Going Back In Time..

My creation

1. Chowning’s Tavern, 2. Williamsburg, VA, 3. 060108-031.jpg, 4. b-board, 5. longing, 6. Asylum Cell, 7. Colonial Williamsburg straw hat, 8. staircase, 9. A Rat-a-tat-tat Tattoo, 10. Colonial Williamsburg Fife & Drum Corp., 11. Grave & Leaf, 12. picking a lock, 13. Mysterious Arbor, 14. DSC_0072b.jpg, 15. The Drummer Boy, 16. Williamsburg, VA

I’m heading back in time tomorrow morning, and spending a long weekend in Colinial Williamsburg … I’ll be back Monday Evening, and look forward to sharing with y’all then!

Sorry i didn’t get a chance to post more this week, I really thought I would have the time .. but it just didn’t happen. You should see the stack of stuff i have to share! It’s something to look forward to at any rate.

Have a fabulous weekend, and Happy St. Pat’s!

— Chrysti .. who STILL hasn’t finsihed packing, or showered and it’s almost 11 p.m. … Ikes!

4 Responses

  1. Hi Kristi, hope you enjoy your visit to Williamsburg – just across the river from me. (I’m a Norfolk native.) Hope you’ll check out the activities associated with the 400th anniversary of the first English settlement in America at Jamestown. Do I sound like a proud Virginian? Lol. Sorry – my father’s family has been here since the 1600’s so it’s just natural. Enjoy your visit; hope it will inspire more art. Love the mosiac you created. Hugs, SherryD

  2. very good your blog. very good this collage.

    see my works in the blog:
    and me add in your artist.


    best regards


  3. Hi honey. Just hoping you are healing and feeling better…I know it is hard for you to keep up with all the emails you get, believe me I understand how popular you are! : ) so it is ok if you can’t write!

    Just know I am caring for you…and thinking of you! And hoping only good things are coming back your way!

  4. Hi Chrysti,

    I know you enjoyed Colonial Williamsburg, I do when I go, I am going down this weekend and part of next week. For me it is a 31/2-4 hour drive from Western Virginia, I live in the Central Shenandoah Valley, just about 45 minutes from Charlottesville Va.

    I am a basket weaver for the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, my baskets are in several of their Shops.

    I found you in a google search for Handmade Plantable Paper, along with basket weaving which is the main thing I do all of the time, I am a chair caner, and do some work with Precious Metal Clay, Watercolor Painting, and Handmade papers. Now I just need 20 more hours in each day.

    You work is wonderful, I am bookmarking your site and will come back often to read it, you have done a great job. I have started a blog, however I need to be more diligent in adding content to it, I only hope one day that mine will be as good as yours.



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