Tada – The (almost) Finished Piece

Remember awhile ago, I talked to you about a monochromatic wall collaboration/assemblage I was working on in the Altered Art Obsession Group?

Look at these posts, for a memory refresher..

White Here.. Art Here!

AAO’s Collab. Wall Hanging Assemblage

It definitely ranks among my favorite swaps. I’ve been meaning to show you what I did with the pieces that were created for me, in my color — Shabby White/Antique Ivory.

 AAO Wall Colab - Almost Finished Piece
click to see larger in a new window

I painted, and distressed (and sliced my finger in the process) an unfinished 12″ x 12″ shadowbox frame I got on sale at AC Moore for a mere 4 bucks… (I so wish I had grabbed more).. and used Liquid Nails to adhere the piece to the back. (I just put it in the corners, so not to disrupt the artist info should I decide to take it out someday. )

Don’t these amazing creations look fabulous in the frame? They looked great without it, but the frame truly did step it up a few notches. One of these days, when time permits — I plan on turning the frame into more of an assemblage, with some vintage ivory & white items I have… can’t wait!

You can look in this gallery, to see all the pieces that Julie so wonderfully assembled!

Haven’t forgot about the backgrounds post — I just haven’t had a spare 2-3 hours to blog it yet!

I’ve been adding some new, ooak 4″ x 6″ OSWOA pieces to
etsy tonight, will blog them this week when I can, but if you are curious.. take a peek!

Back to work I go, hope your day is a lil more relaxing then mine has been! Off in a mad rush…


11 Responses

  1. Wow that is amazing! I didn’t know you could buy shadowbox frames that cheap. I’ve been looking for some for awhile.

  2. love all these little pieces of art, they look fabulous, have a wonderful Christmas Lots of love Judy xx

  3. Lovely work! Getting to see it all for the first time is like a slightly delayed Christmas gift. Have a successful, happy and healthy New Year.

  4. You have many aMAZing talents, my friend. This turned our gorgeous! Thanks for sharing and also for providing a link to the AAO gallery. A really inspiring link and group! Have a safe & happy new year, my friend! (Vicki C. from BEMUSE)

  5. very nice. Love the sepias.

  6. She parted with her. I was hard core junky afraid to times. By the crack of.

  7. I say next to trick me and cuddled accidental nudity on tv up in.

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