Help! Opinions Needed!

Alright y’all, the last few days I’ve spent creating (what I thought would be a 2 hour project) numerous designs for my e-bay store… I had decided upon a color scheme initially using this handy tool .. (that’s the scheme i initially wanted and may go back to..)… but so many things kept going wrong.. today i decided to scrap it, and try another route instead.

Help! Desperate for opinions!

What you see on the storefront here, is what i did … I was pressed for time, and out of motivation.

Thing is, I’m not so sure I like it. It unintenionally looks too Valentine’s Dayish to me, and almost… well gramma like… borders a so-not-my-taste-victorian feel.  I wanted somethign a bit grungier, and… well fresh? And as always, professional. Ugh.

Before I put the work into remodeling the rest of the main page, and the auctions… I wanted your feedback on it all, I may just go ahead tomorrow and try another new one. I just don’t know! I tend to never like much of anything I create for myself.

It wouldn’t be all that important, but I am going to pull all the items from the store, re-do them… then upload some again. Time consuming, and costly. The template will match whatever header i decide upon…. and I don’t want to add new items until i decide.  Ack, I’m rambling.. see what happens when I’m frustrated?

Please, Please share your honest thoughts!

Thanks! Chrysti

P.S. ( Yes! This means I’m close to opening The Altered Abbey!… Yippeee!)


20 Responses

  1. Chrysti-
    I like it a lot….maybe increase the size/readability of the vector leave designs. Maybe scale back the white and pink paint splatters. I think the white and pink bits add a little confusion to the design and makes it a bit too fussy. I think the red leaf shapes also read as hearts, or half hearts, leading to a valentines feel. Nice work though!

  2. I always say go with your gut. And I am with you on this one. I can’t put my finger on it…but this is not a fav of your design work. I like the grungie part of Covet Me but not the sides… Maybe for a business card but not the door way to your products. It just does not feel right to me.

    Hugs … some times walking away for a bit… helps. When I get stuck on my graphic designs I have to put it on the wall walk away and then come back and see what it is that I don’t like and change that. Hope that helps.

  3. i think the red and pink do make it look like its valentine’s day. i like the covet me part, but the borders w/ the pink vectors make it look fussy. banners don’t have to be too elaborate, so you could eliminate the vectors. i hope this helps a little.

  4. Personally I love it!

  5. Thanks so much y’all — I think largely, it’s the pink that sits with me wrong.

    I am gonan rework it, hopefulyl today… but may walk away from it for the day.

    I needed the confirmation that it was a bit off! I so wanted to like it, but just didnt.

  6. I agree. It’s very difficult to read and I would recommend that you think about reworking it with a less detailed background image. Maybe even add a different color for the text?

    Good luck! xoxo, fran

  7. I agree with the gal that said “go with your gut” it always works out the way you wanted it. Question….it looks very Valentine-ish…how often do you put yourself through all of this….how long will it be up in those colors? It is also hard to read…to small font….

  8. How come you didn’t do something with your wonderful birds on it? When I think of you, that is what i think of. I think this is pretty, but it doesn’t say Chrysti to me. How about the titles coming out of the bird’s mouths’–like music?

  9. Chrysti – I really think if you took off the the lightest layers of pink from the background, and changed the lace or stencil looking grey around the “Covent Me” to something grngier, it would work. The color on the side bar of your actual store, where it says categories – is blue-er than the gray in the logo, and i think I like that color better! Do you have layer of that color on the banner? I think I see one… anyway, instead of those lace, swirly things, what about some greyish tape pieces (,1151184642,1.jpg) or stiches (that might be too grungy for you!!!)

  10. Chrysti…I am a big fan of your art….your very personal style. I don’t think the banner much reflects that. God, your glorious use of color…texture…and yes, your birds why not use those things that just say “CHRYSTI”. I like it when a banner intices me with a little taste of what is to come.
    anya meacham

  11. Thanks so much everyone!

    I probably won’t use my art for the banner :-) .. I’m working on a site justf or my art tahtw ill however use it…. since the store will be a mish mosh of supplies & other lots… and still sometimes my art… i need somethign that is more generalized… but maybe I’ll incorporate some of the vintage birds i use in my art, intot he design.

    sadly, i acidentlly saved that image merged… and have to rework it entirely…(wah).. i’m hoping to do it this week… I can’t hack a cutr in my income for too much longer! Lol!

    Robin, gonna go check it out now!

  12. Hmmm, I actually don’t mind it, although it isn’t representative of your style. What happened to your Altered Abbey? If you’re going to go ahead with that, do you really want to spend so much time working on your Ebay store?


  13. I really like it! off to look at your items!

  14. At first glance, I sort of liked the new look. I like vintage and you’ve done that but I also have to say that I’d get tired of this look quickly. It is a little tired looking or worn – that’s the gray. Not the look you are describing as your desire. I think you need something a bit livelier. I’m thinking teal or almost, a bit of rust in maybe flourishes, some black for punch?

  15. I luv it I think it looks fab very artitistic.
    I’m glad I found your blog.

  16. Christy:
    What happened to Inspire me tuesday??

  17. That sounds like me talking, I agonised over all my headers too, changed them six or seven times before I was happy. It’s always more difficult to do things for yourself, hard to see the wood for the trees! Anyway I would make more of the the words covet me and knock back or remove the pink areas at the side, I love the grey and the red together especially with the black embellishments, that works. Good luck with it!

  18. Hi Chrysti! I think the header is beautiful…a bit different for you! It seems a bit to valentine-y…I am used to seeing that lovely olive green you use with branches and birdies….but you know your latest piece reflects the header you created…maybe there is a change in store for you! :) ..I know I didn’t help ya none did I lol…xoxo Nance

  19. Chrysti, I agree about going with your gut feeling. But I’d also like to say that a banner for Covet Me with your art would not be a bad thing even if you’re selling a “mish mosh” of things. Reason being…it brands you. And when you’re in business branding is an excellent thing! ;-)

  20. I agree with what others have said: I’d enlarge the lettering and add a subtle shadow so it stands out more. Also, I think I’d lighten the background gray/blue a tad, so all the other images come “forward” more. Right now most of the colors are at the same saturation/intensity. Otherwise, I can’t wait to go shopping! :) Tammy Moore

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