Quick? Ha! + Collage Sheet Mega Sale w/ Freebies!

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“Quick Project”… Ha! Ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha!

(insert roaring laughter here)

That just may be one of the funniest statements ever made! (though the movie Knocked Up is definitely funnier — go see it! Hilarious!)

This I Pray

This I Pray 2

This I Pray 3

“This I Pray” Collage Sheet Collection

The Backstory – The Thorn In My Side (Skip this if you just wanna jump to the free stuff)

Really, I oughta know by now, that anytime I put the word Quick & Project together… the exact opposite will occur. It’s insane, how a seemingly small project, or idea.. can run into so many teeny-tiny complications and consume so much of one’s time.

Passion for Purple

Passion for Purple 2

“Passion for Purples” Collage Sheet Collection

As you know, I’m preparing for The Altered Abbey to open in just a few, way too short weeks.. it’s why I don’t have anything on E-bay, it is why I have very little on Etsy — it is why my pocketbook is draining faster than my camera batteries. What is one to do?

The collage sheets I listed, were a big hit! So much so that I decided to make more… but an unusually large number of people are having difficulty using Etsy, and really… waiting for a combined invoice is a pain, for both the buyer & myself.

So I had an idea.

A brilliant idea even!

I’ll just whip up a ‘quickie’ website to list the collage sheets on, until The Altered Abbey is finished.

Ha! Ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha!

Yeah, as it turned out? Not quite so quick.

Slow in fact. T E D I O U S L Y slow even. Especially when you are rusty with the coding.

BUT alas, it is done! So PLEASE go check it out. Order something even. Tell me what you like, what you don’t. Just help convince me, all that time wasn’t for nothing! Keep in mind though, that it’s just there for a few weeks.


Toddlerific 2

“Toddlerific” Collage Sheet Collection

The Good Stuff – The Deals – The Huge Raffle – Freebies

Lemme slip into my used car salesman hat for a minute… ALL.. yes, ALL the collage sheets are still being offered at the low, introductory price. Almost all of them are offered at under two bucks! Plus — I’m now offering amazing transparency sheets and other paper choices, for all the designs!

HOLY RAFFLE! Each collage sheet you buy from this site during the month of June will count as one entry into the Mega Collage Sheet Book Raffle! The winner will receive a coil bound book that has one copy of every collage sheet we offer at the time, on 90lb Premium Bright White Cardstock! A value of well over 100 dollars! So, Buy 10 sheets? Get 10 entries… and so on!

As you can see, there are also a bunch of new designs — with more to come asap!

Feather in your Hat 3

“Feather In Your Hat” Collage Sheet Collection

Brimming Beauties 3

“Brimming Beauties Collage Sheet Collection

A special deal, just for my blog readers — for every 7 sheets you buy, you get an additional free one — of your choosing! You’ll also get a bonus sheet, for every $25.00 you spend! Simply, write a note in the comment section as you checkout, stating which one you’d like! It’s that easy!


“Greentastic” Collage Sheet Collection

Thanks so much y’all & Please, please, throw over your good vibes & positive energy as i endure the next few weeks!

Hoping to write tomorrow — and show off come charms!

Artsy Hugs – Chrysti

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11 Responses

  1. ohmygosh! I’m blown away by these Chrysti! they are all Di-Vine!!! I llllloooovve the one’s of the children. Oh, you have such great taste! Thank You SO much for the inchie “love”! I’ve been “squared away” since I got them. LOVE them all. You are the sweetest!!!! xo :) Lia

  2. Christi – when I went to the site and looked at the pages, I loved them. When I went to order, however, the site wanted to charge me shipping on each page for one order. I didn’t see anyway to see if I could combine shipping if I ordered several pages of each design. Is there a way or is shipping per page? Thanks! Janice

  3. hi bear

  4. I hope I win one of your prizes because you offer so many magically mesmerizing images. Thank you Chrisi for sharing this collection of images!

  5. If I weren’t on an absolutely, swear-to-God, no-matter-how-cool-it-is money diet, I would be shopping myself into oblivion on your nifty site.

    It was worth your time, honest.

  6. […] The Special Deals, just for my blog readers are still valid — be sure to send me a note with the freebies you’d like… Some people have said the PayPal comments aren’t working properly… […]

  7. Chrysti,
    I got my order and they are fabulous. Very clear and sharp images!

  8. My order arrived yesterday and it’s just as pictured. Sent you a message on Etsy re a little “ad” I placed on Yahoo with one of my groups. Just knew they would love your images. Hugs

  9. Excellent site, keep up the good work

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