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Nancy's Alphabet Challenge Collage
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About 6 weeks or so ago, out on my daily blog jaunts.. Nancy’s alphabet challenge caught my eye & inspired me.. at the time, I really needed to create .. and with no real purpose in mind.. You know how it is, something my not-feeling-quite-so-well self could plop in front of the television and do without limits, without focus, without thinking.

This is the result of that wonderfully freeing couple of hours.. all the magazine clippings came from an old issue of Maxim Magazine, and the background was done with Caran D’Ache Neocolor II’s. Warning: Smudging the Neocolor’s with your finger can & will cause blisters. Despite the dangers this really was fun to do, and I’d love to see y’all try it!

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Nancy's Alphabet Challenge Collage
Click to see larger in a  new window

9″ x 12″ on 140lb. Watercolor Paper – Signed on back.

I won’t be selling this, as I don’t believe it’s ok to use the magazine pieces for that (copyright issues)…so I’ve decided to give it away! Just leave a comment between now & Dec. 8th, 2006… and you’ll be entered into the drawing. The winner will be announced that weekend!

As always, Chrysti
(who promises I’m trying to get through, and reply to all your emails this week!)

P.S. Check out ArtJunk Girl’s try at this too!


119 Responses

  1. This is fabulous!!!

  2. Chrysti-it came out just fab! I love it!

  3. This is INcredible, Chrysti!!! Great ART!!!!!!! Cool idea, too….. I might have to try this!

  4. Very nice…love to see the alphabet…great colors…

  5. Chrysti,
    I view your blog almost everyday – all your work is remarkable !!! I especially was inspired by your ~art by the inch~ project and have managed to do some of these myself. Thanks so much.

  6. Oh my Gosh! I love it! And I had NO idea rubbing the crayons with your finger will cause blisters! Guess I’m not rubbing hard enough, because your colors ROCK!

  7. It is beautiful – blisters and all!!! Your work is absolutely remarkable. I enjoy visiting your blog daily. I would love to be the lucky winner!!

  8. Hey Chrysti! Looks great! :) I always love your colors, so rich and inviting! Are you still planning to host a similar swap for this over at AAO? If so just holler, mods gave it a go ;)

    – J

  9. Hi Chrysti,
    I absolutely love it. It is a true work of art and the colors are fabulous. A remarkable piece of art using the alphabet.

  10. This is awesome! Good for you to finish up this challenge!

  11. It’s gorgeous!

  12. So…is any of that striking…blood? :) Very cool piece.

  13. Hi Chrysti,

    I love alphabets and numbers. It has never occured to me to just do an alphabet collage. I real like you background in between the letter. Why does it cause blisters? Could you use Lyra instead or do they make owies, too?


  14. It’s GORGEOUS!! I WANT!!!

    Please put my name in the hat and wish me luck.


  15. Beautiful work! I love the color work with the Neo’s. This definitely has inspired me to make one of this. Such a simple theme but it turned out amazing! Good work! ::crosses my fingers that I win it!::

  16. I have a place picked out to hang it and all! Fabulous texture!

  17. Love it all. The blog is great!

  18. It’s beautiful Chrysti!
    Great use of color and the alphabet.
    I hope I win!

  19. Chrysti, this is just beautiful . What a great piece . I would to have it . I hope i win .

  20. What fun this is!! I think I might need a freeing, no thinking art project like this after the day I had today. LOL!! Great work!!

  21. As always, I love it. I can’t believe how prolific you are in your art work. I would love to win. Thanks!

  22. Chrysti…as usual your work is gorgeous! What a cool idea for a collage and the colors are so vibrant!

  23. Delicious! I’d love to win it! Can I be lucky for once in my darned life? :)

  24. Chrysti, I love your work. You have so much talent. This is an inspiring colage and your 1″ squares are awesome! Thanks for sharing.

  25. Beautiful! What a GREAT idea and it’s a wonderful way to reuse the magazine! BTW, you have a delightful blog…your 1 inch collages are just amazing…

  26. I just love checking out new blogs by artists!! Your work is very inspirational!!
    Keep up the good work and I will check out your blogspot often!!

  27. What a great idea. I’ll bet it was a lot of fun to make. Please through my name in the hat also. I’ve got my fingers crossed.

