Yes, it’s really me!

Well, a girl stops blogging and panic ensues!

Seriously, thank you all for your inquiries — I am doing ok, and no – I didn’t get lost on my vacation!

 Waving With the Wind

The fiber clearance my store is having, has been keeping me beyond busy, not leaving much time for anything else! I wake up, and cut, then wind fibers basically all day… then pack & ship all the orders .. so until this sale is over (this weekend) and the fibers are pulled from the store, chances are you won’t hear much from me….it’s a tedious item to sell, and at this point.. I’ll be glad to have a long break from them! So, be sure to stock up now if you want some!

I haven’t even seen the inside of my art studio in over 3 weeks, and I’m sorely missing it. Emails are piling up (over 600 to reply to, I promise I’ll get to them over time) … The Try It Tuesdays site to finish, Altered Abbey site to finish, and the list goes on. Working for yourself sure may sound easy, but I’ll tell you – I work harder at this, then I ever have anything else!

The only marginally creative thing I’ve had a chance to work on, is photography.. you can check out my photos here if you’d like, be sure to leave a comment and let me know you dropped by! There are pictures of my trip to the mountains, other trips, my pets, flowers and more…

At any rate, I just wanted to drop by to let y’all know I’m doing ok, and will be back to blogging ASAP. Now back to cutting and winding fibers!


14 Responses

  1. I visited your site.
    All I can say is…

    So awesome.
    I don’t have enough words to sum up what I can say about all your images.
    And there are plenty of people offering accolades.

    Anyway, if you want to swap photo viewings, you can check here. It’s my PhotoBlog.
    I don’t use Flickr because I’m weird.


  2. Chrysti…good to see you back :o)

  3. Well Hello There Chrysti! Yes we all have been wondering about you….I figured you were overwhelmed with orders…my goodness…I loved all your photos….you have alot of awesome shots!! Great work darlin’…stopped by to say hello and that I miss you! Don’t worry about the groups …i think they will understand….just concentrate on what you got going now! Much love and hugs!

  4. Nice to see you back, Chrysti. (Nice pictures, too, from the few I saw. I can’t load many on this internet connection.)

  5. Christy wanted to let you know that I created a new blog about art come visit it thanks

  6. I really don’t know how I came across your Blog, but I have spent the afternoon just looking through your blog and all of the links you have posted. I LOVE your art and you share such wonderful web resources. I joined your collage image group on Flickr. Thank you for sharing all you have here.

  7. Love your post! Where do you get your magnificent ideas? Oh, welcome back, Chrysti.

  8. Chrysti,

    I miss you.


  9. just stopping by to say hello! Hope all is well!!

  10. Wow…lovey photos. Glad to hear all is well….im off to take another peek at your beautiufl photography. Cheers!

  11. Hey Chrysti, I am really glad to here your sale is going so well! Your ne hotos are beautiful! oh and your invited to vist my new website I’ve just launched this week! It’s arty, crafty and very girly and fun! I’d love you to come visit … Shae xo

  12. I’m having way too much fun with the order I got from you. So glad to have found your blog!

  13. this is a really captivating image!

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