Gladness, Sorrow and Promise

“A Gladness Mingled w/Sorrow”
11″ x 14″ Mixed Media On Canvas
by Raleigh,NC Outsider Artist ~Chrysti~
For sale here

I’ve been postponing writing about these pieces for quite some time now. Laziness? I dunno. I have had my reasons. It seems one of the things people enjoy most about my blog, is that I am so ‘open’ about myself, my disorders..and of course my art. A thought I have always found a bit odd if truth be told, as I feel that I am still fairly closed off.

The thing is: i have yet to find a way to adequately express what being bipolar is truly like. It is not that I lack the desire to — the chance to connect with others is a blessing I am grateful for daily. I have spent a lifetime, feeling ‘alone’ with these things… then the internet comes along, and bam! I find I am not. A blessing, a curse and a bit overwhelming in moments.

“Gentle Spirit”
11″ x 14″ Mixed Media On Canvas
by Raleigh, NC Outsider Artist ~Chrysti~
For sale here

I don’t want to be defined as someone who is Manic Depressive. Yet, it is an integral part of who I am. It fuels my creativity, it allows me to feel emotions on a level that most people will never, truly understand – (myself included) which in turn gives me the gift of being able to really connect with what is around me; people, nature, animals… my surroundings. But for every positive aspect it brings my to life, there is a negative one that goes hand in hand with it. So when I create pieces that seem to have a bit of longing, a bit of sadness, and a bit of joy — it’s often immensely personal, and almost a bit to introspective. Hence – it’s difficult to share.

I used to wonder.. why I start pieces, then let them sit for days, weeks, months..and yes sometimes even years before adding to it. Time has allowed me to realize that it is my own healing process, I work through my moods on canvas. Where one day I am sad, the next i see promise — as I have said many times before… art has some sort of metaphoric, visual healing process that no other medium has given me. It’s fascinating for me to look upon my work and see how I continue to transform, and learn to live with this illness that was given to me.

“Fly on Wall”
8″ x 8″ Mixed Media On Canvas
by Raleigh, NC Outsider Artist ~Chrysti~
For sale here

Within each piece are big chunks of who i am, how I see the world around me and what I long for most. Within each piece is the promise I see, the heartache I have felt and ultimately the joy I take in from in everything around me. Sound trite? To me, it is a huge step where from i was a decade or so ago — a time, in which seeing the positive side to things was immensely difficult for me. I hope, you too can take something from these pieces that I put so much of myself into. It is my hope, that they serve as an inspiring bit of promise to those that may need it and touch someone, as they have touched me.

Warmly, Chrysti

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7 Responses

  1. your work is powerful ….. you should be quite proud of it …i especially love the top one … and the subtlety yet poignancy of the homes in the background …. all great art has bits of the artist in it ….. be proud that your bits are evident …. e

  2. A man who is a bee .. he looks upset at that scenario…

    Really nice work Christi.

  3. “hang in there”….my friend who is also bipolar (and multiple personalities) hates that phrase and suffering from depression myself I have learned some of what she, and others who are bipolar, go through. It’s not an easy road to walk, but there are lots of us out here who really enjoy your work.

  4. Thanks for posting your thoughts on these issues. I have some ‘problems’ of my own (although I’m not bipolar) but it’s often difficult to explain to people what I’m dealing with. I understand so much of what you have written. Unfortunately my problems do not fuel my creativity – my creativity allows me to forget them. :o)

  5. Chrysti….these pieces are wonderful and can see there was much emotion put into them. i was drawn to each one….especially the first piece. Thank you for being so open and sharing yourself and thoughts and art with others. It has touched me many times. Take care :o)

  6. Chrysti,
    Gentle Spirit is simply fantastic. All three pieces have so much depth and feeling.

    By the way, I took my Altered Abbey skinny book to the local art studio and a bunch of other places to try to inspire them to do some altered art/mixed media stuff. There really aren’t many people into that type of thing here. I felt like a traveling art gallery, but some of them definitely were intrigued.

  7. Chrystie…magical is the word that comes to mind. I especially like Gentle Spirit.
    Some of the most powerful works, from literature to fine art were created from a place of depression.
    Darkness reveals the light.

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