Custom Etsy Banners, Digital Art

Vintage Hands

On Etsy

Look at them at their full size by clicking the photo, and on the Flickr page, selecting all sizes, or click the thumbnail image on the etsy listing.

With so little time this week, I decided to work on digital art, and came up with a bunch of customizable ETSY Store banners! I’m offering them dirt cheap (just 4 bucks) … to make some quick cash for the upcoming surgery, and to help pay down the last two procedures.

Rather then clutter this all with text — I’m just gonna show ’em to ya, whether you buy, or not — please do let me know what ya think of them! If you have suggestions for what you’d like to see, I’m open to them as well!

You can find them all in my etsy store.. if you look on the right, they even have their own category!

BLOG SPECIAL!! Purchase one of these banners & say you saw this on my blog, and I’ll make you your own unique, matching etsy avatar! Valid for banners bought, and paid for through January 1st 2007.

Blue Winter, Knit Hat

On Etsy

Vintage Femme

On Etsy

Sew Cute!

On Etsy

I’ll be going away Wed. a.m. .. so if ya want one before my trip, act quick!

Thanks so much y’all .. Merry Christmas :-)


Pretty in Pink

On Etsy

Winter Blue, Sweater & Necklace

On Etsy

 Red Plaid Bird

On Etsy


On Etsy

 Crazy Stitch

On Etsy

 Ephemeral Butterfly

On Etsy

 Pink & Green Polka Dot Birdie

On Etsy

 Mixed media Flower

On Etsy

  She Dreams in Color

On Etsy

 Victorian Beauty

On Etsy


On Etsy

 Black & Tan

On Etsy

2 Responses

  1. Thank you for the gorgeous exclusive banner Chrysti and for customizing it for me so fast. You rock!

  2. Omigosh…I always love your work but these latest pieces with the little birds are exquisite. My dh got laid off last week or else I would surely buy one. Thank you for so generously sharing the cool images.

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