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The Final Mystery

(That self-portrait is a clue folks!)

….. an interview with the fabulous Cate Coulacos Prato, author of Mixed-Media Self Portraits, Features editor extraordinaire of Quilting Arts Magazine & Cloth, Paper, Scissors Magazine as well as the editor of Cloth, Paper, Scissors, Studios Magazine (we’ll talk about that in another post…) and one of the infamous Quilting Arts Go-Go Dancers (ya gotta see that video)! She’s also a mother, wife, flea market connoisseur…hmmm… this is really beginning to sound like a personals ad. Sorry Cate’s hubby!

As I mentioned before ( here & here ) I was fortunate enough to be a part of this seriously amazing book (something I really don’t say lightly) and obviously jumped at the chance to be a part of Cate’s Blog tour. Kelly Rae Roberts, ArtGirlz, Studio 490, Random Arts, Janeville, & Cheryl Prater  are some of the folks who have also taken stops along the blogosphere.

Besides, who else but moi – would tackle those ultra-important, pressing questions – like what’s in your fridge? I had to participate; if merely to stand up for those of us who are far too curious and secretly peek inside people’s cabinets and fridges. (I totally just lost dinner invites now eh?)

If you haven’t figured out today’s giveaway yet, read on. Even if you’re suspicious – you’ll need to , since we’re making you work a lil’ for this one! Plus – Cate shares some tips on getting published, getting past ‘blocks’ and more – I think the information and insight alone is a ‘giveaway’ to us all!

In case it needs to be said -the bold questions are all from lil’ ol’ me, and the responses in the reddish-brown are Cate’s. Not that I think anyone didn’t get that, just ya know… making sure.

Mixed-Media Self-Portraits was an ingenious topic for a book (I’m still mad I didn’t think of it first!), and had never been done before. What inspired you take on this fascinating project?

First, the 2005 Creative Self-Portrait Challenge in Quilting Arts Magazine. We got hundreds of responses—funny, poignant, beautiful, strange. It was wonderful. Then, blogging became a thing, and the weekly Self-portrait Challenge tookoff among artists and we thought it was the right time for this book.

One thing that really struck home with me when reading this masterpiece (particularly pages  92-99 *cough* ) is how it really is an exploration of self, creative journey (like Donna Anderson’s piece)and the effects that has on all different facets of our lives. The glimpses into the contributor’s souls are so present within these pages – What did you discover about yourself through the creation of this book?

About myself? I discovered that writing a book is hard work! And that as self-centered as I am, when it came to do my own self-portrait, I went through all the stages the contributing artists went through: Denial, bashfulness, indecision, hand-wringing, cringing, and finally, acceptance and enjoyment.

 Just because I enjoy a good random question: what would we find in your refrigerator right now?

Milk, mayo, sliced turkey, about 8 containers that read “cottage cheese” or “cream cheese” but actually have various leftovers in them, a drawer full of vegetables waiting to be made into minestrone, and a single piece of strawberry rhubarb pie (unless my teenager ate it last night).

Mixed-Media Self Portraits has an amazing array of creative prompts and exercises to jumpstart folks when they are feeling ‘blocked’ or otherwise just need a fresh perspective. What rituals do you have when creating? (and yes, writing IS creating.) How do you get the words to flow when you feel stumped?

I get up and move around. Do something mindless like taking a walk or even just putter around the house doing random chores I would otherwise not do. Whatever is the opposite of sitting in front of the computer, so long as it’s not reading or watching TV. When I move and think about something else, the words start to move around in my mind, first aimlessly, then they start to glomtogether, swirl around, and take shape. Then I race to the keyboard to get it down before the words evaporate. When I start to get on a roll and in the zone, the writing just flows. But if I get stuck at that point, it usually means a trip to the kitchen for a snack, preferably something that I can keep popping into my mouth, like popcorn or raw baby carrots or–OK, ya got me—chocolate-covered peanuts. Somehow, that slight distraction jars me off the “stuck” track and gets the thoughts flowing again.

Aside from how amazingly inspired and original pages 92-99 are, what do you most hope readers  will gain from this book?

Well, I’ve always been into self-help and self-discovery, so aside from the practical aspects of the art techniques and forms, I hope that readers will use the exercises and the process of making self-portraits to learn something about themselves.

I love the creative fearlessness this inspires – was it at all scary opening yourself up and going through this process? Do you have any irrational fears? (I’m afraid of fans. And of whatever might lurk deep inside the dark mailbox. Someone really needs to invent a mailbox light. Seriously, sumthin’ could bite one’s hand off in there! ) Oh – back to you- Irrational fears? Process Scary?

Well, here’s the funny thing. In people’s reaction to the book I detect an irrational fear of being self-centered. “Who me? A self-portrait? What would people think?” Like that. But, you know, you don’t have to show anybody. It can be just for you. Plus, isn’t art a form of self-expression? So what’s so different about making a self-portrait? As for me, I have an irrational fear of vacuuming at night. Someone might sneak up behind me. Really. I only vacuum during the daylight hours.

