Experimenting & Artista Portals Skinny Book


    “To live you have to experiment, to have the ability to experiment you have to have confidence, to have confidence you have to be loved, to be loved you have to love”

One of the projects I was drowning in this past month, was a “skinny” fat book project on Artistazine. I was thrilled at the opportunity to participate, as I had yet to do a chunky book with this particular group of talented artists. Susie LaFond was the mastermind & host behind this collaboration, and I am eagerly awaiting the final result!



Book Details:

26 Pages, 8″ tall x 4″ wide

I did all original, one of a kind pieces.

All my pages were created on 140 lb. Watercolor Paper, backed with ephemera.

Theme: Windows, Doors, portals, stairways…. and anything else your muse conjures up…think about where they might lead…does your muse need an occasional escape to another place and time…just play and have fun…that’s the main thing.



“All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Since I was working on 3 fat books all at once, and insanely decided to do all originals for each of them.. I decided to experiment a bit with this particular set. I wanted them to be more… grungey.. a bit free .. looser then what I usually create. The catch? I’m so anal, it’s such a difficult goal for me to achieve. I needed to keep the compositions simpler, due tot he amount of pages involved.. and I had a blast experimenting with doodles, and swirls.. etc etc and so forth.



 “There is no such thing as a failed experiment, only experiments with unexpected outcomes”
Richard Buckminster

I am still very apprehensive about these pages, I know I can do much better. I look at them, and see what needs to be done, and I’m struggling to accept them as they are. The deadline was up, so with reluctance, I sent them in. There’s a few I enjoy, a few I wish I could burn… but, the thing is? I SO SO enjoyed experimenting with these. It wasn’t a chore, it was truly fun. I changed up my creating routine, switched out my music play list.. and just… started to let loose a bit. I really did grow as a result of these pages, and for that I am most thankful.




I suppose, this portals book, opened a new proverbial door for me as well. It’s been interesting to watch my art change lately, I can’t wait to finish a few pieces to share with you. I challenge you to do the same — work outside your comfort zone, change up your routine.. try something a bit daring, and see just how you feel about it! Be sure to share it with me!

Some of the pages others in this book created & have shared:

Gypsy Froggie’s

Send me your links ladies, and I’ll share!




I’d love to hear your honest thoughts on these as well!

Happy Saturday! — Chrysti

P.S. I broke down and created a my space pagecome visit me there!

11 Responses

  1. Beautiful pages!! Have no doubt you did a wonderful, creative artwork on those pages.

  2. Hi Chrysti . . . . there isn’t a single one that I would burn, and I would love to be the owner of each and every page! I think your work is fantastic, creative, colorful, and thought provoking!! Keep it up :)

  3. Your work is so beautiful. I am happy to see you back.
    I love your My Space site… I have been fighting creating one myself.

    Thanks for sharing your stunning work!

    Little Pieces of Art

  4. These pages are great! I know what you mean about breaking out of your comfort zone, but I think you did just fine…just working with a new VERY vertical format had to be challenging! Anyway, these are beautiful!


  5. Oh Chrysti, Your pages are ALL BEAUTIFUL WOW Just wish I’d had time to play in this one.
    I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one that has a little trouble be free with my ART. I’m always trying to make everything so so and so afraid of messing something up that sometimes I just don’t try an idea. I LOVE your pages!

  6. You are transitioning to something wonderful, here’s to busting out of your comfort zone! -Kim T

  7. OH MY GOSH!!!! I did not realize you were in the swap!!! I am so excited! You know how much of a Chrysti fan I am … eeeps! So fun!

    Thanks for listing my page! It was outside the box for me! AND for being dyslexic it was a task indeed to make it interactive! But I loved it! Each one was a labour of love as well! AND it has been so healing for me loosing one of my furry babies…it was a nice way to honor her love of me.

    AND Angie girl I could never believe she was afraid to art…I am a BIG fan of her art as well! And her art always exudes confidence! Hum…how we think of ourselves is so not how others view us. Angie comes up with the BEST art! I should know I have enough of it (well not really enough, but you know what I mean!)

  8. Wow, I love your work! I am new to your blog, just finding it this morning, and I just wanted to say that I will so be BACK to see what else you create. Your work is very inspirational to me. I am going to include you in my blog’s links so my readers will find you too. Thanks, Heather

  9. I just love your art. All of the texture, layers and colors. Each piece is just amazing. You have great quotes on your blog too.

  10. I think that sometimes it’s the experimentations and the work we don’t feel completely comfortable with that can turn out to be our best. You did a lovely job!

  11. WOW! I love the organizing ideas! You realize I will have to actually organize… now that I see proof it can be done!? ! Oh MY!

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful space with us!!!

    Hugs, Debi

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