Join Me in California!


Breaking News!

The ink has barely dried – but i’ve crossed my t’s, dotted my i’s and i am positively, absolutely, t h r i l l e d to be joining the uber-talented Sally Jean Alexander, JoAnnA Piertotti, Missy Balance, Gina Gabriell, Lisa Kaus, DJ PettittBarbe Saint John, Deb Trotter, and Susan Tuttle as an instructor at the exciting ZNE ConvenZioNE in gorgeous Pleasanton, California this August!

ZNE ConvenZioNE Instructor

I am planning an exciting workshop, that I think just know you’ll LOVE! Of course, you are welcome to let me know what you think i should do too. True to form – All of my creative and talented students will go home with a plethora of goodies, treats, and supply delights too! However, the artsy goodness doesn’t end there -I will have a table stocked with supplies, kits, original art & prints at the Art, Paper & Pleasures vendor event! I am planning a special, secret surprise for those that come to my table and let me know they heard about it on my blog- stay tuned for details!

I am thrilled to be a part of this amazing event — or I wouldn’t fly cross country for it! Ha! I truly hope to meet many of you there – the kinship we have formed, is the most amazing benefit of all. Besides, I need to put some faces to your names!

This event will sell out fast! Early Bird Registration opens TODAY ~ register now and save $25-$50 off the General Registration fee + get first dibs on all workshops!

Go, register – Yes, that means YOU!

I am off to prepare for the artists table at The Tourettes Syndrome Association conference  in Historic Alexandria, VA this weekend! I hope to furnish more details tonight, or tomorrow – rushing now!

Arfully Yours, Chrysti

12 Responses

  1. wow congrats chrysti! i’m sure youll teach a fantastic workshop, this event sounds fun :)

  2. I’m so excited too!!!!

  3. OHMYGAWD Woman!!!! We get to MEET IN PERSON!!!!!
    I am stoked! SO excited!!!!! Double gonna ::THUD:: fall over in sheer delight! Am I SO DARN EXCITED! Did I say I was excited?

  4. That is fantastic Christi–congratulations!! I’m sure you will be wonderful and wish I could attend–your workshop is sure to be a big hit!
    Smiles, Karen

  5. Congratulations Chrysti! Your one artist that certainly deserves the honor!! Wish I could go…..
    I have been inspired by your work for some time now on Flickr and I am very glad that I was lucky enough to have crossed paths with you.
    Keep us posted and have fun in California!

  6. This is too cool Chrysti!, Iam hyoer thrilled for you too!!! I have family there (in Pleasanton)… wish I could make it. But keep teaching, I’ll get to one sometime!

  7. Chrysti…….that is such wonderful news. Big congrats! Wish I could be there to take a class from you but I live across the country in FL…..wahhhhhhh :) I know you will have fun and those are some lucky people to be able to take a class from you.

  8. I don’t know you but you were marked on a list that I had made as “important link” (a while back in the fall) so here I am, weeding through that list and I found your post here.

    I’m so excited for you and I wish I could come and visit and be a part of your experience there. (I live in New York state so I guess I won’t be there in CA anytime soon)

    Best wishes to you on your trip, your project and everything else.

    Wishing all a beautiful peaceful day.

  9. oh wowowowow congratulations Chrysti wish I was close by!!!

  10. I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all the lovely papers & textures you allow everyone to DL for free. This must have taken alot of time & effort. I wanted you to know that is has not gone unappreciated. Again, Thank You!

  11. Hey girl! Did you get my thing in the mail??? Thanks!

  12. Awesome news!!! I really wish I cold go to the event–if the sales fairies start visiting my Etsy shop, I might just consider it!! LOL

    Any hints on what you’ll be teaching? I’m sure whatever you decide, the class will be awesome!

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