Speaking of scary. The piece featured on page 95 is rumored to have scared a child. What was your reaction upon seeing it?

Well, by the time I saw the mask that appears on page 95, I knew what to expect. I had already seen the one on page 93, and I have to say, I was a little taken aback when it emerged from its obsessively packaged cocoon. The red and black? Hmmm. But it grew on me, once I really looked at it and saw all the layers and the writing. I especially like the view of it partially open. I think it’s one of my favorite images in the book.

Sidenote from Chrysti: Actually, I couldn’t stand the red & black. I had envisioned the frame as an integrated part of the piece, but time & deadlines didn’t permit it. I had planned to alter it, once it was returned — and then I liked it. Weird how that works!

Why are manhole covers round?

I have an answer, but I don’t think you can print it.

One of the most frequent questions my blog readers ask me – is how to get published. What advice can you offer people who want to shamelessly promote their own pages 92-99? (Aside from having it done yesterday – ha.)

Just put yourself out there. We are always looking for fresh art, new techniques, or new results from old techniques. The worst that happens is that we’ll say “no.” If so, don’t take it personally. It doesn’t mean your art is bad. It may mean the editor has already planned a similar piece. We work months in advance. If we say keep in touch, or we want to see more, we mean it. Keep trying. This idea or piece of art might not work, but the next one might.

One thing I will say is, a lot of people get stuck in the trap of thinking, “Well, they just ran a piece on how to make gelatin prints, so I’ll send them MY gelatin prints—they’re just as good.” As a former freelancer, I’ve fallen into that trap myself. The reality is, if we just ran something like it, we probably aren’t going to want to do it again for a while. However, if you’ve got a fresh twist on the technique or your prints look like no one else’s, bring it on.

Another barrier I should bring up: bad pictures. The most beautiful, insightful, earth-shattering art in the world is not going to get noticed or accepted if you present it in photographs that are out of focus, too dark, too light, or the image is obscured by the glare of a flashbulb. If you can’t take good pictures or don’t have a good camera, find a friend who can and does.

Otherwise, blog, network, do swaps, send stuff to publishers. And if you have an idea for a book—don’t sit on it. Media moves too fast these days. Chrysti’s Note: Submission Guidelines are here!

Is it true you are giving away a SIGNED copy of this book to one of my lucky readers? Why wasn’t my copy signed? I think you should make them work for it and have them answer a question to enter – so shoot – what question would you most like to see responses to?

This is true! (Yours wasn’t signed because it came directly from the publisher; sorry!) I like the “work for it” concept. My question is: What’s stopping you from buying my book? Just kidding! Actually, my question is: What’s stopping you from making a self-portrait?

So there ya have it my friends. To enter today’s giveaway –

  • Leave a comment on this post, answering Cate’s question: “What’s stopping you from making a self-portrait?”
  • If nothing is stopping you from making a self portrait then answer one of these 2 questions: What is stopping you from purchasing this fabulous book? or Why are manhole covers round?
  • Do this by: Tuesday, December 9th. Winner will be announced then!

If you already have the book, enter anyway — this copy will be signed. Besides, that extra copy may just make a good giveaway of your own this holiday season! I love when people pass on the kindness – it may just be the one thing, we can’t over-indulge in.

I also thought Cate’s question “What’s stopping you from making a self-portrait?” is an interesting blogpost all it’s own. So, if you are inclined – go more in depth with it on your blog – and leave the link in the comments as your response. What fun!

Next week, the behind the scenes peeks I promised you, and my thoughts will be put up here in conjunction with another giveaway .. so stay tuned. And, it’s not too late too spread the word about the 29 days of giveaways, or enter to win the $100.00 Gift Certificate! Just read here, and comment there to enter.

Chrysti …….. who is feeling extremely blessed, touched, and inspired by each of you today.

148 Responses

  1. Manhole covers are round because women refuse to be categorized into geometric shapes. And we generally don’t traipse about in sewers. But we SEW….

    Ha! I digress…

    I have the book, and am making a self portrait. I don’t have a SIGNED book, though….

    Bright skies and warm winds to you!


  2. hmmm… what is stopping me from making a self portrait???
    never thought about it really, i spend so much time making stuff, you would think i would take the time to do something for or about myself.

    maybe it’s time for a little self reflection. ack.

    and why haven’t i bought this book? i haven’t been working… new baby… and extra money doesn’t live here anymore:) not to mention the luxury of sleeping through the night. haha.

  3. I was going to comment that what stops me from making a self portrait (aside from the obvious “I can’t!”) is that I have an aversion to my own appearance. To look at myself and to really see… that would be so hard.

    But I think that there is another truth – and that is tied to the “I can’t” and it’s far too long to detail here but briefly (deep breath): I drew a self-portrait when I was a young teen. I had never developed any artistic skills and was attempting to teach myself. I was proud of what I had done and I showed it to the female parental unit and asked her what she thought of it. She was rather acid about it and said “I think that you have flattered yourself somewhat.” In a fell swoop teaching me that I was both unpleasant to look at and untalented at art. That was 42 years ago and I am only now trying to break out of that early conditioning. I’m trying the art – but looking at myself and accepting me as me – is still far too difficult a thing to do.

