29 Random things about lil’ ol me…

Alone – Self Portrait – March 2007

“Self is the only prison that can ever bind the soul.”
~Henry Van Dyke, The Prison and the Angel


ran·dom (ran’d?m) adj.

Having no specific pattern, purpose, or objective: random movements.

“You grow up the day you have your first real laugh, at yourself.”
~Ethel Barrymore

Hop on over to my Myspace Blog to check out 29 things you probably didn’t know about me..

Click Me! 29 Things ! Click Me!

No, nothing there will change your life — but it just may make you smile.

While you are at it .. I’d love to see yours! Leave a comment here so I can go check your list out!

— Chrysti

17 Responses

  1. 19. I have to sleep with socks on, or i can’t sleep at all.

    I can totally relate to that, I’m exactly the same, I even wear them in summer. Everyone thinks I’m weird but not wearing my socks would be just … wrong! I love socks, the longer the better! :D

  2. Now I must make a similar list, but I will have to try and think !!!!!!!

    I have been requested to submit a Poem to be published by Noble House,
    London, International………excited is not sufficient !!!!!!!

  3. Really – you guys sleep with socks on??? I CAN”T sleep with socks on or else I have “sock dreams” – which are very BAD! I’d love to sleep with socks on ‘cos my feet are often cold. How do you do it??

  4. I’m another one who has to sleep with socks on. I thought I was the only one. I suffer from cold hands and feet most of the time.

  5. i hate feet, i don’t sleep in socks, and i would love to go back in time and be laura ingalls’ best friend……hooray for that cool list!

  6. i think i’ve posted here a couple times and it isnt’ showing up….are they all going to show up at once? or are they not coming through! oh now! bloggie newbie messing things up…sorrY!

  7. i hate feet
    i don’t sleep in socks
    i would go back to pioneer times and be laura ingalls’ best friend!
    GREAT list……

  8. That was a fun read! You look so sweet in your picture (and you seem very sweet too) and I was just trying to imagine you swearing and telling dirty jokes–or puns! LOL In your socks! LOL Do you think that you wear sock because you hate feet so much? Just wondering! You’ll have to forgive me, I’m in a weird mood tonight and your list made me laugh!
    Smiles, Karen

  9. Wishing you and your family a happy and blessed Easter

  10. i did it! it is on my blog.

    i am totally with you on the sock thing.

    your self portrait is lovely, by the way.


  11. […] saw this on chrysti’s blog, and decided this would be a good one for my first go at this kind of thing.  if anyone wants to […]

  12. We have the cat-thing in common. But I’m not a socks sleeper. :)

    I posted mine at my blog: http://kimtedrow.blogspot.com

    Thanks for the challenge Chrysti!


  13. Ok, I’m game. My 29 things are posted! Thanks for the prompt.

    xo – Chel

  14. Hi Chrysti,

    I had to stop by your shop on ETSY since you hearted me there. LOVE LOVE LOVE your work. Read your bio. We’re close in age … and have a lot of similarities. I admire that you are able to channel your energy into such intriguing work. I have a nephew (age 12) who has Tourette’s and Bipolar Disorder along with severe ADHD. Life is rough for him now as he struggles to understand himself and be understood.

    Thanks for sharing both your work and your bio, loved the 29 things. Really!


  15. Hello – I just had to drop in here and say how much I enjoy your artwork. It’s so inspiring! I could look at it all day – well – I’ve spent about an hour perousing your work – very awesome!

  16. Christi,
    I really enjoyed reading your list—interesting!

    Funny so many comments about socks. I can’t sleep in socks unless really cold, but then I rip off everything in my sleep and can’t sleep in pajamas either.

  17. […] & notify them that they were tagged, and reference them to my post. Despite recently doing the 29 random things about myself… I’ve always liked the Number 7, so here goes […]

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