Where’s Chrysti?

Ah yes, it seems there may be a scavenger hunt out for my where abouts; rest assured, I am alive and doing well… I am in awe, at how many of you worry and check in on me. Thanks so very much — it makes my day!

So just where has Chysti been?

Published Again! - at the heART of a letter

Basking in my 15 minutes again as my latest article for Cloth,Paper, Scissors magazine is out – double the thrill since it is dear to my heart; about a project I did for my mom… more to come soon.

Buried under deadlines for several publishing opportunities, all top secret stuff of course. But when I can announce all these fabulous things, y’all will be the first to know! I do have a few teasers planned for your enjoyment though… keep an eye out here for them!

100 1

Also, Somerset Studio has quite a few of my inchies in the new issue, what a suprise! Though no credit was given for my artwork, I will show ’em off here, again asap — Some of the ones that appear, are in this Flickr set of mine . Also will be announcing an exciting new swap for all you inchie addicts.. true to my form, it will have an exciting new twist!

Working on the 100 original covers, binding, sorting, photographing & organizing all the Skinny Book swaps! Tracking down some of the wayward participants, has turned me into A Private Investigator to boot! Speaking of, I think I may need some fill-ins…Interested? Leave em a comment, and I’ll get back to you!

Trying to write up a few lengthy, long-overdue blog posts. Thank heavens it’s not illegal to neglect your blog.

Resisting the urge to toss my $#$@%! computer through the window as I work out the kinks in the blog, gallery & forums on my site. I just wanna get them open — so many ideas, are just awaiting my touch!

Dream a Little Dream

Enjoying the crisp air of a long awaited autumn … through the lens of my camera. ( which i recently dropped, and had to replace :-( ) Check out my photography here.

Planning out new workshops that I think y’all will love! I believe, they are a breath of fresh air!

Working on a major blog re-design for here that is LONG overdue. Wish I had more creative freedom to design one though. Ah well.

Finishing off over 50 paintings in the last few months … Quite different from my usual style.

Working hard at adding over 500 new items for the store .. speaking of… I best get back to it! A girl does need to make a living after all!

Missing You! Be back to blogging soon! — Chrysti

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10 Responses

  1. Good to hear from you! An inchie-addict swap!!!? Put me on the pre-sign-up pre-list list, Yeeeeehaw! -KT

  2. Great to see you back. Sounds like you’ve been having a very productive time. Ordered my Cloth, Paper, Scissors this week ‘cos I loved your last article so much. As an inchie addict – bring on the swap! :o)

  3. Congratulations on more publications! Will look forward to hearing your special news. Also wanted to share my news with you. As of yesterday, I am a digital designer for Scrapbookersplayground! And my blog seems to finally be taking off with help – most especially – from the article I did on Caryl Hoobler. Whenever you are ready, contact me and I’ll do a sort of interview with you for the featured artist of the week. This would include links to your products and gallery & so forth. FOr now just nice to know all is well & better than well. Hugs!

  4. Hey Chrysti! I’ve been wondering where you were, too!

    Silly me, I read my Cloth, Paper, Scissors and was really inspired by this article about a woman who organized a book project for her mom. My mind was contemplating the possibilities (My aunt? My other aunt? – no mom, sadly.), gears clicking about logistics, etc. A day or so later I click on a link in my email from CPS and see that there’s something by you on their website. DUH! I never looked at the author’s name in the magazine! Of course it was you that was inspiring me. I admit, just the thought of your mom receiving such a beatiful gift brought me to tears while I was reading. She’s a lucky woman to have you as a daughter.


  5. Chrysti,Good to hear from you!!!
    I am hooked on your artwork,and the articles in CPS!!!
    I feel like a kid in a candy shop when I get notices from your blog,and I really enjoy just randomly clicking some of the links…truly dreamy stuff…

  6. Glad you are posting again. Congratulations on the new article.

  7. That’s it!! I’m getting a subscription to CPS on account of you!! hee!! That way I don’t have to go to B and N and hold my breath for the second to last copy so I can see your articles! Sorry about your camera…I’m always afraid I’m gonna do that with all my shananagans around here…anyhow….please,please let me know if you will be up my way so I can see you!!!! :) hugs, l.

  8. Hey Chrysti- Thanks so much for giving me linky Love on your site here. I am enamoured of your work and enjoyed seeing your stuff in CPS. I am building a list of artists to see on my blog also and am certainly adding you! Most of recent work is there too. Warm Regards- Krishanna http://www.krishanna.com & http://www.alteredartist.com

  9. I’d love to be a back up for the skinny book project. I just emailed you. ~Maralena

  10. Those inchies are gorgeous, well done you!

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