Finish this sentence …

“Blessed are the curious for they shall have adventures.”
~ Lovelle Drachman 

I thouroughly enjoyed all the creative responses to the last seemingly silly question I asked y’all… your responses continue to brighten my day, and let me sides of y’all i wouldn’t normally be exposed to…

 … i love that. Love, Love, Love it.

This time, I’m simply asking you to finish this sentence…

Somewhere, someone is _______________________ ..

Easy, Peasy eh?

Looking forward to your responses…



28 Responses

  1. …enjoying the good feelings that come from watching happy kids sleep.

  2. missing me…even if they don’t realize it right now.

  3. …..dreaming of good things to come.

  4. …waiting to be discovered :)

  5. … standing on their head to make a masterpiece.

  6. reading your blog and tweets and viewing your pictures on flickr and saying, “WOW, Chrysti is one gifted artist!”

  7. dreaming of Johnny Depp…and that beautiful, beautiful face!

  8. is hoping and dreaming… for me…while I go through the dark.

  9. someone working diligently for a cure to cancer…

    someone is contemplating our universe and it’s vast possibilities…

    someone is singing loudly to Collective Soul… because she is alone and no one can hear her… (not me, honest it isn’t)

  10. …wishing they had your hair. :)

  11. wishing and hoping to be discovered!!

  12. …taking a deep breath and starting again! hopeful and with a faint smile and a touch of braveness in her heart.

  13. …eating chocolate.

  14. staring at the ceiling and wishing it wasn’t 4:10 a.m. after sleep skipped elusively around their bed

  15. …falling in love.

  16. wishing he had never lt me go.

  17. struggling. So be kind.

  18. coloring outside the lines.

  19. … Longing to be loved, understood, helped, and listened to; if only you would share the gift of the gospel with them.

  20. living outside the box.

  21. … colouring in life using all 64 crayons in their box!

  22. taking the first step to getting their health back in order.

  23. thinking of me, with a smile.

  24. being born to do great things…..

  25. …is glad she is getting to know Chrysti better and can’t believe it took her this long to realize what a kind person she is!

  26. dancing as though there’s no tomorrow

  27. …finishing this sentence.

  28. Missing someone dear to them that has passed away.

    Your give aways is a great idea—I posted your link onmy blog–In On My Paws! over at blogspot.

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