(practically) FREE fabric here!

Ah, yes… it’s that time of year! Spring Cleaning!

I am in a mad rush, to clean out my back room which is piled high with supplies… since my mother is giving me the dining room set I grew up with! Yippee!  I am ab-so-lutley thrilled,  just need to make room for it.

Started tackling all the fabric I had stashed back there today. All I’m asking is the cost of shipping & $5.00 per box (to slightly ease my conscience for not listing & selling these myself by now, and to recoup a very small fraction of the cost i invested in these items).

So, the fee is just a mere $15.00 per box. US Folks only..sorry!

Why am I offering these practically free?

Firstly, to save me the headache & time consuming process of measuring, photographing, ironing, cleaning, and describing each item. There is days worth of work within these boxes … and I just can’t find the time or motivation right now.

Offering them like this, saves me from doing that workload — I’d charge more, but I know I’d hate spending alot on supplies sight unseen. Trust me though, these are all quality supplies that I either purchased to use myself, or sell in the store. Any flaws, or risks are noted below.

Secondly, I’m in a rush to clean out the house. My studio is already overrun with supplies and I’d rather share these with folks who can appreciate it, then toss them away! Besides, I got my start thanks to some incredibly kind individuals who cut me a break, this is partially my way of giving that gift back. The value of each box is over what you are paying.

That being said – I have up for grabs so far:


8  now just 0 Flat Rate Priority Mail Box STUFFED with fabric

(sorry, all gone — check back soon for other offers)


Yards & yards and pounds and pounds of fabric for you. All assorted styles, cuts & types. Mix of modern, vintage and even a touch of retro. Prints, solids and lots of calico’s. An assortment of scraps and larger cuts. Each box is different!

I highly recommend washing the fabric, as some may have odors… they have been stored in homes other then mine and I don’t know what they were around etc. If you are sensitive to odors, or have allergies to pets, smoke, etc… then this may not be the lot for you. My allergies are horrible right now, and my sense of smell is about nil. There are some bounce dryer sheets in each box as well to help absorb any odors they may have. There are some realllly nice fabrics here, i think you’ll love it if you’re ok with the above. Odors aside, they all are in excellent condition.

Misc Notes:

I can’t combine shipping on these, since they are already packed & ready to go in the flat rate boxes. I’ll update the blog as I can, when the boxes have been claimed.

If they aren’t claimed within 1 week, then I’ll give them away locally instead.

Want one or more of these boxes? Leave me a comment with how many you want, and I’ll email you back with my paypal instructions, and to verify if you got one or not :-) First come, first served.

Thank a bunch y’all — spread the word! More supplies to be offered soon!

39 Responses

  1. I will take one off your hands Chrysti. I just got some more fabric yesterday. LOL But I love love love fabric. So give me a shout and I will paypal you.

  2. Gosh, Chystie, I sure would love a box of fabric. I am willing to pay extra for shipping to France. I am so happy to see you back. I love, love, love fabric!

  3. P.S. I forgot to tell you, I love the photo on the blog mast. Did you take it? Just lovely!

  4. Hi Chrystie,
    I can’t pass this up. The fun is not knowing what is inside. It’s like a treasure chest. Email me to let me know how to pay for it. Thanks for the opportunity, Diana

  5. Oh, I’m in….paypal me!!!!! xo lia

  6. Oh, treasures, treasures!!! Thanks so much. I’m in too.

  7. I would like a couple of boxes. What fun! I don’t buy much online and haven’t used paypal. Is there another way I can pay? Let me know. Thanks, ~Ann

  8. Put me down for one, Chrysti, I’ll watch for the email.
    Best, -Kim

  9. If you have any left, I will take one. Thanks.

  10. Any left? I sure would like one


  11. Hey hon, if that last flat rate box is still available I’d love to take it off your hands….LOL!! Let me know!

  12. Am I to late? I’d love one too.

  13. Thank you Chrysti!

    The lovely package arrived at my sister’s! Can’t wait to explore!

