My Bird Skinny Book Pages

I’m about to do something, I almost never do — Blog & Run!

I am just so darn close to being caught up (well, as much as I can be caught up anyway) that I would hate to jinx it now by losing my motivation, and spending too long on here! Besides, I have so many things to share with you in the next few weeks, why bombard you all at once?

I’ve diligently been working at changing my routines, to suit my increasingly hectic schedule — The smartest move I have made in years! Part of this change, will be blogging regularly again but I am no longer under the delusion I will accomplish this daily. Somehow, acknowledging that, has lifted a huge weight from my shoulders.

These pages were for a Birds Skinny Book swap that the talented Amy is hosting. I had joined in prior to knowing so many commitments would pop up — but I do not regret the decision to sign up at all. Having something familiar to work on, has been a godsend to me recently! Besides, this was an opportunity to work with some people, that I have admired for quite some time now and I truly look forward to seeing their work.

You can see all 20 original bird art pages that I created by clicking here. Just excuse the horrid photography please, i was rushing! Browse my flickr account to see photos that i am actually proud of!

Lots more to come over the next few weeks … And by popular demand, I’ll be holding another stay tuned!

Miss you all much!


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12 Responses

  1. They are magnificent, and I can’t wait to see them in person. If you are coming to the guild meeting on Thursday, you can hand deliver them!

  2. These are all soooo beautiful, Chrysti – and I know what I´m talking about because I´ve finished 11 bird pages for a book swap myself recently – hope we´ll both get fabulous books from our hostesses!

  3. The bird pages are beautiful. The birds are wonderful and so are ALL the backgrounds.

  4. These are gorgeous! Lovely work, Chrysti!

  5. Gorgeous pages!

  6. Wonderful pages!

  7. They are beautiful!! I will take a look at them very close, beceause your backgrounds are so great too … sure I can learn something here!!! Thanks for sharing and I hope your new schadule works for you.

  8. I took a look at the Flickr photos — individually, the images are lovely; as a group, they’re terrific. Thanks for sharing them.


  9. Such amazing pages. The colors, the backgrounds, and the details are all wonderful! Seth

  10. I bought a copy of cloth,paper,scissor and wow there you were. I love love love your work and I was especial delighted to see your new skinny pages. Christi you should really write a book.

  11. Makes me want to fly!

  12. gorgeous…I am doing one on summer my first at skinny pages…I agree write a book! Ina

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