“Out of the Blue” Mail Art Party – My Pieces!


OOAK, Mixed Media Altered Postcard
By Chrysti – June 2007
Not For Sale

“When life gives you scraps make quilts” — Author Unknown

So what’s a girl to do when she has made a pledge to herself to do something creative daily, to make more of an effort to get to know the other artists she connects with and to create less waste… all while maintaining her daily chores, and working 12-16 hour days?

Well, she is to make colorful, paper scrap quilt collages of course! Then give them away to her friends & colleagues; in the hopes they will provide at least a bit of arty cheer.

“Story of my Life”
OOAK, Mixed Media Altered Postcard
By Chrysti – May 2007
Not For Sale

It is the perfect activity to plant yourself in front of the tv with, while using up all the pretty, colorful paper scraps you are bound to have lying around. We’re not talking award winning art here folks — but boy oh boy are these ever enjoyable to do!

I will post a tutorial for these on The Altered Abbey shortly after it opens as it truly is a simple, relaxing project that produces results you are bound to love!

“How much piecin’ a quilt’s like living a life…The Lord sends us the pieces, but we can cut ’em out and put ’em together pretty much to suit ourselves…” — Author Unknown

Inspiration struck when I had a playdate with the fabulous Lia in May… and when she extended an invitation for me to join in on the ‘Out of the Blue’ Mail Party Deb Silva started … needless to say, the 2 projects were a natural fit.

“Full Heart”
OOAK, Mixed Media Altered Postcard
By Chrysti – June 2007
Not For Sale

The postcards you see throughout this post are all created on 140lb. watercolor paper, and measure in at the OSWOA size of 4″ x 6″. Each card was comprised of elements that I intended to toss away… Not too shabby eh? The lucky recipients of this batch are Lia, Hope, & Miz Carla … I won’t tell you who gets what, as some of it should be a surprise! I am eagerly anticipating the arrival of their pieces as well!

Stay tuned for more Mail Art party news as the talented Nici also invited me.. and I extended the invite to a few others as well… results soon!

“We do not live an equal life, but one of contrasts and patchwork; now a little joy, then a sorrow, now a sin, then a generous or brave action” — Ralph Waldo EmersonHave an Artful Weekend!


P.S. Leave me a comment with your thoughts & questions on these– and you just may receive one too!

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46 Responses

  1. Oh, sweetie, I’d love to trade some mail art with ya! *G*

  2. These are really lovely. Isn’t it amazing how you can turn scraps into something attractive like this? It’s a little like a gardener’s compost. Thanks Chrysti for sharing, as always, your inspiration!

  3. This is my first visit to your blog, and all I can say is WOW! What wonderful art! I will definitely be a regular visitor here. :)

  4. These are GORGEOUS!!! WOW!!!

    Beth M :)

  5. Your scrap paper quilts are very lovely. I would have thought you spent hours of time and effort picking and cutting and piecing each little one with a total plan in mind!! What a great way to use up all your bits. I would love to have one and would send you a little something in return!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Lyn A.

  6. These are for trade?? OMG! I wish I could participate. But all my art things are packed for my big move in 3 weeks. Moving from NY to Las Vegas! Maybe in a month or so we could do one. I am going through art withdrawals :(

    Thanks for sharing these! I love them!

    Lori aka stampingranny

  7. These are terrific … what a wonderful way to use art scraps … I know what I’m doing with mine now :)

  8. wwweeeeeeeeee!!! when I read these were for us I did the happy dance! oh, yeah, uh, huh!! la la la!! LOOOOOVe them Chrysti! xo Lia

  9. absolutely amazing
    i can’t imagine they are as easy to do as you say…
    diane -x-

  10. Hi Chrysti,
    These are wonderful. I love your work! Thanks for sharing. -Jean

  11. OMGosh Chrysti, these are sooo cute. Love ’em love ’em! What an inspirstion you are.Terrific way to use up scraps. Your’e the best.

  12. I LOVE your postcards.
    What a great idea!
    I think I’ll make some. I love to mail postcards.
    As usual – great art Chrysti!

  13. Chrysti, I Love them. They are too cute! What a lovely idea for scraps. I love to quilt I will have to keep this in mind for future reference. Sue(Lilypepper)

  14. Your quilts are marvelous and inspiring! You do wonderful work. – Teresa

  15. What a great way to use your scraps Christy! I hate to throw away anything! Thanks for the idea, yours are beautiful!

  16. These are great! What a terrific way to use up scraps!!
    Just want to mention, too, that I just got some collage sheets from you and they are beautiful.

