One, Quick Question – Please Answer!


If you were a food… what food would you be and why?

Extra Credit: If you were a beverage, which one would you be & why?

Just in the mood to get to know my long, lost readers again! Won’t you leave me a comment witht he answer?  Yes, I’m phasing my way back to the blogosphere slowly…

Warmly,  Chrysti

30 Responses

  1. Honey – because it’s sticky and sweet :-)

  2. Hi. I think perpaps I might be one of those bags of little candies where some are sweet and some explode in your mouth LOL. As a drink – well I like gin a lot, but perpahs I am more of a fruit punch.

  3. Pizza – then everyone would love me. Wow, does that sound needy or what?! lol

    Orange juice – so I could help keep everyone healthy.

  4. Ohhh good questions, for food perhaps I would say mashed potatoes–common, comforting, and familiar–but with just a few simple ingredients, I can become something altogether different and quite fancy & entertaining. Beverage–I am definitely coffee, I can go and go and go and go until I reach the end of my 12 cup maker, but within minutes, I’ll be revived and refueled with a fresh pot of energy.

  5. Hey, there you are again! yay!
    Hmmm… not sure what food or drink I would be, but thinking about it is making me hungry :). I may have to get back to you on this… time for some coffee…..

  6. Hmmmm… if I were a food, maybe I’d be a calzone: quiet on the outside, bursting with flavors on the inside.

    Or if I were a beverage, I’d be a cinnamon dolce latte… sweet and spicy at the same time, with hidden caffeine to keep everyone awake.

  7. I think I am a pizza too – made up of a variety of elements with lots to share around. As a beverage I would have to be cranberry juice – sour but wholesome, LOL :o)

  8. plum, bourbon and water with cubes

  9. Food: Fudge (dense, plain looking…but yum!)
    Beverage: Milk (basic beginner nourishment)

  10. A fresh, homemade chocolate cupcake with creamy chocolate icing. I’m a warm, fresh, inviting, smooth and irresistible creation.

    A glass of white wine. I’m also a bit intoxicating.

    Love your art, your blog.

  11. A Popsicle – because it’s cool and refreshing! (And maybe cuz I’m craving one right now…)

    Root beer. Because it’s my favorite! :)

  12. food: cheese…sharp upstate NY cheddar, because that’s where I grew up and my grandparents had a dairy farm. and it is fattening and full of cholesterol and BAD and I love it. drink: coke. also because it is BAD but fun, bubbly and sweet. hmmmm…what does this mean, dr. freud? these were the first things that came to mind, gut reactions, I didn’t overthink it or I would have said tofu and green tea…what I really should (and often do) eat.

  13. I think I would be an Enchilada; Inside is a surprise, (You can fill it with a variety of things) all wrapped up in a protective outer shell (tortilla) that is softened by a mildly “saucy” exterior (enchilada sauce), arranged creatively in a casserole dish and topped with a variety (loving many forms of art), of delicious toppings that all have different characteristics, like gooey cheese, spicy salsa, colorful guacamole, white, smooth and creamy sour cream, and green oinions (strong in the area of passion, yet mild in stature)! My drink would have to be beer (only can handle one!) simply because I like it with Mexican food!

  14. a bowl of cereal….flaky and some nuts!! :)

  15. Hmmm…I think I would be Osso Bucco. Sort of messy on the outside; but tender, comforting and interesting on the inside.

    As for a beverage – well, I would like to think of myself as a Gin and Tonic; tart, cool, sophisticated, and intoxicating! Unfortunately, I think I’m really a triple grande latte with one sugar – bitter, with an edge of sweetness and a lot of filler.

  16. a drink? i’m definitely something caffeinated …. highly caffeinated ….
    and food? i’d like to be a party food …. something fun and messy…. maybe nachos …. or a plate of chicken wings …..

  17. The first thing that came to mind was papaya, strawberry papaya. One that is nice and orange with that beautiful tangerine colored flesh. Papaya isn’t the prettiest of fruits but it has great rewards on the inside!
    Beverage…sun ice tea. That one is easy. Good things come to those who wait…

  18. don’t know about the food, but it’s surprising that I haven’t already turned into jasmine green tea (iced)–I already bleed it when cut, so it won’t be long now . . .


  19. oooh! good questions! i’m picking a chocolate covered pretzel. it is sweet. it is salty. it is twisted. it is also one entirely different thing covered in something else. for what that’s worth. and i’d be maker’s mark bourbon, if i were a drink, because i’m from kentucky, land of bourbon. or tangerine scream because i adore the tartness of fresh squeezed tangerine juice.

  20. French Silk Pie. No further explanation needed!

  21. I’d definitely be cheese. Most people love me but some people just don’t get it !!

    And to drink – red wine, cabernet Sauvignon specifically – again – you either like it or you don’t!

  22. I would have to say Dark Chocolate… the good stuff. Beverage… Definitely Coffee… I seem to have a lot of energy… (with the help of coffee… lol )

    love to see you back!


  23. Food: Chocolate cake! Decadent!

    Drink: Heineken~I love to enjoy a few at the end of my day!

    Fun questions Chrysti! :)) KP

  24. If I were a food I would be nice slice of strawberry rhubarb pie. A bit sweet. A bit tart. Definitely comfort food.

    A drink…sipping chocolate. Spicy and subtle. :)

  25. Dagoba organic spicy chocolate

    Coca-cola – the real thing!

  26. Ummmm, I’d be chocolate, because just about everybody likes it.
    How about a Chocolate Shake too! Its aways Rich & Smooth.
    XX Deb

  27. Definately SunChips – cheese flavored!
    BTW; I dropped you an award here.
    Feel free to do the meme or not; just wanted to send a little traffic your direction. :)

  28. Popcorn, plain, can be a healthy snack, but can also be loaded with butter and other emotional toxins.

  29. If I was a food I’d like to be some Chinese food, any Chinese food really, ’cause I adore it (even if I am Italian and we are supposed to have the best food in the world or we think so anyway). And I’d like to be an ocean of cold beer.

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