Cover Girl, Contest & Cherished Surroundings


I think this is one of things I really, truly thought I had announced here… yet, somehow, I just hadn’t. (Dontcha just hate when that happens?)…

Despite my delay, I am extremely proud to announce that I was fortunate enough to have my photo chosen to be on the cover of the Summer 2008 Issue of Life Images magazine, and as if that’s not enough, I have yet another photograph inside the magazine !!!! If you haven’t already seen it, be sure to take a look!

I dunno. It makes me feel all fancy & stuff. Gotta frame that baby now.


I couldn’t resist taking the cliche shot of my cover on the newstands at Barnes & Noble. Doesn’t it just pop amidst the sea of magazines? That secretly thrilled me. Wish I hadn’t used my cellphone’s not-so-good cam though. Can you believe there was no red carpet laid out for me? Noone even know who I was. Sigh. The NERVE of some people! (kidding folks, really!)

I love how Life Images takes these tiny, little snippets of life — usually things we take for granted,or somehow deem insignificant… and makes them… well … a bit more noticeable.. you know, where the ordinary suddenly transforms into extraordinary. I kinda think that’s what life is all about.

With that thought — I’m holding another contest.

The winner will receive an 11″ x 14″ matted print of that pretty photo & a big ol’ pack of goodies to use in your art.

Your Mission? Should you choose to accept it…

To take a few minutes in the upcoming week and really, truly, try to breathe in the world around you. Try to choose surroundings you find yourself in frequently — see if you can’t spot something new to appreciate. Turn just a part of your otherwise ordinary day – and make it extraordinary! Bonus points if you take photos to capture the moment, create a journal entry around it, or write up a love list. I am challenging you to notice the things you usually pass by; the things you typically take for granted. We have so many gifts in this life — we could all stand to appreciate them a bit more. Don’t worry, I plan to do this myself – daily – this week too.

So, to qualify for the contest:

Blog about your experience trying this, and yes shamelessly link to me, promoting this contest too. If you don’t have a blog, now is a good time to start one!

– Come back to this post, and link to your post in the comments. I’ll be posting links & summaries of all your entries when I announce the winner; and announcing the story behind this photo then too.

– Do this no later then Monday, August 11th 2008.

Have fun with it!

I’m always amazed at the inspiration y’all provide me – thank you – each of you – for continuing to allow me that honor.

( yes, I have blogged 3 days in a row now… I think my groove just may be comin’ back on…)

33 Responses

  1. I’ll see what I can do :-)
    Congrats with the publication! The photo rocks!

  2. well done Chrysti, a wonderful achievement, its a beautiful picture and makes a great cover.

  3. Congratulations on your cover! That is a beautiful image and it looks so fancy up front on that rack! I miss being able to go to the bookstores and purchase things like that! I will try and get a copy and enter the contest!

  4. Ps..I FINALLY received my 1000 Artists Journals and saw your pages! WOW!

  5. How absolutely WONDERFUL!! SO EXCITED for YOU!! The Cover is BEAUTIFUL…WOW!!!

    I’ll have to look around while I’m out preparing the yard and such for Eduard..Joy and FUN! … NOT!

    Tell you what I do love are our banana plants…and I just posted photos this morning~~I think banana pods are BEAUTIFUL… So may just have to get a close up and blog on that. But for now you can see them here….

  6. Congratulations! And thanks for a great challange! Here is my contest entry:

    all the best,
    eBeth (Elizabeth Parsons)

  7. Congratulations to you! The photo is beautiful and I see why Somerset would want it to grace the cover!

    Here is my link entry for your contest-

    eBeth (Elizabeth Parsons)

  8. Congratulations on the cover. I’m gld to see my vote went to good use ;o) It really does draw the eye in the stack of magazines.

  9. Wow–congratulations on the cover of the magazine, you must just be thrilled to pieces!!! I’d buy several copies if it were :)

    I’m going to try to give your challenge a shot, I’d love to win but I think the whole idea and the process mentioned above about noticing the little things will be very impactful. It’s a good reminder for us all to do daily :)

  10. Congratulations Chrysti !! That is super! And the cover is outstanding. Well done girl!!
    Hugs SueAnn

  11. Congratulations, Chrysti, it’s breathtaking!!!

    C U at ZNE!!

  12. Wow Chrysti…absolutely yummiest photo. I can see why you wanted the red carpet! If I still worked at B&N in Austin I would make SURE you got front and center on one of the magazine end caps with flashing arrows. ;-)

    Great work girl!

    Oh and I would link you to my blog but I’m totally lame and haven’t even got one going yet. What a slacker I am!