    This was difficult to write. It may not make sense.

  4. “What’s stopping you from making a self-portrait?”
    ~~ I’m really not good in drawing. But, I’m really want to start up. I think I’ll set it as one of my resolution for year 2009.

    What is stopping you from purchasing this fabulous book?
    ~~ It’s not available in my local book store (Malaysia)

    Thanks for Day 1/29 giveaway.

    Wish you all the best !

    Lay Hoon

  5. demiurge’s response broke my heart. It is so sad that so many women have self-esteem issues, myself included.

    When I was younger (and thin) I didn’t worry much about how I looked. But I started gaining weight in my twenties while my husband lstarted to lose his. He would get compliments from everyone, my family especially, about how good he looked. They would either ignore me altogether or say something to “encourage” me to “not be so fat”. It all just hit me one day when I was looking in the mirror that suddenly I wasn’t able to look in the mirror and see how pretty my eyes were. Suddenly I was only seeing how “fat” I was.

    I guess I don’t usually do self-portraits because I don’t like looking at myself. I could say its because I can’t draw but that’s not that much of an excuse because self-portraits can be done a zillion different ways, photography included. I have taken a few photographs of myself in the past and am now inspired to try to do more along those lines- to try to see more than the negative in my face.

    Thanks for making me think about this!

  6. whats stopping me from making a self portrait?
    my hubby. :)
    he draws VERY WELL…. but i like the idea of doing a blog post about this so i am going to try a self portrait.

  7. What’s stopping me from making a self-portrait?

    That’s easy. I’m suffering from the “I’m-not-really-an-artist” syndrome. A scrapbooker? Sure. An art journaler? Working on it. Cardmaker? Why not? General crafty smarty-pants? Oh yeah! Lover of quirky combinations and materials? For sure! Artist? uhhhhhh…. how do you define artist?

    I know it’s silly, and from what I’ve read and heard, it’s unusual for any artist to have escaped this syndrome. So, I need to get over it and do it already.

    Excellent post, interview, and giveaway! Thanks for it all!

  8. what’s stopping me from making a self-portrait? hmm, i did too many in junior high. i consider some of my art to be self-portraits, even if it’s not obvious that a face or person is in the art; it’s still a reflection of me or what is going on inside me…

  9. What’s stopping me? Well, if you count photographs, nothing. I am rife with self-portrait photographs from a few years ago. But drawing? I lost the artist within myself (drawing ability) ages ago.

    Why is a manhole cover round? Apparently, it’s because squares and others can be maneuvered in such a way as to have the cover fall into the manhole.

    That’s the most oft-given answer, anyway.

    Happy 3rd of December!

  10. just recently I started dancing around the idea of doing a self-portrait. I need to win this book to help get me going. LOL! Seriously, I’m working on one of my grandma & just this week it occurred to me to do a triptych, so next will be my mom, & then me.

  11. Oh, I do love this book! What’s stopping me??? Time! With less than 3 weeks to go, and 75 6th graders to teach….I’m bushed! But, I have done a few “quick ones” and there are several ideas in the book earmarked for xmas vacation!

  12. What’s stopping me from making a self portrait?
    I don’t like what i see.

  13. Mmmmm. Maybe I’ll do a portrait of my foot. (It’s still fairly skinny.)

  14. Nothing is stopping me from making a self-portrait. I have made a few before. What is stopping me from making one at this exact moment is the fact that I have to teach a class this evening… What is stopping me from buying the book is budgetary constraints combined with a very overcrowded bookshelf! I can, however, tell you why manhole covers are round: It’s because the cover needs to fit the manhole opening, which is round. :D

  15. What’s stopping me from doing a self portrait? Well, the very word “portrait” is sooooo formal…and I instantly think of *painting*. I can see from the cover of this wonderful book that I’ve been thinking TOTALLY INSIDE the box. :(

    Also,having no formal art background, I’ve always thought “I can’t draw” “I can’t paint”. BUT…I would like to. So recently I took an online workshop and did my very first *painted* portrait!

    I should check out this book! With its inspiration I can get OUT OF the box and nudged down the road in the right direction.
    aka LuniLadi

  16. MMM what’s stopping me from making a self portrait?

    I don’t think i would enjoy that experience, and I firmly believe that someone else’s view would be far better than my own. It’s a little like trying on clothes because sometimes someone else’s version of what you look like is more truthful than your own!
    But having said that.. i am starting an r/l class of creative art very soon, so who know’s maybe sooner than I imagine there will be a drawing of me somewhere…grin.

  17. I int know why I havent tryed this . I guess i wouldnt know where to start for 1 and right now its a time thing. maybe after the hoildays . good question !

