Rustin’ Away Again

Originally uploaded by daffodil.

Loved that Rusty Photo. Gorgeous Isn’t it?

 “If you rest, you rust.”
~Helen Hayes
Then I’m rusting away beacuse I’m off today! Well, Kinda.

 I’m trying really hard to just take some time for myself.. I’m now out of the house (aka work) … and trying to enjoy some much needed quiet time.. so this will be the last you’ll hear from me until tomorrow evening! (Hopefully). I’m a few weeks behind (I will eventually answer them all!) in emails.. not sure if I’ll try to tackle that or not tonight. I’m just playing it by ear. I never realized how difficult it is for me to relax.

 “Everyone needs a warm personal enemy or two to keep him free from rust in the movable parts of his mind”
~Gene Fowler

Thought I’d share my attempts at Week 6 of TIT (Try It Tuesdays). The fabulous Judy Scott has been generous enough to share a fabulous and unique rust technique — I had a ball playing with it, and can’t wait to do more. I have plans for the canvas, but it’s a big ol’ secret — it’ll be something very different for me, excited yet? I know I am!

The first batch of photos are all of the same piece.. just couldn’t get an accurate one of the coloring. It’s a mesh between all of them in person!

 TIT - Week 6 - Rust - Canvas 1

 TIT - Week 6 - Rust - Canvas 1b

 TIT - Week 6 - Rust - Canvas 1a

On Canvas Board

Done using Salt, Gesso, Foil, Ranger Alcohol Inks, Winsor & Newton Watercolor Ink, Stain, and Walnut Ink.

 TIT - Week 6 - Rust - Journal Background

On 140 lb Watercolor Paper in my Art Journal

Done using Salt, Gesso, Foil, Ranger Alcohol Inks, Winsor & Newton Watercolor Ink, Stain, and Walnut Ink.

Pop over to Try It Tuesdays if you haven’t yet.. this week’s prize is sponsored by the Incredible Nici of Art Shaped World — it’s an amazing prize.. so be sure to enter! There’s 2 full weeks to play this time around….so no excuses! Visit her store today.. and maybe you’ll find a unique gift for someone in your life, or a treat for yourself. All her profits go towards treatment for her Asperger’s son. So feel good about what you buy!

I’m loving all the organization tips — and will address them all later this week! Keep em’ comin!

 “A sword, a spade, and a thought should never be allowed to rust”
~James Stephens

Now to go gather, and treasure my own thoughts.. – Chrysti

5 Responses

  1. OOOOOOh that photo by daffodil is soooooooo pretty! love it!…Love your rusty tries for TIT….I have no idea what to put on them since they have so much texture….gonna think on that! I hope your getting some “YOU” time!…I am still going at full speed ahead lol….Amazing though I stayed up till 4am last night organizing Ahem lol…Looks pretty good so far!….and got a few other things done and showed all on my blog! I will get a pic taken of the organizing I did here soon! Love you much and big HUGS!!!

  2. I love that photo. It is one of my flickr favorites!

    Enjoy your down time.


  3. I just found your site (Try it Tuesdays) while I was surfing and loved what I saw! Thanks for posting the tutorials…I’m going to give the rusted one a go…I’ll be back!

  4. What a neat technique! Thanks for all the tutorials.

  5. love these works…thanks for sharing….

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