Quick Updates, Chrysti Style

 7/21/06 Vintage Freebie 29

Today I posted 30 new Copyright Free, Vintage, Printable Images for you to use in your artwork at Flickr!

The Collage Images Group I founded, has close to 3,000 free vintage images for you to use.. how awesome is that? Come join the fun!

Store Downsizing – Last Chance Items!As some of you may know, eBay has announced a significant fee increase for store owners. Since I barely mark items up, and don’t want to raise prices … I will be pulling hundreds of listings from my store by August 21st, and focusing on opening my long awaited store in progress .. The Altered Abbey. (this will be a HUGE undertaking, and you won’t see much of me until all is complete!)

To receive an announcement when the site opens, please click here.

Not all products will be offered on the new site, so stock up on items now… while you can.

  • Fibers by the yard will not be offered here any longer.

  • Most items priced around $1.50 and under will be pulled from eBay entirely, a necessity I wish I didn’t have to do.

  • Select items will be moved to the clearance category, check daily!

I will not be closing Covet Me, but a huge restructuring will take place. One I hope, will be a benefit to both of us. Thank you so very much, to all of you who have helped make me a success, I look forward to serving you through other venues in the years to come. The Altered Abbey will continue to offer you inexpensive, quality altered art supplies, once it is open…and a whole lot more, you haven’t seen an altered art site yet like it! (but at first, it will just be the shop since ebay’s pushing me into it faster).Upcoming Vacation Notice!

Suitcases, Carl Street
Originally uploaded by heather.

For my customers..

From July 25th – August 3rd, I will be unable to ship items as I will be in the lovely NC Mountains. Items will be shipped as fast as humanly possibly upon my return, and include extra goodies as a thank you for your patience while I’m away!

***Payments must be received by July 24th to ensure shipping prior to my departure.***I will still be available to answer emails, and send combined invoices ( assuming the internet connection works at the hotel) … but it won’t be daily. I truly do appreciate your patience while I’m away!

For my online activities & friends..

 I’ll be available for emergencies should the need arise ( and assuming that the connection works ok!). Time permitting, I’ll post some photos of the gorgeous mountains here at my blog!

Originally uploaded by

I do feel like I’m drowning in a way… with the new Try It Tuesdays site to do, sponsors to get, tutorials to read, edit, and publishing it weekly, and bi-weekly…and all the other little things it entails. Now this with e-bay, my health, time for art, travel, friends moving that I want to spend time with… the list goes on…and all so time sensitive.

However.. I’m feeling a bit better, or have been too busy to notice the depression…either way, it’s a-ok by me. I do have new art to list, it will be at a buy it now price while I’m away, time permitting…I’ll update y’all here when I get them up. In the meantime, check out the auctions ending soon!

Hugs to all.. I’m back to the mad rush I also call life!
(gotta love when your workload more then triples right before a trip eh?)


3 Responses

  1. I am positive your new website will be a success! So far you have proved to me and others your amazing…not only with your art…but how much you do for TIT and other groups….I know that you keep me going too…everything you do amazes me! I wish you much fun and relaxation on your trip!!

    Much love and hugs! We will all miss you! :)

  2. CAn’t wait to see your new site. I’m going to do some shopping at your Ebay store this weekend! Love the fibers by the yard, so think I’ll stock up a bit! :)

  3. Hope you have a fabulous vacation! Look forward to seeing your new online store! Thank you for the paper package, all the papers were so lovely and I can wait to infuse them into my art! hope all is well! Cheers!!!

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