I’m Still Here – Blog Under Construction

Just a real quick note to let y’all know I am indeed still alive… have just been playing some massive rounds of catch up. I feel pulled in 1001 different directions right now!

Oddly, I have far more to share now then ever — but simply haven’t had a chance to. This is partially due to the fact I want to redesign & completely overhaul my blog. Update & add/remove links, change the layout… etc etc… Hopefully, make my life easier too. Maybe then I won’t have to manually write the HTML for each post and so on…

So the blog may look wonky in the upcoming weeks as I redesign it! Bear with me!

Once i complete it, I will be challenging myself to blog daily for a month… to jump back in the swing of things.

Hope you haven’t forgotten lil ol me! I have missed you all!


11 Responses

  1. I am happily awaiting the new version of your blog!

  2. Looking forward to your new blog!
    I don’t wont to nag, but how is part 4 of the skinny book swap coming along? Did you find replacement artists for those who opted out?
    I am so much looking forward to receiving my own book….


  3. Lucky girl, only a 1001 things pulling you hither and thither – lol! I should be so lucky (not enough hours in the day)
    Looking forward to seeing your new blog…

  4. My Friend…..I look forward to the new blog…..but I am asking myself is it worth it………
    to miss out on seeing at least your daily entry…much less Not to hear from you for such a long time?????

    Don’t let yourself get pulled to thin……1001 directions is really pushing it……….
    I don’t think WE want you getting sick and weak…..on us. Don’t forget to sleep.

    Love from long ago

  5. Hi Chrysti,
    We miss you! I miss reading your blog. Glad you are busy that’s good.

  6. Hi Chrysti,

    I read your inquiry posted at IndiaTradeZone and would like to contact you for more details, would you please e-mail me back to follow up, thank you.

    Best regards
    Clifton Yeh

  7. Just checking in to see how the blog is coming along. No wonder you are feeling stretched, ebay, website, etsy, blog and then you have stuff to make, photograph……
    Good luck with it all.

  8. Lovely to see the creativity continues with force and passion, I love your work

  9. Love your paintings…so colorful and inspiring!! :)

  10. You have just been featured here http://inspirationalcraftblogs.blogspot.com/


  11. Hi Chrysti,

    I’ve just discovered your blog. I’m in WWAO, but haven’t been active for a few months. I’m giving you a link and won’t mind of you feel like linking to my page as well! :)

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