  28. Love this artful piece. Alphabets and numbers are one of my favorite themes and you have done a marvelous job with both.

  29. What a wonderful piece! I love alphabets too! Very inspirational!

  30. This photo is luminous, and I’m sure that it’s even more incredible in person. A beautiful piece.

  31. Hi, Chrysti – Your work is absolutely beautiful! What an inspiration you are – your attention to detail and your eye for good composition is really wonderful. I would love to win this piece! Have a great day – Joy

  32. CHrysti, as usual, you have created something evocative and beautiful. Miss you at the circus, think of you often, so impressed with all you do!

  33. Great way to deal with copyrights…I should just send you my address because I KNOW I’m going to win this fabo piece! My apologies to all the others who KNOW they are going to win, too.

  34. Wow! Who knew you’d get so many responses! I’ll play in your hat! The colours and the look is all me! It’s awesome!
    Cheers, Denise

  35. My goodness what a response! I finally found the end of the list to comment LOL I love how your alphabet art turned out! So very cool and love the background colors! I would love to win this! :D Please put my name in! Nance xoxo

  36. Excellent piece of collage. The background looks antique…obviously a master colourist at work there!
    Here’s hoping! – Andrea

  37. Christi – that is awesome! I may have to try that! I’m going to add your blog to my favorites for inspiration!

  38. As usual, I love it. You are truly inspiring! I would love own it!

  39. I love your work, you are surly a great artist. I would love to own one of your beautiful art pieces.

    Judy L

  40. Great job and a fun challenge. Thanks for sharing.


  41. I love it! Neocolor? I don’t know about that – tell me more. I just moved to New Mexico and have a great place for your work…sigh. Would love to own it myself and I will appluad the person who does get it! Thanks!

  42. Wonderful work! I really like your color choices. It looks like it was fun to do. I’m glad to have a chance to win this.

  43. Great piece of art! I would be honored to display in my home, so I hope I WIN! Hope you are feeling better.

  44. I love this! This may be one of my high school art classes next projects. It looks like it was such fun to make.

  45. I want to try it! It’s wonderful!

  46. Lovely work. This would be a fun piece to display. Please put me inthe aht for your drawing!

  47. What an inspiration, thank you!
    (I want it I want it I want it…..)

  48. a wonderful piece…wish i could try something like that but i can’t find the top of my table

  49. I want it!! :D Beutiful.

    xo – Chel

  50. Wow! Your artwork makes me happy. I have a small table that needs refinishing and this concept for the top is just the thing!

  51. What can I say that hasn’t been said all ready. I am going through alot in my life right now and when I saw your piece, it inspired me to spend time in my studio today creating. I have a suggestion. Don’t know if you are game or not. But, since so many are inspired and in love with your art, what about the idea of letting one win the original And then, whoever else is interested…….like……devilish smile………devilish laugh………..ROFL………… ok, enough. What about making some quality color copies to send out as a wonderful Christmas gift. Art heals. When I have extra money, I will alsways buy from artists to support tht thing I love most in life. I have several pieces of art in my studio by various artists. Would love to display this in my studio if I win. Anyway, great job and thanks for the inspiration! AJ

  52. I love it. This would look great on my wall now that the big SNOW is coming and it will be dark and dreary in Michigan for the next 5 months…I would have something beautiful to look at..Debbie L

  53. I never thought of Maxim as a source for collage but really, the fonts are fabulous, your layout is great and I am glad to know that Neocolors and fingers are a health hazard. Seriously neat collage.

  54. Hey!
    So excited to have found your art…delight for my morning…..
    I am going through chemotherapy and going deep within and also on a journey looking around and there was your beautiful art to inspire. I have a set of neocolors that I have never touched..maybe that’s the thing…things that have not been touched and so IT”S TIME! I even scribble on my t-shirt today! Cancer has given me the key (permission) to be bolder in all life!
    peace to you, make lots of art! Suze

  55. I think this is great…saw your post on yahoo group…
    Photographic Memory

  56. I am truly blown away by your beautiful collage. It has inspired me to tackle more creative projects. Thanks for helping me to pursue bolder designs. I have a newly remodeled bedroom that has a perfect spot to display this masterpiece.

