Mission: Studio Organization

For the sake of my sanity… let’s pretend this post isn’t oh…

*looks around nervously*

a mere few months overdue…

Really, what’s a few months among friends?

So why dontcha pull up a chair, and take a refresher course through the previous installments in this series…

Pretty Organized (June 2006)

Pssst… (September 2006)

Art Marker Organization (September 2006)

Everyone all caught up now? GREAT!

Today’s focus is on storing Collage Sheets, Magazines, and Books, and how to showcase the things that inspire me, without becoming overwhelmed.

Cozy Studio Corner

It was crucial, that I have a quiet, cozy place to curl up and page through books, magazines, and other publications that can not only light my spark of creativity, but teach me new techniques as well. I’ve had that oversized chair for about 5 or 6 years now.. It’s one of my favorite pieces of furniture, as I scored it for a mere $185 when Sears Homelife went out of business… 75% off! Woot! It’s comfortable, vibrant, and the perfect addition in my studio. Pairing it up with my cheap, old Wal-Mart bookcase was a no brainer..

When you stand in my hallway, those are what you see (along with the Ikea Expedit piece I’ll show you next week)… I didn’t want my art table visible..as it’s so cluttered. I admit it, I like pretty. This isn’t my vision of perfection — but it suffices for now!


Magazine Files & Bookcase

Magazine FIles

I loaded the bookcase with all my art, craft & home decor books, some art I’ve been given, or bought… and stuffed it full of the cardboard magazine holders I purchased at Ikea… just $2.99 for 5 of them! All i did was color copy ephemera and old letters from my grandmother and use gel medium to adhere them to the cardboard. I put on a few topcoats to seal it, sprayed it with a Matte Fixativ, and voila! Some cute magazine files awaited me. I labeled them with my Dymo, and stuffed them with all the publications & zines I have… I was mindful, to leave some blank though.. so my collection had room to grow.

Collage Sheet Storage -1

Collage Sheet Storage -1a

Storing my collage sheets and printouts posed a bit of a problem at first, as I didn’t have enough room for a filing cabinet in there, and frankly, I didn’t want anything to fall out. When i saw this cute accordion file in T.J. Homegoods clearance ($3.99).. I snatched it right up! I labeled each pocket by theme, with tabs and filed my papers accordingly. (My smaller, cut images are stored on my art table, an area I’ll show you soon)… It’s stored on the floor, under my art table, so i can grab it on a moment’s notice. The bonus? This is totally portable, so when i travel or teach workshops, I can take it with me easily. Sweet!

It would be easy to recreate, as the covers are just fabric covered canvas panels… if you decide to tackle creating one, please share!

Inspiration Board

And lastly, my inspiration board!

This is a constantly rotating display area filled to the brim with other people’s artwork. It changes based on season, sentiment, my mood… I bought the French bulletin boards at Michaels, they go half off basically every month… and are super cheap. I can turn to my left as I am creating, and be instantly inspired! Take a close look, do you see your art there? That display was on my board in March, it’s changed a bit since… but there is art there from The Altered Diva, Bird Nerd, Paper Relics, Zorana, Amyma, Jean Skipper, Misty Mawn, and a bunch of other gifted artists!

Hope this sparked some ideas for your studio, I’ll show off another area of my studio space soon!

— Chrysti

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25 Responses

  1. Love your cardboard magazine holders. I can see how the bulletin boards and the holders could inspire you—even if you did not read anything in the holders!

    Thanks for inviting us to take a look.

  2. NICE! Now you have inspired me to clean and organize my studio. Which will be a major undertaking! LR

  3. Nice display of all your books and magazines! And love the collaged holders! Thanks for sharing all your tips! xxoo Astrid

  4. I love your french board and have been looking for one that size for a long time. Nice to know where I can find one now. Thanks!
    fondly, Nancy

  5. oh! i feel a bit like i should go clean my studio, now! …yours looks lovely…..

  6. Chrysti – Thanks for sharing your studio and storage ideas! I love them. It’s always great to see how people organize their creative spaces. Mine, unfortunately, is the dining room table! So that means that emergency cleaning has a lot to do with my organizing style… :-D

    In any case, you’re very inspiring and I can’t wait to see the rest of it!


  7. Oh, the comfy chair is a must! I didn’t have one in my studio, and so, didn’t spend as much time in there as in, say, the living room on the couch. I’ve lost my studio space, but hope to include more comfy, homey touches in a corner somewhere. *g* Adore your magazine holders!

  8. Oh, your imagination board reminds me of my imagination doors… Remember this post?


    Hey wait a minute! That’s your art in the upper left corner.


    xoxo – Chel

  9. What a great way to repuropose ephemera…wonderful stuff.

  10. Thanks for sharing! I love the IKEA collage mag. holders -!!!

  11. Cool ideas for organization. . . .thanks for the inspriation.

  12. Fabulous piece Chrysti; lots of great ideas. All I need now is a house!!!LOL

  13. some great ideas! I think I’ll cover my Ikea magazine holders too – I use them to store my 8.5×11 cardstock as well as books and mags.

  14. Thanks for sharing, Chrysti. I think I am gonna link this entry on your blog to my blog…you’ve been warned in case your ears get red and warm sometime tonight, ROFL.


  15. Stopping by from Aimeslee blog : )
    Thanks for sharing your organization system.
    Love that inspiration board!


  16. Now, your dymo labeler. It has that cool courier type font??? I’m envious. My ADD allows me to dream of this but never quite reach it…

  17. hey.
    i already have a board in my room…which used to be my most preffered place for making art (you can imagine in what state it always left my room!). Now I have a studio section just otside my room for this purose but i haven’t shifted my board out…
    this remimded me to do that!
    thanks. :)

  18. oh, i forgot to ask (if you don’t mind my asking):
    al those files in the shelf. are those ring binders. i use a heap of them. to house my ideas. articles from magazines. print outs. info. art techniques…the works.
    curious to know what you store in them.

  19. Thanks for sharing. I can’t believe the magazine holders are so cheap. I’ve been looking for plain ones to decorate. I love looking at everyone’s creative space. Looking forward to your next entry.

  20. fabulous!
    Sadly, I have no Ikea nearby and the magazine holders are not available online. All I can find locally are plastic, boo! Thank you for the inspiring ideas.

  21. GENIUS on the magazine files. I have been let down the past few hours online, trying to find an idea to hide my massive magazine overload. Love letters – how perfect! My mother has handfuls of old letters from my father and they would look great on the cardboard, too. I wonder where they are…Can’t wait to get started!

  22. […] Magazine files of some sort will need to be acquired eventually but I can’t find any that I love. This, of course means I will probably be making my own somehow so if I must, maybe I’ll find the Krakowianka’s old love letters and decoupage the hell out of them like Chrysti did here. […]

  23. […] Mission: Studio Organization […]

  24. Those are very cute boxes for your collage material.

    I just moved into my newly remodeled studio. It looks clean on the surface because I have a lot of cabinets now. I still need to do a little work on the organization within the cabinets. I do use a couple inspiration boards like your photo. I’m not the same sort of artist, so I have an assortment of containers, old pill bottles, muffin tins, wire baskets and so on.

    I like your cohesive look! I’ll have to think about it a bit.

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