  13. […] P.P.S. Today was a rather rough one for moi. I did however notice how pretty the rust on my antique hardware is in my bathroom; and I did rediscover the simple joys of my pets – how my Sophie’s neck twists just so, or how big Callie’s eyes get in excitement when she is pet, how Morgan just lives to make me happy, and the tender kisses my older dog Sadie gives. I found myself grateful for the simple joy a fine tipped pen brings me as well.. taking the time to focus on the simple pleasures, truly helped ease my otherwise foul mood a bit. Did you try find the extra-ordinary in the ordinary today? Be sure to look around, and enter my contest! […]

  14. Congratulations Chrysti! I have a subscription the SLife and read it thru not realizing it was your glorious photo on the cover. I’m so excited for you. Good job-Great work!
    Renee from Creative Souls.

  15. Amazing picture! Sending out major congratulations to you. Your photography is stunning and deserves to be highlighted this way. Great job!

  16. Me again :O) I’ve posted some pictures of things I love and a little journaling about them on my blog (yep…a closer look at the banana pod).

    THANKS for a FUN challenge, Chrysti!!

  17. Ok Chrysti, hopefully I will qualify for what I appreciate about the world around me. I’ve linked up to you so take a look.


  18. beautiful photos!

    the challenge is a great one, one I was happy to take!


    thanks for the reminder to remember the simple, wonderful things in life.

    Can’t wait to meet you in real life at the ZNE Convenzione!


    Hi I blogged my love list…..thanks for the reminder….and I may have done this twice! thanks!

  21. girl, you are on a roll!!! ;)

    looooove the cell phone photo of the magazine rack!!! what a thrill that must have been to see your work on the front page ;) it deserved to be front page for sure!!!

    congrats again my dear!!

    xo ~Bella

  22. Wow, love it. just a new artist within the last year, but know it’s been with me since childhood. great work I guess I’ve been in dark ages. my daughter is a wonderful photographer. love the pages…. congrates!!!!!!!! great work!

  23. Congratulations on the cover. I AGREE – your picture definitely pops with its beauty, the colours. Thanks for showing us how it looks on the stand.

    And your contest came to my attention immediately. I didn’t take much time with words but shared some photos and just a small something which is part of my love list.

    my link is here:

  24. Hey congratulations on the cover!! I’m so excited for you!! And it’s so beautiful!! I’ll have to look for it at work so I can buy it!!

    Oh and here’s my entry! I had some fun with it….and I TOOK LOTS of pic’s!! Now I’ve noticed I need to dust! YIKES!!

    Here’s the link:

    And for some reason….Internet Explorer is messing up my blog and chopping all the words off on the right hand side of the page. IDK if this problem is for eveyone or just on my computer….but it looks just fine in Firefox. So if you want to be able to read the whole thing without any problems I recommend viewing it with Firefox.

    HAVE fun in Cali with Chel and all of the other ZNE friends we have !!

    HUGS!! Krissy

  25. MMMM… first comment hasn’t shown up. Not sure why so I’ll try this again.

    I’m wanted to congratulate you on such a beautiful job!! And to get picked for the cover…what an honor. You continue to inspire me to not give up on my dream of being published and you can read about that a bit in my blog response to this little contest you’re having here.

    Here’s the link to the post:

    I made a love list too…back when you orginally blogged about that. I just haven’t put it up on my blog yet. I want to do that too….soooon….but my camera was dying and it’s sitting on the charger as I type! I’ll send you a note when I finally get that up!

    Have fun in Cali with all of the ZNE gals!! Wish I was there with you all!

    HUGS, Krissy

  26. One more try, just in case….dunno why my other 2 comments have not shown up here…but just so you know I commented back on your blog entry on MySpace about this too!
    HUGS, Krissy

  27. WOW…it worked…so before it doesn’t work again…

    Here’s the link to my blog response to the contest:

    HUGS, Krissy

  28. OH and Chrysti, please view my blog in Firefox if you can. For some reason it’s freaking out in Internet Explorer lately.
    THANKS! Krissy

  29. My entry in here
    congratulations on your cover page! This is awesome.
    Just an exciting feeling for you, I am sure.

  30. pfff… I am done with my Love List :-)

    It was actually much harder to do than I thought… but I am glad I did it in the end.. I guess practice makes perfect… should make a list like that more often :-)

    The “catch” to not include “a single person you know on your list”was also what made it harder, but I liked it.

    Fun contest!

  31. […] I can text updates & cell phone pics there. When I return, I’ll announce the winner of the contest – and am extending entries on it til I get back as well….so be sure to […]

  32. […] accepting entries in the contest too — will announce winners early next […]

  33. Wonderful idea Chrysti!! CONGRATS on the cover shot!! Here’s my post:… HUGS!

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