Caption Me Contest! – Win an 11×14 matted Print!

 I took this cute photo last week on my trip to Washington D.C. at the National Zoo … I love all the humorous possibilities it holds, and decided to see what you thought too!

So here’s the deal & pesky rules:

1.) Caption It! Come up with a funny or cute short caption, or mini-story (paragraph or less) to  accompany this prairie dog who I think, appears to be going incognito with his handmade mustache.

2.) Place your caption on my flickr photo (preferred) or if you don’t have a flickr account, here on my blog. Putting it anywhere else gets you DQ’d. Ick. Who wants that?

3.) Do it by/through May 1st, 2008. As many captions as you want. Who am I to limit creativity?

4.) Spread the word! Let your friends, family, blog readers know and have a chance to enter too!

I’ll pick my favorite 3 and announce them on May 2nd, 2008! Additionally, all entries will be archived on my website, linking to the contestant’s flickr site or blog. What Fun! Who knows, maybe I’ll offer out more prizes too.. stay tuned.

Winners will receive/choose a fine art print of mine, matted & ready to fit in an 11×14 frame! Woot! I’ll try to make a set on flickr of the prints available, and post them here so you can see the choices.

So whatcha waitin’ for? Get Captioning!


19 Responses

  1. Hi Chrysti, I just came by to see if youre ok, lovely shot and he looks very cute and soft. I think hes wondering

    “should l glue, paint, weave or knit?”

    know thats what I do with every thing I pick up these days!!!!

    cant wait to see what every one says ~ take care Judy xx

  2. haaa, this pic is a hoot!!! Here’s mine:

    “Got floss”?

    heeeeeeeee. xoxo lia

  3. This is cute!
    First thought…

    “Hmm, what can I make with this?”


  4. “Hmmm….smells like…fresh roasted peanuts!”


    “Where’s the Atkin’s Diet when you need it…!”

  5. “I’m sure this string bikini will fit…I’m just big boned!”

  6. “yarn over, knit 2, pearl 2, increase…..or was it decrease?”

  7. “Oh oui, I love zee smell of new straw! Should I sleep on it or make a new chapeau?”

  8. First Come, First Served!!

    “No, Mr Sparrow this is NOT your future home, it’s my future craft project!! Now, step away from the straw and no one gets hurt!!!”

  9. I just finish it … that was so much fun to do.

    here is my contribution :
    angry chien de prairie

    I may do a second version if i HAVE ENOUGH TIME…..

  10. Hurray, !!!!!! I finally found you…where have you been?
    Gone… I couldn’t get you. I have needed you…
    Write, please

  11. hahaha… i love everyones ideas… so funny…. but i think i have it!

    “That’s it! That’s the last straw!”

  12. LOL–It’s awfully cute!

    “Knit one, purl two!”

    I just thought it looked like she was knitting!

  13. That was SO fun. I just posted a few on flicker!

  14. Hi Chrysti!

    What a cute critter! Here are my comments:

    1. OOOOO! Raffia! Just what I need to finish that ATC.

    2. How long is this straw? Will it make a nice necklace with the acorns I hid?

    3. If this is long enough I might be able to craft a belt.

    4. Hmmm. Should I weave this for the handle of the shoulder bag or not?

    Hope to meet you this weekend at the Handmade Market.


  15. “Shall we discuss this over a nice Chateau?”

    He’s such an elegant little man isn’t he?

    Brandie :)

  16. Fiber, that’s the key to weight loss.

  17. I love Feng Shui, but should should I put this in the “fame” quadrant, or maybe, “relationships?”

  18. Hmmm… smells like chicken, tastes like chicken… must be chicken!

  19. […] you think, for one moment… that stating May 2nd the winners of the Caption Me! Contest would be announced was a lie .. well.. err… you would be SO wrong. It was a typo, yes a typo. […]

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