Happy Birthday to Me! Yes I’ll be 33…

Happy Birthday to Me! I'll be 33... tomorrow ( 6/3)

“Very early, I knew that the only object in life was to grow.” – Margaret Fuller

Ok, Ok, so my birthday isn’t technically until tomorrow… June 3rd…

But I’m heading out of town for a quick trip, and thought I’d post this before I left.. I’ll be back Monday… Have a great weekend everyone!

“The older the fiddler, the sweeter the tune” – English Proverb

–The Birthday Girl, Chrysti

P.S. Feel free to indulge me with lavish amounts of supplies, lush papers, yummy paints, gorgeous artwork, gift certificates to art & paper stores…… well, a girl can dream can’t she?

12 Responses

  1. Happy Birthday – I hope you have another wonderfully creative year!

  2. Hope you have a happy! happy! joy! joy! day. love your blog!

  3. Happy B’day to you ! I hope you have a wonderful day :)

  4. Happt Birthday a day late! Hope it was sooperdeedooper!

  5. Hey Miss Chrysti!

    This gift certificate is good for any collage sheet of your choice from The ZNE Store. Hooray! A giftie for you!


    xoxo – Chel

  6. happy, happy, happy, happy, happy day!
    much happiness in your year to come……

  7. Happy Belated Birthday….Hope your day was awesome!

  8. Interesting how I have always connected to other women who are gemini, just like me, June 10th. The men in my life have always been Capricorn but my valued women friends… priceless gemini. I guess that I am not surprised that of all the blogs, swaps and trades out there in cyber space I chose to do an atc swap with you, Chrysti. My first one ever.
    Happy day.

  9. A belated Happy Birthday! Hope you had a nice time. :o)

  10. Hope you had a fabulously wonderful birthday, Chrysti!!!

  11. Chrysti………happy belated birthday. Hope your day is full of love, fun and lots of goodies. You deserve it all :o)

  12. Happy, happy birthday!

    Here’s a virtual card for you:

    Hope it was a happy one!

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