Free Art & Supplies! Free Ebay Advertising!


The fabulous ZNE queen Chel introduced me to this uber-cool site, Posh Points — heard of it?

You get 15 points, free… just for signing up… with those i scored a $15 dollar gift certificate to a clothing store, 40 Vintage Bird illustrations, and a calligraphy set that has 6 assorted size nibs & 1 holder all with my free points! That being said, I think y’all outta check it out, and sign up!

PoshPoints Online Trading Community

I also started listing there, some art supplies, gift items and overstocked items. (Click here to see what I’m offering) I plan on adding more as i can as it’s a great way to do some much needed spring cleaning, score some new stuff.. and they have a feature that allows you to integrate your ebay listings into the listing… there’s no cost for listing, so it’s free promotion! Woot! Gotta love a barter system.

I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted, I have just been spending my time trying to catch up! I have a few posts planned for y’all, I think you’ll love.. I’m hoping to get the first up tomorrow, or tonight after i recharge my mouse…

Now go get your freebies!


P.S. Have you seen the art i put up for auction on ebay this week? At Clearance prices, they end in a few days… so hurry!

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5 Responses

  1. WOW! Gorgeous work! I love your collages..I wish I had that skill. I’m slowly getting better at it, but my brain still struggles. :)

  2. Hi Chrysti,
    Thank for the link to poshpoints. I signed up and have listed a couple things so I hope you get some points for the referal!
    Love your art!

  3. You have great art collection. I like them. Keep it up!

  4. Este artista tiene una gran coleccion de fotografia abstracta y obra original.

  5. This artist has a great collection of abstract photography and original work.

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