Yes, that’s me in Cloth, Paper, Scissors!

Yep.. That is yours truly in the new issue of CPS magazine!

Chrysti meets Cloth, Paper, Scissors 2

Chrysti meets Cloth, Paper, Scissors

Next week, I promise to tell you all about it (so it gets the proper time it deserves!).. in the meantime… who wants to do the happy dance with me?

The excited, thrilled… and overcome with joy — Chrysti

(ok so im stressin too…but dont tell anyone…it’ll be our secret)

25 Responses

  1. WOW….what an accomplishment…name on the cover and all?? You rock!! Congrats!

  2. I blogged about it yesterday! Congratulations! I was so happy to see you in CPS that I did a happy dance at Barns&Nobles! Your article is wonderful! I can’t wait to try your clever techniques.

  3. Wow, Chrysti! TOO cool! I didn’t even realize that was you…I’ll have to go back over the article again!

  4. Congrats! I can’t wait to hear more about it!

  5. Woohoo I’m doing the happy dance for you!!!!

  6. WoW !!!!!! Friend…….that is so very special……
    going out to find one……sure hope it is on the
    magazine racks………I am soooooo very proud
    of you……My Friend, on the cover of CPS…..I sure hope you still talk to this little “peon”

    Hugs to my professional Friend !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. HaPpY DaNcE!!!!

  8. Congratulations :) that’s so cool, I’m glad you are getting recognition

  9. Chrysti, congratulations!! One of my favourite magazines too!

  10. YAY! congrats to you Chrysti :D
    Your little book looks divine.

  11. can’t wait for my issue to come now! Congrats!

  12. Congratulations!!!!!!!

  13. Awesome, Chrysti!

  14. And of course, I’m happy for you. ;-)


  15. i’ll do a little happy dance with you…that is fantastic and congrats!!!

  16. Huge congratulations. Somebody else I know just got invited to write for them!

  17. I am totally going out and getting that issue. I love your skinny book! I want to make a skinny book! It might be my only relationship with skinny!


  18. Congratulations!!! Happy dancing is taking place in Scotland.

  19. yeah! *twirl* twirl * twirl! very happy for you! xo :) Lia

  20. I was dancing when I first saw it – I somehow just knew it was you!

  21. Congratulations! Your work is lovely.

  22. Oh BIG congrats to you for the feature!! It looks just wonderful and I’m not the least bit surprised because your work is always gorgeous :)

  23. WOW! I just bought this the other day and thought it was SOOOOO cool when I was flipping through it…didn’t even read it yet…but I am going to find it now…CONGRATS! Happy dancin’ for you!!

  24. Yay!!! Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!!! (Pretend you can hear me singin….)

  25. Big congrats! I loves seeing your pages in the mag :o)

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