  18. Hmm – what’s stopping me from creating a self portrait? Simple – I can’t decide, do I create a portrait of what I see in the mirror or of what I feel in my heart? Do I focus on the physical aspects of my being or the spirit underneath?
    These 2 are so conflicting, that it’s almost impossible to create a portrait that would reflect ‘self’. Having said that I know what I would have to create to make this – it would be like 2 sides of a coin – 1 the external mask, the other the internal spirit. Perhaps this is something I should attempt in the near future… hmm I sense a project!

  19. “What’s stopping you from making a self-portrait?”
    I just don’t think I am at a point in my art that I could tackle that one very well. I have done one self-portrait, although I didn’t entitle it as such…it was how I saw myself at 18. *shrug* The more I learn, maybe I will tackle this one again…of me at this age.

    Oh and “Why are manhole covers round?” They have to be, manholes are round so the covers have to fit the holes, right? LOL Seriously, it’s because any other shape would allow the cover to slip into the hole, circular is the only shape that can avoid that from happening.

    Now…pick me, pick me! *grin*

    Peace & Love,

  20. I have been fascinated with self-portraiture this past year and have been experimenting with self-portrait photographs and mixed-media paintings. I find them to be a wonderful window into the self — a prompt for introspection. I would love to own this book to help me delve deeper into the process, and see what other artists do to explore this arena.


  21. Nothing is stopping me from making a self portrait; actually my avatar is a self-portrait. Surprisingly, the adults in my family didn’t realize it was supposed to be me, but both my 5 year old granddaughters (first cousins) recognized it as me immediately. I don’t what that means, but I found it very interesting.

    Why are manholes round? Because the hole they fit into in the ground are round. HA HA

  22. Nothing. I just have not got around to it yet.

  23. I guess two things are stopping me from doing a self-portrait… First I don’t think that I can draw and second I am not really fond of looking at myself. Sounds kind of pathetic, I realize, but I’m being truthful here. At least at 54, I’m truthful with myself even if I haven’t dealt with all of my issues.

  24. Snort! Talent!

  25. I’ve just started an art journal a few months ago and since I’ve been reading everything I can get my hands on about them I have run across the topic of self portraits. I don’t think this is something I would do unless my life was on the line LOL. I’m one of those people who hate their photo to be taken. Probably has something to do with my self image.

  26. I’ve only just begun exploring my artistic side in the last year or so. Always seeing myself as one of those people who didn’t have enough creativity for art – any kind of art, period. A self portrait? I can’t even stand a photo that someone else took! Seeing the images on the cover of this book intrigue me and look to be something that I may want to adventure into at some point. I keep reminding myself that any art belongs to the artist alone – there will always be those that like and dislike it. Same goes for a self image – it can contain all the things you know are really there. I never could draw or paint but would love to and really should try… I think this book will be on my Santa list!

  27. I don’t think I ever thought of doing a self potrait. maybe I will and put it on my blog. I guess I really don’t know how to draw for real pictures . since I’m a doll person everyone looks like dolls. I would just look like a doll. I don’t know what that says about me, I’m Just crazy about dolls. The book sounds awesome I have reached dry spells at times and felt like nothing was happening and missed those times of joyous creation. I would like to be that way all the time. Money keeps me from buying books I want, sometimes it is very frustrating. Man hole covers are round so that they are easier to fit back in after their taken off, cause there really really heavy.
    Brenda Moss

  28. Now that I’ve learned about mixed-media self-portraits, nothing will stop me from trying my hand in it. What’s stopping me from purchasing my own copy? I am putting it on my Amazon wishlist so just maybe I’ll be receiving a copy of my own for christmas. If not, then I most certainly will be buying my own for myself! And, for extra credit, manholes are round ’cause if they were square they might fall into the hole, as a square one might if inserted diagonally (thanks wikipedia!!).

    xoxo Serena

  29. Love Cates book. have it. unsigned. carving a self portrait rubber stamp. don’t ponder much about manhole covers anymore ever since my son outgrew Ninja Turtles! CHRYSTI…you ROCK!

  30. What’s stopping me from making a self portrait?
    Never even thought about it. But now I will, will have to check out the book!

  31. Interesting consideration… her book has been on my wish list and I’ve had it pegged at Random Arts, a favorite spot.
    I don’t draw well but have been practicing faces (and birds:) because I get tired of looking for photos and want the freedom to generate yet another layer.
    The self esteem issue would be an obvious factor; however, unless we are highly skilled at portraits it isn’t going to come close to a full frame digital photo taken under fluorescent lighting:). Mine would likely look like an older child’s art, maybe more abstract.
    These are the reasons I should probably have this book, to explore all the ways of interpreting the self without working at being so literal… this just may be my next blog post.
    sorry for the wordiness!

  32. What’s stopping me from making a self-portrait? I am too scared it will really look like me – LOL! I have never seriously thought of it but may give it a try in the new year.

  33. I HAVE done a self-portrait and it sucked, I have NOT purchased this book because I have a very limited budget… (my reading material comes from the Public Library). Manholes are round because they represent the “Circle of Life” and the reason we are here.

