven for 15 mins, Then set in front of fan.

Try 2 .. Must Have Color … Using tissue paper as a colorant isn’t enough to cover the ink on the junk mail, so I bought some RIT dye, and added a few teaspoons to the blender.. Hello Messy. Red Counters. Red Floors. Red Hands. Red Strainer. Red Sink. Red EVERYTHING! What a friggin’ mess .. next time, I’ll do this part outside! But it works! I do want to make a deckle screen now…using my old strainer, Isn’t as effective.

  You can see what others have come up with here, and we have a great discussion on creating these here.. TONS of valuable tips, so take a look!

Try It Tuesdays also hit 10,000 unique hits (in 3 weeks time!) last night. I’m THRILLED! Keep spreading the word! I’m going to begin the process of moving it to it’s own domain this week.. I’m hoping, it will allow me more flexibility with the coding, layout and to automate more of what’s done.. freeing up some serious time for me. More about that later… Time to head up to my studio, and make a living!

“After a visit to the beach, it’s hard to believe that we live in a material world.” 
~Pam Shaw

But yet we do <sigh> -Chrysti

13 Responses

  1. Chrysti, paint is a lot less messy to color the paper with than DYE. I used liquid acrylic paint and it did color it. I will just have to learn what colors I like to use (if I ever make anymore. hmmm….did it sound like I actually am thinking of doing it?)


  2. I hope it goes well at the dentists, cost and procedure. For what its worth on June 17, my son is having 4 wisdom teeth out, they estimated around $1500. plus or minus. They are coming in sideways towards his tongue. He is going to a university clinic in Gainesville.

    I used a couple of drops of food coloring in my first one, came out pretty pink. I used mainly white junk mail envelopes, less ink on them.
    Email me your snailmail addy if you want a birthday card! Lori McNamara

  3. The best of everything to you Chrysti…..I hope it all works out for you hun…hmmm birthday?

    I think yours turned out great I am sure you will find some wonderful thing to do with them! :)

  4. Best of luck with the dentist. Tooth aches are the worst.

  5. I was always so afraid of dentists (I don’t know why but it is bad) that my dream was to have dental work done under general anesthesia…I’ll be thinking about you on 13th.
    Love the red splatters on the coffee paper!

  6. Hi Chrysti,
    I’m sorry about your teeth. Just thought I would let you know I am going through problems with my teeth also and I don’t have dental insurance. I’ve been babying a couple teeth and trying to figure out (before the pain gets worse) what I can do to get help. It’s terrible that a person has to have the money totally up front for a dentist to work on them! Well, just wanted you to know I’m going through teeth problems too and it’s nice to know you’re not alone. I’ve certainly had enough pain from teeth, had a root canal done (about 1.5 yrs ago) on a front tooth which the dentist called it a “hot tooth”… the pain med I had was Tylox (good stuff,btw!), but the pain was soooo horrible that the Tylox didn’t even phase it for awhile so I just buried my face into a pillow & screamed. I don’t want these teeth bothering me now to get as bad as that so I’m worried about it. I hope all the best for you. Take Care

  7. I’m sure glad to hear that the Dental visit went pretty well. I’ll keep hoping for you that things work out!!!


  8. Thanks so much y’all… i’m way too tired to give a serious reply, but wanted to make sure i letya know i appreciated it!

  9. Am a bit late getting back to reply to this as had a monster of a migraine, but just wanted you to know I’ve been thinking of you and wondering how you went at the dental clinic. I’m glad they are sympathetic and going to work with you. Will be watching the auctions and hope you get the prices you are hoping for or better. At least things are under way now….

  10. Blech… migraines really are awful… i tend to get hormonal ones monthly.. and occasionally stress induced ones… i hope you are feeling better! Thanks so much for stopping by! I’m afraid to look at the auctions..LOL!

  11. I understand your teeth problems totally. I feel comforted now that I know I am not alone. I have a 70% curve in my spine and fibromyalgia plus 7 bad teeth that need to be dug out. Yes dug out due to long,curved, broken roots. I don’t know how I will handle it. It has to begin soon, but like you, the money is holding me back. I already filed bankruptcy for my 13 root canals that were supposed to save my teeth-yea, right. I am tired of the medical people taking all my money for a cure . If I could, I would just stop going to Dr. and dentists for the rest of my life. For the most part the earlier part of my life, I did not see a Dr. or a dentist so I am grateful for that. I just needed to post to let you know I am here for support and I willsend you my healing thoughts.

  12. […] I have no idea how in the last 2 weeks went from mildly chaotic, to I can’t get a grip! But it did, and I *think* things are slightly back in control now. If you missed my prior posts on the dental drama that’s been occupying my little life, click here & here. […]

  13. Only wanna tell that this is extremely helpful, Thanks for taking your time to write this. “Truth is the summit of being justice is the application of it to affairs.” by Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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