  57. LOVE IT!! Toss my name in too – I always did look good in hats!
    Thanks for the inspiration,

  58. As a couture seamstress and artist who also no longer has fingerprints, I was once told that one must ‘suffer’ for one’s art. :-) Simply a wonderful college. Quite inspiring. Keep up the great work. NeoColors here I come – my poooooorrrr fingers. hahahahaha

  59. Love it! I’m in!

  60. Ooooooh! ooooh! Oooh! I am raising my hands and arms and feet! I am SO in!!! Count me in….eeeeps oh I want this! : ) hee hee hee

  61. Chrysti – how in the world do you have time to keep up the life, blog, ebay store, etc etc and still make wonderful art??? :-) This piece reminds me of the Butterfly Alphabet, only much better. I am glad you posted this – am having fun going though the comments here and clicking on the names of those who posted and reading THEIR blogs. Thank goodness I am snowed in and have time to play!
    Have a great day!

  62. Chrysti,

    I just found your blog a few days ago and love your work. Please add me to your drawing…

  63. Hey Chrysti,
    I love your blog and check it out whenever you post to Claudine’s Group. What a great challenge. Makes me want to try my hand at it..
    Keep on posting..

  64. Your creation has inspired me!!!! I am creating an alphabet book for my 3 year old. I was thinking of doing something cutesy, but now I think I will do something a little more altered.
    Thanx SO much

  65. Hi Chrysti, Love the ABC piece & hope you pull my name out of the hat for it :-) Thanks, Jennie B/ Artchix/Collage Cats

  66. Hi Christi, I’ve admired everything you’ve done, most especially this ABC collage. I am an elementary teacher so I love the ABC’s. Thanks for sharing this. Gail

  67. Chrysti it is beautifolous and I have the exact perfect place to put it……………..hope those blisters have healed :~)

  68. Absolutely beautiful Christi!!! Love the colours especially!

  69. it’s beautiful, Iove art with letters and numbers, maybe since I learned art journaling and collage from Lynne Perrella? I’d love to hang this on my wall!

    take care!

  70. I love this…just plain fun! And the colors………yummy!

  71. Holy Alphabet Challenge!!! I don’t think I’ve ever seen this number of comments in all my bloomin’ life! You are so kind! Wouldn’t it be great to do alphabet 1″ squares?? Thank you also for the fab. tutorial for the 1″, I am totally addicted to them and I couldn’t do them before your great instruction! Thank you for all you teach us and for sharing your beautiful work and blog with us. xxoo Lia

  72. Fabulous Alphabet! You must have been doing some rubbing to get blisters on your fingers my goodness. I subscribe to your blog and always look forward to new installments. Hope you are doing well and thanks so much for all of uour inspriation! Take care!

  73. Sorry to hear you haven’t been well! Hope you’re soon better and back into the swing of things. Love your work and I can see an alphabet has to be added to my list of ‘want to do’ things in the new year. Best wishes.

  74. Absolutely beautiful :)
    I love the colours!!!

  75. What a fabulous piece! Very inspirational. Love the colours. If you could please put my name in a hat, that would be wonderful. I love your blog!

  76. I love this! I so love make collage from magazines! In fact, the very first one I ever made was a word collage made entirely from magazines. I think I was about 9. You’ve now inspired me to pull out some magazines and do this challenge! I teach art to 8-15 yr. olds so I’ll have them give it a go as well. I know they’ll love it! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  77. Wonderful and so much fun! The colors are great as well.

  78. I love this piece. What fun you must have had making it. Hope you pick my name to receive it.

  79. This is fantastic! I wish that my inspriations, or works, would turn out as well, or have that much interest! You are truly gifted!

  80. As always, I’m impressed by the richness of your work. The winner is going to be so happy to own this!

  81. This is gorgeous… Probably won’t win it… so I’ll just have to make my own :-)

  82. whoa, lots of comments! love this collage, and your blue birdy collage would love to have company on my desk — lol!

    hope you are feeling better!


  83. beautiful collage! Would love to have this one.

  84. I love your art!!! This is a beautiful piece…I never win anything, but thought I would try (:

  85. This is very cool, especially the background. Sorry you blistered your fingers, but I’d say it’s worth it. And I think this is much more artistic than Nancy’s cut & paste example from her challenge.

    Thanks for sharing and creating some excitement with your contest!