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  15. Chrysti,
    I am new to this, but I do use Paypal. If you could send me a box, that would be great. This way I can gift it to my church’s quilting group which I am a part of. We make baby dedication quilts and Comfort quilts. We are out of 2″ X 12 inch strips in which we make our comfort quilts. This would be a God Send.

    God Bless! Eva

  16. I will take all boxes off you hand if any are left

  17. […] 21, 2008 by chrysti Remember the (practically) free fabric lots  & the (practically) free rubber stamp lots i have offered in the past? Well, with the closing […]

  18. i am a beginner at home sewing. found this site. any help would be greatly appreciated. if you have any left.

  19. Hi There,
    Do you have any of your fabric left???? If so I am greatly interested. I love to sew and piece together quilts. Can’t wait to hear back. Blessings, Ashleigh

  20. Hey i would love a box if you have any left!


  21. If you have any large (yards) pieces or any bolts, I will gladly take them off your hands. I have to costume “The Sound of Music” in June 2009!

  22. Hi! I am looking for fabric to make capes out of or an arhtritis kids camp. THe theme is super heroes and I am making about 100? or so and am looking for free fabric or close to free. Do you have anything that would work for capes. We will be decorating them too so needs to be fabric that we can paint on or irond on decals. Thanks for your help. kate

  23. Hi Chrysti, I see that this was posted last year but am hoping that you may be doing some more spring cleaning this year (2009). If you are and you have any boxes with fabric, buttons or notions that you need to clear out please, please let me know. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Althea by the Sea

  24. I am quite interested in this, I reccently became very interested in sewing & making my own items. If there are boxes of fabric still available please let me know.

    Thank you.

    Thais R.

  25. i whant one for $15

  26. Hi there! still have some fabric?

  27. I’m am making dress for some famliys that are in need ,the catch is I’m have been very ill and have no money to pay for the fabric .I’m looking for donations to make these dress.The familys I make them for are Amish so the fabric has to be a solid color.I can send you so Pics. if you like
    I give every one of the dresses away,I do not sell any of them.If you can’t donate the fabric ,I understand.
    Thank you very much!

  28. Hi,
    My daughter (15) is on a quilt making binge. If you have any extra fabric let me know please. I have tried thrift stores, clearance, sales, etc.. If you do not have any more would you have any recommendations. I am in North east Ohio.
    Her goal is to give all family members a quilt for xmas..
    She just makes the two color 10″ square quilts she learned in school, so she only needs 5 yards total of fabric.
    Thank you,

  29. This offer seems almost a year old. Do you have any fabric left?

  30. Hey y’all — it shows in the post , and states it clearly that they are all gone..it is over a year old, and was taken within days.. sorry… check out my yart sale page at top of blog for what i have currently have.

  31. I whoud like 1 box pleaz. E mail me to see how to pay u thanks a bunch

  32. please let me know if you have any left!id love to buy one,im new to sewing and im looking to save some money and this seems like i bargen,hope im not to late,thanka ~marie

  33. I would love to get a few boxes I have 8 kids in which i have found it to be alittle cheaper to make there clothes.If you will just let me know..Thanks,Christy

  34. If you still have some fabric available I am interested as well! Thanks :)

  35. I would like to have two boxes of fabric if you have any left.

  36. I wouuld like two boxes of fabric if you have any left.

  37. I would like to get two boxes of fabric if you have any left.

  38. hello, I’ve never done this before! I’m looking for specifics if possible! Please tell me what you can do! I’m looking for victorian, lace, blacks, cremes and pale pinks…. can you help??? please???

  39. I hope that you are still offering, i have an special Native America traditional ceremony, and we are seeking any thing that can be used for giving our Mescalero Apache people. During our ceremonies we give fabric for those people who dance all night, help with meal preparation, work around the emcampment and gifts to singers, dancers, family, people who donate their time to help so if anythings will help us.

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