Going Away…

I had high hopes of an enthralling entry today — but reality set in, and per my norm.. I am running around like a chicken without a head…

I’ll be gone from tomorrow, May 12th through the 24th… so i won’t be shipping, updating the doodle swap, making banners etc during that time… I will however, work my butt off when I get back to catch up as quickly as possible!

I will have access to email, but won’t be checking it often … so my already slow responses, are bound to be even slower! Thanks in advance for your patience..

I hope y’all have a FABULOUS week!


2 Responses

  1. Hi, what happened to Try It Tuesdays. I know that you planned to start it back up last year. Gosh, it was fabulous!!! What is the plan for getting it back up and going?

  2. Hi Chrysti,
    I’ve been working like crazy all week getting my doodle site up and running. I did include a link to yours on my links page, but wanted to ask permission to keep it there. Would love it if you wanted to exchange links.


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