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Get Busy! -Projects
It’s a frenzy here today!Packing orders, laundry, and all the tedious little things that go intopreparing for a last-minute trip! I’m determined however, to make time for art today .. Hope you will too! 

utee beads and amber beads

Originally uploaded by natashafialkov.

One Hour Craft –A New blog I found, and I love it, You will too! Awesome projects, for those of us who are time impaired!

Paper Bead Tutorial –
Scroll alllllllllll the way down to see it.. she makes paper beads an art form of their own!

Cut Paper Illustration – Anyone can do this.. check it out, would be a great way to remove artist’s block!

Eye Candy! – Art Gallery
I’m working on the 3rd batch of the mini 1″ collage squares .. but until they are complete, check out these fabulous creations others have done.. these are addictive aren’t they!

She carpes the diem

Originally uploaded by allisonstrinedesigns.

Ok, so it’s a one inch pendant collage.. but wow!

Tejae’s been busy too!

Debbie Lakes had fun with these!

I Can’t even do this!

Dot’s hosting her own swap for these!

Lisa Vollrath discovered these too!

Nancy’s Attempt

1″ Mania!

Spend! – Give a gift, get yourself a treat..
Just a few handmade goodies I’ve seen around…after you’ve spent money with me of course..ha!

Originally uploaded by kellyrae.

Fabulous Art!Kelly Rae has some amazing works here!

Soldered Charms! – Cute, and just $10.00!

Hand Stitched Fawn – I ordered one last week, anxiously awaiting it’s arrival.. these are too sweet!

Hope you enjoyed these fun & fabulous artful finds!

~ Chrysti

3 Responses

  1. Wow look at all this lovely stuff you have shared with us! Thank you! That will be the only 1″ piece I will do…way to small for me LOL It was fun and thank you for the inspiration to do so.

  2. aw thanks! i love your tiny collages. and i am a big fan of groupings of paintings, so i have some ideas brewing! oooh!

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