How Tweet It Is!

 Sanctuary Fatbook - 33

 I received the long awaited Sanctuary fat book last week, and WOWZA was it amazing! A Much needed pick me up! A HUGE Thanks to all those invloved!

 Sanctuary Fatbook - 32

 Sanctuary Fatbook - 31a

Sanctuary Fatbook - 38

Here’s my prior posts about it.. and the rest of the artwork I created..

 Sanctuary Fat Book & Digital Art

TONS of Bird Art here, Sanctuary Chunky Book!

Gone to the Birds

Sanctuary Fatbook - 34

 Sanctuary Fatbook - 39a

Jill is indeed an excellent host, and I was oh so thrilled with the results, and artwork everyone created.  

Sanctuary Fatbook - 29

 Sanctuary Fatbook - 35

There were some flakes/last minute drop-outs from the chunky book project.. and I haven’t decided yet what to do with the extra pages, I may sell them.. or donate them.. raffle them.. or repurpose them into another bird fat book… I welcome ideas! They took me at least an hour a page.. some up to 4 hours.. so I don’t want to waste them.. 

 Sanctuary Fatbook - 40

 Sanctuary Fatbook - 36

Tired of seeing my artwork?

Here’s some of the other participants work in this amazing book!

Jill B’s Page

Jill Shows one of the Books..

Dawn Sellers Struts Her Stuff

Heather B Made GORGEOUS Pages!

Debbie’s Page

 Sanctuary Fatbook - 28

 Sanctuary Fatbook - 43a

I never did finish posting my pages — so the art throughout this post, is the last of the 40 some originals I created! Click the pics to see them larger, and in a new window..

 Sanctuary Fatbook - 42a

 Sanctuary Fatbook - 30

Always, Chrysti

9 Responses

  1. Stunning, beautiful, amazing, lovely, wonderful, and full of birds— Loving it all! WOW!
    BTW–how are you doing with the headaches? I sure hope things are improving for you??
    Smiles, Karen
    Oh, and I was looking at your newest “Dance” work in your Etsy shop–just lovely!!

  2. Thanks for the link Chrysti! I just loved all of your pages…I dream of being so prolific!

  3. Awesome art as usual! Love all the crows! :)

  4. Chrysti these pages you created are just wonderful! And thanks so much for the links to some of the other participants….I spent my entire morning drooling all over my keyboard! ;)

    Make sure you keep us posted on what you decide to do with the extras. I’d love the chance to purchase one!

  5. Great work!!!
    Enjoyed my visit


  6. Hey Chrysti,

    Wow! Beautiful! I took a class on bookmaking and decided before hand that my theme would be birds. The project didn’t lend iself to that, so I’ve been collecting bird stuff ever since. I’m inspired and intimidated at the same time. Maybe it’s for me time to GO.

    Bev in Canada

  7. Been having mega headaches also and found out I have high blood pressure, of course stress makes that worse!

  8. So lovely! xoxo, Fran

  9. What can I say? Your work is FANTASTIC!! Hope your feeling better.

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