  34. blogged about self portraits and the 29 days giveaways.

    What a great question, and I’ve now added the book to my Christmas list.

    Thanks Chrysti and Cate!

    Wasn’t but now is, Self Portrait Artist..:)

  35. I haven’t had the urge for a self portrait, but you have definitely peaked my interest – and I totally identify with some of the comments about what a wrenching exercise it would be. That could be a good thing!

    Manhole covers I get totally – for ease of use by those who must!

    I hope the rest of the 29 days will be this stimulating.

  36. This is so funny, I just did a self-portrait the other day and was thinking that I need to do more of those (I photo myself all of the time! That sounded stranger than I meant…). Anyway, that means I’ll need to answer the man-hole cover question:

    Man-holes/covers need to be round, else the lid would fall in. A square cover could be tipped end-to-end and fit corner to corner through the hole. Now, those lids are really heavy. So, it would hurt a little bit to get nailed by one of those things…wouldn’t take long to figure out that the round one was the way to go — if you survived the hit from the square one, that is.

  37. Procrastination plain and simple.
    Lisa C

  38. Yikes! I can barely imagine focusing my attention on any one person, but the mere thought of looking at myself as a subject is terrifying.

  39. Okay, so, full disclosure: I’ve had this window open in my browser since before noon (it’s now 8:30pm) and been percolating on my answer to “What’s stopping you from making a self portrait?

    My first reaction (“I’m just not pretty”) felt kind of attention seeking, while my intention was to answer the question honestly. & in thinking on this for the better part of a day, I think I’ve had the breakthrough epiphany that will get me into the studio to make that self portrait.

    There’s a “me” that lives in my head, who I project out into the world so others can know her. It’s just when she gets in front of the camera, the woman captured into the photos isn’t as vibrant, gorgeous, and alluring as I feel on the inside. In the song “Evolve,” Ani Difranco sings:

    i got more and more to do
    i got less and less to prove
    it took me too long to realize
    that i don’t take good pictures
    cuz i have the kind of beauty
    that moves

    [all lyrics]

    I guess I’ve long associated portraiture (and, by extension, self portraits) with photography and realistic painting, but having today acknowledged the I’m-not-pretty fears and gone back to look at the cover of this book, I realize my limitation has been in my thinking–a self portrait can actually be an opportunity to not dwell on the reality exposed under fluorescent lights, but to instead celebrate the “me” I wish to project, to make her, in this one small way, physical.

    Thanks for your question, which finally prodded me to this epiphany and got me excited by the idea of doing a self portrait, Chrysti!

  40. What is stopping me from buying the book? I just had a baby, my husband just went back to college, and I’ve been Christmas shopping!

    I am actually going to post on my blog about what is stopping me from making a self portrait- and then hopefully, I will make one

  41. Gosh, the comments are just as thought provoking as the question itself. I can so relate to some of the reasons for no self portrait like Rita has said or Demiurge has felt. When I look in the mirror I am actually shocked at what I see… it just isn’t the me that I remember being! Of all the things to draw or “art” about a self portrait wouldn’t be the first on my list. But I think if you go deeper than skin deep and draw/art about what’s inside of you and what you’re about then you would have a really TRUE self portrait and you wouldn’t even have to look in the mirror. I think I shall take my own advise and give it a try!

  42. Good question. I’m giving my first steps in drawing and I have put myself a barrier(unconsciously), the drawing must be perfect (like a photo). I know that a self portrait is how you see yourself, maybe with a little motivation I could give it a try.

  43. Why are manhole covers round….Maybe because human bodies are cylindrical like? I am thinking there is no particular reason other than, what a great question, and how fun it is to read the various responses.

    Self-portrait…..for the past couple of years I have been thinking about taking a sepia nude photo of myself sitting…not really showing a lot of detail….make it appear vintage, as if it looks like it has gone through time, and use it as a transparency to layover old-patina ephemera. I am fast approaching my mid-50s and I find the changes in my body and the way I look as age progresses is fascinating.

  44. Hi Chrysti,
    The above article is very interesting, thanks for including it for us to read. I haven’t seen the book but am very interested in finding it.
    The self portrait idea. Here is what happened to me. When I took a human figure drawing class a few years ago sooner or later all of the female models looked similar to me. Meaning I couldn’t not put myself into what I was drawing. I am not a figure person but a landscape person, even the landscapes look like me in some way. I know you will think this is crazy.

  45. Wow–great question!

    What’s stopping me from making a self portrait?

    Nothing, now! I just never thought of doing it before…

    *runs off to gather supplies and squeels with glee at the excitement of something new*

  46. Never even thought of it…I started taking an online class but got frozen shoulders (Literaly could not move either arm for almost 7 weeks) and have not been back on to finish but am planning to do it after the I will have to put this on my to do list after Jan. 1st…but maybe in a different way with college than with drawing as I am not very good at drawing but can be creative with other ways of making a portrait…thanks for making me think of this! hugs and prayers, cheryl

  47. I have done one painting of myself, copying a photo. The photo didn’t look like the usual me (it was a Glamour Shots photo) and neither does the painting. Neither reflected the true me. Like someone else said, the person I think I am and think I look like is not the one I see in the mirror. I don’t have the drawing skills, either.
    I have not seen this book but would be interested.

