Gone to the Birds

 Sanctuary Fatbook - 17

Just a quick pop on here tonight, (those freebie kits for this week’s mega deal take a lot of time to assemble!)showcasing more of the Sanctuary (bird) chunky book art pages .. I have them all completed, but not all are photographed yet.. here’s what I did manage to get pics of before this hectic week began…

 Sanctuary Fatbook - 24

 Sanctuary Fatbook - 23

Please keep in mind, the photos aren’t all accurate, some of the colors/shades didn’t turn out well.. or the texture, and the metallic accents are damn near impossible to really show in a still photo. At any rate, these still give a pretty good idea :-) Just click on a photo, to see it open larger in a new window .. and please, let me know what you think of these — Good or Bad thoughts please!

Remember, to send me your links if you are also a part of this book, when I post the remaining pages, I’ll be sure to add your links as well! Well, I really gotta get off here, and back to packing orders!

For those that hadn’t seen the previous posts & pages about this project… Look here & also here!

Enjoy! — Chrysti

 Sanctuary Fatbook - 25

P.S. As for my grumpiness yesterday — I’d rather not revisit it!

All pages are 4″ x 4″, on 140lb Watercolor Paper. Mixed Media & Collage.

 Sanctuary Fatbook - 27

 Sanctuary Fatbook - 27a

 Sanctuary Fatbook - 22

 Sanctuary Fatbook - 18

 Sanctuary Fatbook - 21

 Sanctuary Fatbook - 20

 Sanctuary Fatbook - 28

Sanctuary Fatbook - 26

Sanctuary Fatbook - 19

10 Responses

  1. These are absolutely beautiful.

  2. Wonderful pictures! I LOVE the colors and can imagine them being even brighter in real.. Well done!

  3. beautiful. You’ve done a great job. I love the depth and colors of these pieces.

  4. At the risk of sounding like a broken record….THESE ARE BEAUTIFUL, CHRYSTI!!! WOW amazing as always!!

  5. Chrysti, These are incredible. I love the amount of texture you put in each of them. I’m participating in a bird chunky book in January – so thanks for the inspiration!

  6. At the risk of repeating myself, I reiterate that you are incredibly talented. keep up that creative energy!

  7. Chrysti your work is amazing as always! You should do a tuitorial for your background techniques ;P Are the white decorations in the last 3 art rub-ons? too bad i am not in the swap. All your work are fabulous!

  8. ALL of these are beautiful, great work. specially like the white owls! :-)

  9. Beautiful, beautiful birds! Love em…

  10. I am always wondering — how do you get such awesome coloring for your backgrounds? They are so beautiful, and they, along with the texture and metallic shimmer, are my favorite aspects of your work. You really are an inspiration; proof that art can be life and fun and healing.

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