  17. Love these paper quilt pieces and would love to see a tutorial so I can learn how to make them, too. I’m fairly new to papercraft and other art in general (well a 30-year hiatus since I last did any), but can see this as going hand in hand with ATCs, collage pieces and other. I’m a “technique junkie” so look forward to seeing a tutorial so I can see a “real” paper quilt card instead of just a “cyber card.” *LOL*

  18. What a great idea! I can’t stand to throw aways even the tiniest scrap, and just keep putting them in an enamalware bowl, when that gets full they get tossed into ziplock bags-now I know what I can do with them!

  19. Chrysti~these are just gorgeous! I plan on teaching my 5th graders how to do this in September.


  20. These are wonderful! I have to go try some! I love your blog!

  21. OH Crysti…these things are AMAZING!!! I’m in total love with all of them!! I’ve always loved this type of collage!! Truely YUMMY YUMMY eyecandy whenever I come visit your blog!!

  22. Wow, how totally awesome. I just got this funky rubber stamp of different stitches and now I know exactly what I plan to do with it. Patchwork paper quilts!

    Also, can I please please please swap with you sometime?

  23. Chrysti –

    LOVE this idea and thanks for posting in AAO!
    Super blog! Love the quotes and all of your stories.
    You really make it fun!

    Looking forward to a postcard swap someday,
    will keep my eyes peeled!

    – vicki xo

  24. […] Chrysti has a wonderful idea – making paper quilts from all those little scraps of decorative paper we have laying around. Hers are absolutely gorgeous and have inspired me to try to make a dent in my scrap pile. So, I’m off to my studio for the day! […]

  25. I love these What a great way to use scraps I need to make some

    great job

  26. Your srap quilts are just wonderful, and what a neat way to use all those little bits you have hanging around.

  27. These are fabulous and fun — what a great use of scraps (and who doesn’t have pounds of those?)!

  28. I just have to say one word:

    Wow, does that make me REALLY not want to throw anything away! Grin

  29. Wow! These are great! I hope I get one! :)

  30. As always, you’re an inspiration to novice artists like myself, and your art is a feast for the eyes. thanks for sharing. Kim

  31. these turned out great and look like they were calming for the mind to do. good therapy! I love using scraps! we are at Lake Gaston, NC this weekend and thought of you!

  32. This is absolutely stunning!!!!!!!
    …and definitely an inspiration….

  33. I absolutely love the idea of making quilt cards with all those boxess of scraps I have that I can’t throw away. Such an inspiring thing. Thanks a million, Chrysti!!!

  34. Love this idea. I may have to just up and send some myself!

  35. Lovely work, Crysti! I loved the photos. And the inspiration. Also, when you add fabric scraps, lace, rick-rack, etc. to a paper quilt idea, you can make interesting mixed media art.

  36. […] Paper Quilts, called my attention to Chrysti’s delightful collection of these items, on her Art by Chrysti blog .  Using leftover paper scraps, Chrysti created lovely postcard art.  Katelyn mentioned she is […]

  37. Another great bit of inspiration – thank you Chrysti!

  38. The postcards are beautiful. You have such great scraps and a wonderful talent to put them together into beautiful works of art.

  39. Very creative use of paper scraps. Lovely

  40. Chrysti,
    Your mail ART is awesome!! I really like the INSPIRE one. You are so very talented.

  41. I tried my hand at this and posted the results to my blog: http://kimtedrow.blogspot.com. Thanks for the inspiration Chrysti!

  42. Chrysti, your work is always inspirational to me. These postcards look fun! I’m traveling in my motorhome till the end of July. I’m going to use the next rainy day (I’m in Oregon) to use the scrap bag I grabbed and threw in my art stash to go. Even though these are papers, these scrappy backgrounds are complex, which to me is a signature of your work. Possibly why the polka dot round book felt unsatisfying to you is that though lovely, it was much less complex. It’s always interesting, somtimes revealing, to walk around in new territory; but there’s nothing wrong with preferring home especially when your art soul blooms there.

  43. […] #1: When watching tv and creating paper scrap quilts, pay more attention when applying lip balm, as glue sticks have an eerily similar shape. Thank […]

  44. This is very fun art, and amusing writing, too! Great stuff!

  45. Your paper crazy quilts are awesome. All of your art work, even if it includes lipbalm or not is very impressive and gleams attention…….AWESOME!!!!!!!!

  46. I absolutely LOVE your paper quilts!! Are there any tutorials on this process???

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