Pretty Little Things

I got a treat in the mail yesterday!!! and Omigosh…

 … if you haven’t already? You simply MUST get Sally Jean’s new book.. Pretty Little Things. Not only is chock full of inspiration and eye candy, her wicked sense of humor shines through, and it’s a fabulously gorgeous book to just simply page through.. Really kids.. you won’t regret this one. How often do I push y’all to get something? It’s truly amazing, how generous she is in sharing her ideas, inspirations, and methods.

I MUST teach myself to solder! Who wants to learn along with me? Quick!! GET THIS BOOK!! Pssst… Can any of y’all point me in the way of soldering supplies? I have a soldering tool .. but need just about everything else…. sources please, especially for those of us on a tight budget! If any of y’all sell ’em, let me know .. I always prefer shopping, and supporting those I know.

No! I wasn’t in any way paid for this advertisement. Though, should Sally Jean find herself wandering across my little blog somehow, and feels the uncontrollable desire to bestow pretty danglies, mini chairs, and other magical, whimsical pieces upon me.. I will be forced to just accept it. <sigh> That’d be rough eh?

In the meantime, feel free to help me save towards buying up her site .. today’s the last day of the Mega Deal at my store. Details here.

Ok, that really was just shameless, even for me.

Go buy Sally’s book to help ease my conscience.
Then order from me.

There I go again! Ikes! Get me outta here!


11 Responses

  1. Crackin’ up over here. I . want. that. book. You’re not helping!!! :)

  2. I want to learn to solder! And I want that book….. Go buy something from me so that I can buy that book and supplies. Just joking. is a great website for supplies. Extra fast shipping and great customer service (my experience). You will see a soldering FaQ and many other great ideas on their website.
    Love your new pieces!

  3. yes, volcano arts is THE place for soldering stuff! so far i still suck at it, but have learned lots by trying. i also got her book in the mail a few days ago, but have been too busy to really look at it — ugh! : ) i have copper tape that i haven’t listed yet, and probably won’t any time soon — ask me for some before you buy retail!!! have fun on your trip, and bring your new book!

  4. ah, you have a wicked sense of humour, love it and man you sold me on the book. You should get a commission LOL!

  5. I’ve had this book for a week now and look at it every day. It’s such eye candy! In the back of the book you’ll find all Sally’s recommendations for supplies, stores etc. :)

  6. LOL….I have recently discovered Sallys work! Simply scrumptious! I have the book now on my wish list hehe! Your so bad lol making us all drool like that hehe …Hugs!

  7. Oh, that book is to die for! I got it last week and I also am excited by the eye candy and love her sense of humor too and her sense of whimsy. I am now learning to solder. Someone mentioned above Volcano Arts. I use them and they’re great. Fast shipping and so helpful if you email with questions. Here’s one thing I learned from Volcano. Sally uses Silver solder and it’s not compatible with a 100w soldering iron…which of course I have, :-( so make sure if you want to use the silver solder to ask which is the best iron to use with it. Soldering is certainly harder than it looks LOL!

  8. I just got that book today- it’s full of so many lovely and inspirational things! I buy a lot of my soldering supplies here: I’ve ordered lots of times over the past few years, and always receive the order in a timely manner, never had any issues.

    I buy microscope slides here. Much less expensive to buy a full box here than to buy in smaller quantities as often sold through various art supply websites.

  9. I’ve heard that’s an awesome book from several people now. I, too, want to learn to solder. I watched a friend do it last week and it didn’t seem completely out of reach. I think I’m off to the stained glass store tomorrow…

  10. okay, here is my opinion on soldering…when i was still in college and did soldering with a blowtorch and flux paste and solder bits it is a royal pain in the ass. for the little charms that she makes, i think you are best off getting a soldering iron from a hardware store (make sure to get the stand, too), liquid flux and silver solder on a roll. it takes a bit of practice, but if you have steady hands (you are an artist, i hope you do!) you should do well…and have cold water ready for finger burns! i am ordering the book on amazon in a moment.

  11. Oooh, I saw this book today and put it right to the top of my Christmas list – if I can hold out that long!!!

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