An Enchanted Life

My Spread in Life Images!


Is it shameless to say I don’t tire of seeing my work in print?

Because I don’t. Not for one little minute.

Every time I see my work in a new publication, I turn into that 6 year old little girl whose bright eyes just gleam and burst wide open with pure amazement & childish delight. My insides get all filled up with what i imagine to be prettly lil’ butterflies, and I end up spilling over with contagious excitement. You remember that feeling dontcha? When the world seems undeniably grand and not even one little thing seems unattainable or out of reach. It’s an inspiring thrill, to get back even the smallest piece of that innocent wonder.


There’s just that magical something about seeing my work transformed within pages of a magazine, or a book.  Somehow, it takes what I think is ordinary… into ex-tra-ordinary… and I find myself saying… ‘heh… i really did that!’ This, my friends… is no exception.

To see a slightly different variation of my Autumn’s Enchanted Forest  photograph featured on Stampington’s website, and in the Life Images magazine simply made my day today. Naturally, memories of taking that photo came flooding back as well, and I found myself smiling an almost maniacal grin… all to myself …. while paging through the magazine.

Autumn's Enchanted Forest


The day I took that picture, was awesome … i mean truly…just… awesome in the fullest sense of the word. It was breathtaking.. and had left me speechless. (a small miracle if you ask some people) Truth be told, I never thought my photos of that forest did it justice; I felt so connected to that piece of the forest…. how could a lens possibly capture and convey that?

Go get yourself a copy, and check it out. There is page after page of inspiring photographs, words, and journal entries that will leave you feeling a bit refreshed and ready to… well… just live. Not just make your way through a day — but ready to experience life. Living, truly living. Glorious!

I’ll leave you to go do that as I wrap myself in memories of Pittsburgh in the fall, the woods behind my parents home that were my very own Terabithia, playing our version of Pac-Man through paths in the leaves (remember that Heidi?), homecomings, bonfires, warm tea with Gramma and oh-so-much more.

So what if it’s Spring? It’s never too early to experience Autumn’s Enchantment.


15 Responses

  1. Many congratulations! Can’t wait to see.

  2. Congratulations, well deserved. And thanks for stopping by my blog! Best, Kim

  3. Congratulations. The photograph is absolutely a study in lights and darks, color, texture, space, depth, warmth. Well everything. It is truely just beautiful.

  4. Chrysti…this pic is beyond gorgeous. Big congrats! and Happy Easter :)

  5. Wow Chrysti…Love this, Just Beautiful! I know what you mean about feeling connected to certain photos, I too feel that……no one will know unless they are standing there looking at it with their own eyes. Although, with your capture here, we feel like we are right in the Enchanted Forest with you!
    Congrats again…..

  6. That is a truly stunning photograph. Congratulations on its publication.

  7. Many congratulations, Chrysti! I think you captured Autumn in all her wonderful glory – those colors are amazing, and the image has a fantastic dreamlike quality about it … congrats again!


  8. Breathtaking picture! The colors and the image are just perfect!! Congrats on the publication.

  9. hello kindred soul
    I actually found you by searching flickr photojournalism groups and clicked on your lighthouse image, followed the blog link in your profile and TA DA! here I am.
    I look forward to getting acquainted with your inspiring work.
    Best wishes

  10. Congratulations, it is a wonderful picture!

  11. This photo is beyond gorgeous. It’s ethereal! Absolutely incredible!

  12. I love your work. You really inspire me. Cambria

  13. Absolutely Fantastic!! I keep encouraging my daughter to submit her work there. Hopefully she’ll do it soon. It’s a great mag. Stop by my blog and you can check out her work! Happy Weekend!

  14. Gorgeous, this photo is transporting. You’ve sold me. I’m going to pick up my copy because I like seeing you in print almost as much as you ;)

  15. Absolutely lovely photography! You have an extremely good eye.

    Congratulations on publication; it’s great to see your hard work recognized and appreciated.

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