Color Me Inspired!

 The Rare Song

 The Rare Song” On Etsy
Original, OOAK, Mixed Media Painting & Collage
8 x 10 on Canvas Board
By: Raleigh, NC Mixed Media Artist ~Chrysti~

Click Photos to see them larger in a new window, detail shots can be seen at My Flickr if you’d like as well.

Man, I am absolutely exhausted tonight! I planned on a more elaborate entry this evening, but I don’t think I am up for it.. I have been averaging 3-4 hours of sleep a night this week, and it’s finally taking it’s toll on me!

Reminder Today & Tomorrow are the last 2 days of the Mega Sale!

Purchase any of my art work during December, and receive a free Collage Kit, Ephemera Kit, Decorative Paper Kit, or Embellishment Kit — Your choice! Just tell me you saw my Blog Art Deal! Happy Holidays!

I did want to share some of my newest pieces with y’all though — a few are quite different for me, and I’m really curious to hear your feedback — so please, if you have a moment — let me have your input!

 Fear Not

 Fear Not”  On Etsy
Original, OOAK, Mixed Media Painting & Collage
8 x 10 on Canvas Board
By: Raleigh, NC Altered Artist ~Chrysti~

I’ve been receiving a ton of emails on my backgrounds — and as long as nothing unexpected takes my day hostage tomorrow, I’ll be elaborating on them, and giving y’all a tutorial, or suggestions then!

 A Melodic Wander

A Melodic Wander” On Etsy
Original, OOAK, Mixed Media Painting & Collage
9 x 11 on 140lb Watercolor Paper
By: Raleigh, NC Collage Artist ~Chrysti~

This piece here (shown above) — I will tell you more about next week, as the process to create it, was SO enjoyable, SO refreshing, and SO unexpected! HINT! If you have the Sally Jean ‘Pretty Little Things’ Book .. it was done mostly by using her collage process she talks about in the early stages of the book!

 In Love With Life

“In Love With Life” – On Ebay
4″ x 4″ Mixed Media Illustration & Collage Art Squared
By Raleigh, NC Mixed Media Artist Chrysti

I’m really loving the 4 x 6 OSWOA Format — and have started collecting them as well .. show me your links if you have any for sale!,Can’t wait to see what y’all create! Help me fill my album!

 Sweet Influences

“Sweet Influences” – On Ebay
4″ x 6″ Mixed Media & Collage OSWOA
By Raleigh, NC Outsider Artist Chrysti

 All That Charms

“All That Charms” – On Ebay
4″ x 6″ Mixed Media & Collage OSWOA
By Raleigh, NC Outsider Artist Chrysti

Thanks again- so much -for any input, looks, bids, buys etc etc etc…can I pleassseeeeeeeeee go to sleep now?

Always, Chrysti

8 Responses

  1. Chrysti, I love all your bird pieces, but I think those without a strict order make your talent flow the best – no template needed if there´s so much fantasy! Pure eye candies …

  2. Hi Chrysti, I can’t seem to view your blog clearly anymore. All the print is wither too small to read or it ,kkms like the words are overlapin g each other. Any sujestions on how to make your blog loook “normal ” again. I can’t even see what I am typing here because it is so tiny. The xize of a pin headQ

  3. I absolutely love “Rare Song” Chrysti!…It’s so beautiful!

    Kat :o)

  4. In Love With Life is awesome! I have a photo of my granddaughter standing in a field of zinnias when she was about 2……I could see using it in something like this. Anything “birdie” is right up my alley. Your work is very inspirational………I love looking at your things.

  5. Beautiful, beautiful, especially The Rare Song and Fear Not.

  6. Your work is a gift , a magnificent gift. In love with Life is my favorite so far. More, more!

  7. I love the colors you use Chrysti! And the birds…wow…beautiful compositions! Thanks so much for sharing your art and insight. You really do inspire me to push my envelope. :D

  8. These are absolutely wonderful. I cant pick which one is the best ‘coz it seems that they are all great and unique.


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