Alllllllllllll Aboard!

Amtrak Sunset
Originally uploaded by O Caritas.

Yep! I’ll be traveling… via train … all day.. I’m a train virgin, so a wee bit nervous!

At any rate, you’d think I’d be packed when I’m leaving within an hour? Nope!

Must rush! See y’all soon .. Have an artful few days, I’ll check in if I can!


5 Responses

  1. chuga chuga choo choo….Have a safe trip! Hugs!

  2. Have a lovely time. You’ll love the train ride… trains can be a lot of fun especially if there are pretty things to view outside the windows. :)

  3. You’ve created an excellent blog….it’s easy to lose yourself in all the great images and information. Can’t wait to see what you post next!

  4. Beautiful Artwork, great e-bay store.

  5. Oh, WOW!!! You are so TALENTED!!! I LOVE all your “stuff,” especially your dogs…..wonderful. LOVE your colors too. I can only dream of being so talented!


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