Skinny Book Swap — Wanna Play?

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Hope to have you join us!


I’m terribly behind on everything right now… and am working on catching up as I type… I’ll be back to my normal, long-winded blogging self soon!

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8 Responses

  1. Hello Chrysti, Just a note that I am trying to give a friend’s new website a boost. Please look in on Abstract Art by Brad Bannister Also i would like to exchange blogroll links with you.

  2. Chrysti – congrats on your CPS article! (My son picked you page with the girl on the fish as his favorite in this issue.) I am going to link to your blog and heart your Etsy shop, too. We have “Random Jane” as a mutual friend – we’re practically related! Maybe we can hook up in Saluda? xoxoxo cher

  3. Loved the site – ordering was really easy! Thanks!

  4. Hooray! I’m playing, I’m playing!

    Looks like the Altered Abbey is off and running! You have great stuff…soon as you restock some of the faves I’ll be back (really love those metallic mini fabric flowers!).

  5. Chrysti: I stumbled upon a gallery of yours a while back, and it ended up on my favorites list, and I perouse it every so often for inspiration. I also stumbled upon the Altered Abbey, before it was open, and was waiting for it…I didn’t realize both were YOU. I just love your work! I can’t tell you how excited I am to be a part of the skinny book swap!

  6. Hey girl, just wanted to say congrats on the article (I just read it) and new site!!!!! I would love to exchange blog links with you too! Just let me know!!!

    off to go check out your store and do some shopping!

  7. Hi there, I just went to check my bookmarked site for the skinny book swap, and getting a funky bank site, pretty sure this is not it. altered abbey is hiding from me…can you check it out??

    btw, just finished your background technique from CPS and ….simply amazing…….thanks for the inspiration!!

  8. Where is the skinny for the Skinny Book? Can’t locate it…

    As usual…older people have difficulty at times….

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