The Fat Free, Calorie Free, Guilt Free Sugar Cookie Discovery!

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did but people will never forget how you made them feel. “
Maya Angelou

The Perfect Cookies (Felt) -4

Have you ever noticed how wonderfully supportive our not-so-lil art community is? Really, think about it…it’s not often a large diverse group – made up mostly of women – can get together and selflessly support one another. Yet, somehow we do this, and do it well….day in & day out.

We rally around those in need, those who are sick, those who are grieving, those who are just struggling to make it day to day.

We laugh at one another’s mishaps, airhead moments, and stories. We are human, and find the humor in it.

We share who we are, not just as artists but as people.

Despite our personal taste, we have a way of recognizing and appreciating any art form, finding the beauty in anything.

We share our knowledge, our talents, our gifts — we share ourselves… and we give. We give to one another, to those in need, we give what we can, when we can.

The Perfect Cookies (Felt) -7

It never ceases to amaze me, how we connect through our art, through our blogs, through our groups.. it is a never ending cycle, that I am grateful for daily. I don’t think y’all realize, just how much you have changed my life, or the power one small supportive comment or note has to me. I dont’ take the time to thank you all nearly as often as i should, but I am eternally grateful.

What’s all that got to do with anything?

The Perfect Cookies (Felt) -5

It has been a very frustrating few weeks for me recently, the surgery I had in February, was not successful…. basically, making it all for nothing …and leaving me pretty discouraged. Fortunately, I my to-do-book is so large, I have been able to keep my mind off of it & the never ending kindness that is shown to me through all of you, has helped me muster through as well.

Last year, I was horrid at blogging all i wanted to … this year, I intend to change that. I want to show off the gifts I receive, the RAK’s (Random Acts of Kindness), and truly acknowledge the generosity others have shown to me.

Guilt Free Sugar Cookies anyone?

The Perfect Cookies (Felt)

“A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand”

At the ZNE Tea Party, I had shown these adorable felt sugar cookies that I instantly adored, and when Sue Wickham (Please visit her!) offered to make me a few, I was brimming with excitement! Little did I know, she would send me a whopping dozen, and they would be better then I could ever imagine! — here, look for yourself! Yummy eh?

Jealous? You should be, these are divine!

The Perfect Cookies (Felt) -3

I’m looking for the perfect way to display these, your ideas?


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8 Responses

  1. God, are they cute! *g*

    I love this little community of bloggers! When I started, I thought no one would read mine, or look at my art and comment on flickr — I’ve been so surprised and humbled by all the friends I’ve made and those who support me….I couldn’t do it without ’em! *hug*

  2. Love your cookies! Here in England, there is a bit of a revival going on in terms of style, and I often see what I would call a ‘cake plate’ in the interiors stores. Basically a set of two matching plates, joined, one above the other, with a metal stem/handle. Usually very flowery. This would be fab for your cookies. They cost probably the equivalent of $40, which is quite a lot. Mary Engelbreit had directions for making one from wooden plates and a candlestick once, so you could definitely make one yourself. Have a look at Cath Kidston’s website – she’ll have lots of inspiration (and more expensive cake plates I’d have thought!). Hope this makes sense. Love your site, and your art. Haven’t ‘known’ you very long, but sending wishes that you’ll be feeling good, soon. xx

  3. Hi Chrysti – i just loved this post. Such nice thoughts about our community. Therefore…

    You have been tagged! Go to my blog to read about it. Similar to Thinking Bloggers Award, but a little different.

  4. Chrysti –

    Oh, my sentiments exactly. Sometimes others ask me – “why in the world would you get a tattoo that says – “ZNE” on it?”

    Well, your post sums it up. The pride, and connection and extent to which I am humbled by being accepted into this extraordinary larger community of artists can not entirely be put into words. But I will happily display it for all to see – if I can!

    Thank YOU for displaying your feelings for all to see, via this post.

    Oh, and speaking of pride – I’m so proud you are a ZNEer, Dear one. YOU are the Spirit of ZNE today. Don’t forget to check it ou!

    xoxo – Chel

  5. Chrysti, I can’t recall what sort of surgery you were having (Back? neck?) but I am so sorry to hear it wasn’t successful. Very depressing news for you and I have to assume that you continue to be in pain. I’ve been through this with my brother who received a severe back injury nearly 20 years ago and has had numerous surgeries. His first were back when it was pretty invasive and left massive scar tissue. Removal of that wasn’t too successful, nor was implantation of a device to block nerve impulses. Poor baby (he’s really 48 now but he’s 8 yrs my junior so always my “little” brother) is having to remain on oral pain meds plus has a pump through which he receives controlled doses of Deludin. I got an even better idea of how bad things are for him living with chronic pain when I developed several chronic pain disorders several years ago. And narcotic pain killers don’t work for the fibro. Sure hope things aren’t that bad for you. Would love to send you a little ATC cheer-up card. Will you e-mail me your mailing address? (I’m harmless, I promise.)

    Think I’ve probably told you this before but in case I haven’t . . . Visiting your blog today , I just had to go back and look at older posts showing your work too. You really inspire me. (I just started playing with alterd art last year.) Have to say that your bird series is probably my favorite. Loe them all. Even went to your Etsy store to see what you might have available and check prices. I’m afraid that’s out of my league since having to go on SS disability but I can sure look and oooh and aahh.

    Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Remember that advances in medicine are made every day, so even if docs tell you now that nothing more can be done that news could change a month from now. Here’s hoping for a miracle, or as Wayne Dyer would say, I’m intending a miracle for you.

    Healing hugs, SherryD

  6. Hey, they are really cute and suprisingly delicious looking [I’m a secret material eater, clearly…]

    Off to look at the rest of your crafty creations.

    Gemma x

  7. Love your cookies!

    Sorry I didn’t tell you earlier but I need to pull out of the Doodle ATC swap. Have so much on at the moment and won’t have time to make them.

    Very sorry to do this.

  8. What great looking cookies! What about getting an antiqued (or new and antique it yourself!) cookie pan or tray and then putting some velcro dots on it? You could then stick the cookies on it and rearrange whenever you want… Hang it on the wall and you’ve got some great interactive art! Love visiting the blog!

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