    Manhole covers:
    Here is my theory: there are two types of people- people who like square things and people who like round things. Manhole covers are round to balance the square shapes of buildings and windows.

  48. This is a really good question! Definitely worthy of its’ own blog post. I guess my answer would have to be procrastination. In my work I tend to be very controlled, and I’d love to learn how to free up my style. I REALLY need this book!!!

    On the topic of manhole covers: they are round because a person can’t get caught in any corners.

  49. I have multiple personas. They fight.

  50. I guess i never really ever thought about it!!

  51. So many of the reasons here come together and create a mirror of my own reasons: self-value issues, skill questions, time constraints…

    but the post miscelleana made, and how she described that imagined gap between the interior me and the visible me, and the Ani DiFranco lyrics she shared, resonated so loudly with me, I just have to kinda say…


  52. I have made one!!! Like when i was ten! this might motivate me to make one!

  53. What’s stopping me from making a self portrait?
    I am so busy doing other stuff about everyone else but me. I guess I need to just take the me time to do it.

  54. Yes, yes, YES! I want this book. I’ve been wanting to create a self-portrait for about six months now, and I think I’m afraid it will come out stupid. I need to just get over it and try. I’ve seen lots of inspiring art like this, and this book is no exception!

  55. Hi Chrysti!

    Thanks for the fabulous giveaway! I do not have the book, but it IS on my Christmas wish list. I have done a mixed media self portrait before when I was taking an Art class at the local JC 2 years ago. I was so excited about it, it looked fabulous. Then I got to class, and the teacher spray painted them all matte brick red!!! I was furious!! Alll my hard work to make it fabulous just turned to BLAH!!! and guess who didn’t take a before picture??!!

    I have also done a mixed media portrait of my daughter. They are fun to do!

    Artful Blessings,

  56. time, time and … well…..LESS time!

  57. Why don’t I have the book?—–Books like this cost a gazillion dollars here in Oz & you have to buy from overseas sellers who then charge another gazillion dollars in postage!

    A self-portrait?—– Would my hand count? We drew our own hands at drawing class a week ago. I do different sorts of art & have never ever considered doing a self-portrait…somehow nothing motivates me to even try it. It seems a bit self-indulgent too, in my twisted little mind.

  58. Nothing is stopping me from doing a self portrait but me. When I have the camera my hair isn’t right or I don’t have make up on. Or i’m not dressed nicely. But one of these days I’m going to have it all together and then I will do one.

    The question about man hole covers…well that is simple. The city and the states said make them all round so they did. Doesn’t matter where you live in this United States they are all round.

    As for the book, no I didn’t know it was out there and will be checking it out because I do all kinds of art and crafts.
    Thank You…Cindy Whiddon

    Very nice of you to do the 29 days we do the six days of Christmas here and only one person is drawn to recieve from all the others in our family. Its a thrill to be picked out of the fish bowl.

  59. I have this book in my online Amazon store and have drooled over the stuff in it! How’s that for serendipity for you?

    I found your site via a google search for fabric. I’m going to put you on my blogroll and check back even if I don’t win anything. You have some great ideas!



    I have taken a lot of self portrait pictures (photos) of myself… no one else will grab my camera and take a picture with me in it….
    NO, I don’t like my picture taken, but just the same I am living now and don’t want of seem like I am missing from life when looking at family pictures… granted you may only see only my eyes or my mouth, half my face… A picture of my refection with the camera in the side mirror on the car. My arms are not long enough to get my whole body.

    The only way I can get a picture of my whole self body included is by photographing my SHADOW!!!

    I have even dressed up my shadow… a cowboy hat makes a great shadow picture!

    I need to broaden my portraits and create one!

  61. It is more like what is stopping me from making another self-portrait when I have made… gee I don’t know how many, already.
    Maybe I am less inclined as I get older and am not so pretty? Maybe I don’t want to look into the mirror for that long? Maybe I am always tempted to make myself look better and that doesn’t seem quite honest. Especially these days.

    It could be a vanity thing. Jeesh.

  62. Hi Crysti! Hey, to be honest, I’ve never had the guts to do it. LOL! I was morbidly obese for most of my life, and now that I look the way God intended me to (180 lbs!), I’m not sure where to start. LOL! I think I need your book. ;-) xo Linda

  63. Ooops! I meant to have a minus sign in front of that 180. LOL! That’s -180 lbs. folks. ;-) I was 152 lbs. this morning on my scale. :-D xo Linda

  64. hmmm.. I guess the only thing that is stopping me is, me. I make things for others all the time, but I never really focus on me, I don’t really want to focus on me, I guess I do not want to think about portrait and self in the same sentence…I love art and creating, but I do not like making myself the center of it all, but i guess I should, maybe you should send me your book so that I can figure out exactly what I should do, and how to GET OVER MYSELF and just CREATE!!!!!!

