Yoohoo! Here I Am!

Autumn Splendor

Really, don’t send out a posse for me! Since the return of my trip, I’ve been rushing around like mad, trying to get everything I need finished, prior to my surgery next Wednesday! On top of that, my computer is giving me even more grief.. I have to reboot almost every 10 minutes.. it’s near impossible to get anything done.

I am back to having over 700 emails that need replies, I’m slowly working my way through them all, if I haven’t’ gotten to it yet — I promise I will soon.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I won’t ever be able to write a blog entry daily, time most likely will never permit that…so my new goal is to post on it daily, even if it’s a photograph I’ve taken, or something else I’d like to highlight.. and still having my longer, more personal entries as I can. Sure beats not posting at all eh?

With all that being said.. here’s my version, of a quick, mini update, to all that’s been happening in my world recently.

 Treasures of the Heart

My artwork is featured on EBSQ’s main page right now! I think it will be all month long as well… how amazing is that! In the vast sea of talent there.. somehow, my piece was found & chosen! You should have seen the look on my face yesterday when I realized it!

Speaking of being featured.. I’m honored that my blog has been chosen as the featured Indie blog of the month at Indie-O-Rama! Have you seen this new site yet? It’s a wonderful new site — you won’t be disappointed as you browse around.. go on, look already!

 Paradise Indeed

I had a fabulous time on my short trip to Paradise Island — it is SPECTACULAR there. (I’m so grateful this was all expenses paid though! It’s expensive!) I urge you, to save, and plan a trip to Atlantis at least once in your lifetime.. trust me, you won’t regret it. I uploaded some photos of it here, come see! I’ll be adding more soon.

 Autumn Glory

My old camera basically died, I broke down and got a new one yesterday… a Canon Powershot A630, so far so good! I’ve really enjoyed taking photos with it! Here’s a few of my favorites so far. Photography is a fantastic creative outlet for me, when time doesn’t permit me to get in my art studio! I’d encourage everyone to try it — you’ll learn to retrain your eye, and how you see things .. which has an amazing effect within your artwork.

News on My Sites..

I think I’m breaking down, and hiring someone to finish The Altered Abbey, until my computer starts being agreeable.. I just can’t make headway on it. It’s primarily, the shopping cart I need help with – Oscommerce to be exact.. any of y’all do this? Drop me a line if you do!

In the meantime, keep checking Covet Me for some awesome supplies — I’ll have some great Christmas Ornaments up soon!

Try It Tuesdays will be back up & running after I’m healed form my surgery :-) Keep sending me tutorials.. the more I have upfront, the easier it will be for me to keep it up weekly –I’m doing them up ahead of time! This will be great exposure for anyone who participates!

I am going to be updating the links on my blog here.. MUCH needed revamp. If I dont’ have your link up, please drop me a line.. and I’ll add it in as well :-)

Whew.. that was a mouthful! And yet, I’m sure I forgot something!

Have a beautiful autumn day! -Chrysti


5 Responses

  1. Chrysti…glad to see your post :o) Big congrats for the main page on ESBQ. Those photos you took are gorgeous especially the one with the trees and beautiful autumn colors. Good luck with the surgery. can’t wait to see what is next for Try It Tuesdays.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Dear Chrysti,
    Sorry for being inpatient…I’ll keep my mouth shut! Though you’ll have to open it: I keep my fingers crossed for you at the dentists!!!!

  3. First, good luck with the surgery. I hope everything goes all right.

    Congratulations on being featured! You have some beautiful artwork here. Hope your trip went well.Congratulations on the new camera as well. The pictures look beautiful.

  4. Congrats, Chrysti! And it´s well deserved – your dog card is just beautiful. I love the backgrounds of your latest work. Glad I´ve finally found your blog!

  5. good luck with the recovery and your photos are gorgeous! By the way I’ve used oscommerce if you need a bit of help. Best wishes,

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