  86. I was inspired by Nancy’s challenge, too. But mine didn’t come out anything like yours LOL! Very cool!

  87. This is really lovely–thank you so much for sharing it with all of us!

  88. I just found this site and am totally blown away. I love your style and use of colours. Even your photographs are a work of art. I will definately be coming back to see more of your awe inspiring work, thanks for the tutorials too. What a wonderful blog.

  89. I have just had the most fun checking out your blog. Your work is amazing and inspiring, I am encouraged to extend myself! I am really liking the 1″ squares at the moment and have been tempted to try some myself. I will definately be coming back again to see what you have been up to.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful artworks with us in the form of a very generous free draw.

  90. Chrysti I’m so glad to know about your blog. Your contest is a great idea to get people involved. Thanks for sharing!

  91. Brilliant work! I love recycling turned into fun art. Thanks for sharing!!!!

  92. Hey! Love it! I’m going to try it myself, too. I especially love the way yours looks 3-D – did you put the letters on a thicker cardboard to give them dimension, or is that just a trick of the background colouring? Thanks for the idea!!

  93. Whoa!…. It’s a feast for the eyes. I’m drooling!
    What can I say, that hasn’t already been said! I love your style!
    Your art and photographs always inspire me
    Thanks for the all clever, thoughtful things you do! including this give-away!

  94. Very cool!! Give away is a great idea!! sue

  95. wow, this is spectacular – great job!!!

  96. I love this Chrysti, I’ve never seen a piece done in this way before and that is kind of refreshing. The colour blending is awesome and gives the piece lots of added depth.
    Anyway, I wasn’t going to comment to enter your giveaway but I saw that in your latest post that international people can enter too… YAY… so please consider me entered.

  97. Hi Chrysti, I would love for you to enter my name in your drawing. I admire your work and style very much. Very inspiring, and thanks, also for all the great free downloadables.

  98. Hi Christi, I love it and have the perfect spot for it if I win. You have inspired me to try one.

  99. Hi Chrysti. I love your blog and haven’t seen any of your art I didn’t like. The bird pages for the Fat Book are so wondersul. Also love the piece you are giving away–so great that you can just sit down and make a beautiful piece of art from magazine clippings. Wish you well with your medical problems. This is the first time I have ever posted anything on any site–hope you get it.

  100. Love your art and enjoyed rambling through it all.

    Good Luck!

  101. Hi Chrysti…
    You are truely an awesome artist…you constantly inspire me with your beautiful eye candy!!!
    Please consider my name in your drawing,
    Amber H,

  102. Hi Christy,

    This is just beautiful. I too am always looking for inspiration and you are truly inspiring. I love the bird pages too. (BMUSE)


  103. What a COOL challenge! I love how yours turned out too. I’d LOVE to win & innclude this in the whimsical, “altered” design I have going in my little girl’s room. If I don’t win I’ll just have to try it myself! ;-) (Ok, I’ll probably try it anyway *grin*)

    Great work!


  104. My first visit to your blog was very inspiring. The bird pages are just beautiful and amazing in their variety and depth of color. The alphabet page would be a great addition to my studio wall, too! I like the way the letters seem to move forward from the background. Thanks for sharing it. I’ll enjoy a return visit soon.

  105. I’ve been doing collage for awhile, but when I needed some info on a technique, I searched the net… and wow a whole new world opened up for me. I never realized how much and how many people are out there to share info and their artwork. I found a link to your ebay site and from there linked to all your other sites (wow, do you ever sleep?) and was truly inspired by your wonderful art. It would be an honor to hang a piece of your art in my “studio” (corner of my kitchen). Thanks for all that you contribute to the art community. Kim

  106. outstandingly beautiful and so colorful. L O V E IT.

  107. Wow, amazing work. Hope you are doing well post op.

  108. Ok, thought I put in for this before but couldn’t find my name. I love this piece, so rich! I found your blog only recently, but I love coming back to see your work…gorgeous stuff.

  109. […] Thanks so much for the HUGE turnout on my Magazine Alphabet Collage Giveaway last week! I’ve decided, to do this more often, and already have another piece in mind for next week.. details this weekend I hope. […]

  110. Chrysti,
    I am the editor of Invisible Fire Journal, which represents writers and artists with a mental illness. I love your art and think it would fit in with our journal. If you would consider submitting a piece of art please go to, You retain copyright to your art.
    Your editor,

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