  65. I bought this book and love it, must admit there was something :-P about pages 92-99 lol….
    great thing you are doing here Chrysti and what goes around comes around they say :-)

  66. What’s stopping me from making a self portrait? Well, I think I’m rather interested in other persons than in my own person as an object. I really used to hate to have my picture taken when I was a teenager. It changed over the years. Still, I don’t feel comfortable with it and rather prefer to take pictures myself … of other persons that is.

  67. I avoid having my picture taken because I like to avoid reality, I guess. I’m older, heavier, etc. I’m not really bothered by getting older, I don’t think, but mostly by the heavier part, though I am doing something about that. It would probably be good for me to do a self portrait and learn to like my own image more.

    As for man hole covers, I think round ones are easier to handle, lol.

  68. What’s stopping me from making a self portrait? Never really thought about it. Mostly what comes to mind is why would I?? I need to think about it more.

  69. What is stopping me from making a self portrait? Well, because I can’t draw even a straight line. I might be able to draw a stick figure if pressed, but nothing else.

  70. nothing is stopping me from doing a self-portrait. I was actually spunky enough to do one for QA challenge. that
    was a fun project.
    Why is a manhole cover round – Round tubes are the strongest and most material-efficient shape according to Wikipedia and it also says a round object can not fall through it own hole. That makes perfect sense to me.

  71. Well, I haven’t drawn a self portrait because I never thought I could draw. Then a few years ago I created a pretty decent sketch of Pierce Brosnan, some mystery guy that was supposed to be Pierce but ended up looking like a combo of him, Richard Gere, and Johnny Depp…and a pic of my husband.

    Then I stopped. Just – didn’t do it anymore. I should.

    Why are manhole covers round? Because the pipes below are round? LOL

    Why haven’t I bought this book? I never heard of it before. But I may, if I don’t win it.

  72. 1. I never really thought about doing a self-portrait and I’m not really an artist…just a scrapbooker….but….maybe I could scrapbook one….

    2. I’m going to order the book now….(for me and my daughter who DOES do self portraits)…

    3. My husband says–everytime we drive down the street–“Do you know why manhole covers are round?” Now he does it because it annoys me but he still asks repeatedly until finally I say “I know! It’s because if they were square, they’d fall in!”


  73. I must admit the only thing stopping me is me. Perhaps if I buy this book it will help me see myself in a different light. Thanks again for look into ourselves.

    Be Joyful

  74. nothing is stopping me but me.
    procrastination, afraid to face the face, which me to use, etc.
    the weird thing is, i want to do self-portraits (yep, plural).
    someone give me a push please.
    happy days,

  75. nothing is stopping me….so I guess I best get on it. Hmmm maybe a self portrait necklace….

    I haven’t gotten the book because I can’t afford it. Living on disability check makes for a tight budget.

    manhole covers are round because….well because they wouldn’t provide as much stability if they were triangular. And….have you ever seen the bellies on some of those guys that go down there???? they would never fit in any other shape.

  76. I have never made a self portrait because everything I do is a self portrait. No, I can’t draw but I like to write, paint abstracts and cut and paste. The reason I haven’t bought your book is because I didn’t realize until now that there is information about getting published.

  77. What’s stopping me from making a self portrait? Probably the fact that I would feel compelled to portray all the aspects of my life (wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, aunt, cousin, “chief cook and bottle washer”, as they say) when a true self portrait distills the self to its essence. Hummmm…what is my essence? I’ll be thinking about this. Thanks for provoking the process.

  78. What stops me from making a self-portrait is talent. Or lack thereof. Well, maybe it’s fear. The fear of not having talent.

  79. Stopping me from taking a photo of myself? Probably my very fat cheeks! lol. I hate a lot of my own pics of myself, maybe the book will help!

    Sounds cool.


  80. I guess I haven’t thought of myself as an interesting subject or atleast one that anyone else would be interested in. Humm, I think I’ll give it a try!

  81. I did make one, years ago in an art class, I can make one I guess but I am older and fatter now, LOL!

  82. Hmmmmm….why have I never made a self-portrait? I just never thought of it. But now….I’ll think about it! :-) I hadn’t heard of this book until just now. It would be a great addition to one’s art library. Thank you. Terry

  83. I avoid looking in the mirror as much as possible and also don’t like to be in pictures, so I’m always the person taking the pictures. Therefore, it would be a tough job to do a self-portrait as I’d have to look at myself! And all of my days are bad hair days! But the book sounds really fascinating and inspiring. I might just have to look at myself! Rachel

  84. Well…i did ONE, not too long ago as a “soul journal prompt”, but the premise was “NO BRUSHES” finger painting only!
    It was fun…but…..

    What’s stopping me from making a slef portrait?
    Poor self image! Gaining a ton of weight! Being irritated one day and cutting my hair the lenght of the middle of my back, to above the ear! The dreaded big “four-oh” around the corner!
    Oh geeez! Am I headed for mid-life crisis?
    Nahhh……I’ve almost crawled out of my hole. I’m starting the see the stream of light again. :)

  85. Fear. Pure and simple. Fear of what I will really see. Fear of maybe what I won’t see. B/c creating a self-portrait is not just about exposing your physical self, but that deep, dark mess inside you. And that’s scary for me….but one I intend to embark one day in the future.

  86. “What’s stopping you from….”

    Does a picture of an aging hand with the journaling that accompanied it count? I saw my hand one day–really SAW it–and was shocked at how old my once-beautiful hands were. Now, age and a strange form of arthritis (psoriatic) have changed them. They were my one vanity, the only part of my body I was certain was attractive. It spurred my deep self-examination, and I would LOVE to do more. If I don’t win this book, I will buy it. I can usually afford 1 book a month from my pension, and this is definity on my wish-list!

    Chrysti, I love what you do!

  87. What’s stopping you from making a self-portrat?

    Fear mostly — that it won’t be good enough — since I’ve never been good at drawing which is rather silly since it’s a drawing for me and there’s no reason I should be so hard on myself — right! My five year old daughter made a self-portrait and had no qualms whatsoever — obviously I should learn from her!!

  88. Why haven’t i made a self portrait? Mainly because i can’t draw! I guess i could collage myself! =) I may just try that one. Thanks. HUGS

  89. Hmm, What’s stopping me from making a self portrait? Well, I have only attempted once before, and it turned out I was a chicken, which probably says a WHOLE lot about me in the self portrait sense. Scared aka chicken, but venturing further in my art day by day.

    I’d really love to have the book, maybe I’d realize that at least that self portrait of a chicken really was me at that time!
    Thanks so much for entering me in the give-away. Juanita

  90. Let’s see, I think I answered the question in wrong place…LOL Oh well, here goes–I have a hard time starting almost any project. I think it’s a fear of not being able to finish. I sometimes need to push so hard to start it’s almost frightening–a deadline seems to help. Once I get started I’m usually ok and it certainly helps to have an idea. I also get tied up in different ways to get to the same thing–call it technique overload. Anyway, thanks for the opportunity to play the challenge game. Sharon

  91. I’ve NEVER thought about doing a self portrait. But then why would I? I can’t stand to see myself in a mirror, much less on paper, canvas or some other item. Heck I’ve had a full length mirror to hang for nearly a year and it still is not hung up….I just don’t like the way I look. Period! But I want this book…don’t have the funds to buy it…then maybe, just maybe I will get the push I need to make a self portrait.

  92. Fear of really seeing myself, yet as I age, I find it easier to embrace myself. After reading the comments and pondering this question, I feel like I am about ready to create a self portrait.

  93. I have made some, when I was younger… might be neat to do it again. I WROTE a sort of self portrait poem, which I’ll post in lieu of answering the manhole thing… Philosophically speaking, everything I create in a way is a self portrait…

    Mount Mitchell

    In my snapshots I change,

    But the mountain remains

    Through the years a citadel,

    Wind buffeted, cloud swirled,

    Vast and stony thrust into sky.

    Here I am, a long haired lass

    In young love, smiling.

    Later, with children, distracted.

    Now, grayed, seeking, behind me the

    Eternal mountain, adorned with

    Bee buzzed flowers, misty

    Clouds playing tag with the sun –

    A cold, windswept highness,

    Regally compelling.

    What changes will I see

    If again I come?

    ©1998 Karleen Page Cole, all rights reserved.

  94. Manhole covers are round because manholes are round.

  95. I haven’t purchased this fabulous book yet, because I don’t have the funds right now. I am hoping to win it here, but if I don’t I want to get it as a gift for the holidays.

    Thanks for having this contest!

  96. Well, while I could come up with many witty remarks about why manhole covers are round – truth is simple. They are round because no matter how you turn the covers they will not fall into the hole. It is a safety measure, and they are easier to remove and replace (just roll them).

  97. TIME is always an issue or lack of time. It has been awhile since I made a self portrait so maybe I need to make another. I am hoping that maybe I’ll win this fantastic book. My answer to why are manholes round is why are doors square?
    This is fun! It reminds me of when I was a child and I looked forward to openning the door to my countdown to Christmas calendar to see the surprise that was hidden.
    Thank, Caryn

  98. Two very involved BUSY 13 year olds keep me from doing more art projects! I’m not complaining, I very much enjoy the mom part of me, but would LOVE to spend more time at my art table. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, though, doesn’t it?…..I DO plan on purchasing the book, though, that is…if I don’t win it!

  99. The thing that prevents me from making a self-portrait is my fear that in order to do that I would have to look deeper into who I really am…and I might not like what I see…I think that maybe I need to buy this book…


  100. What’s stopping me? Actually, I have done some photos of self so I guess I’ll answer about buying the book. That’s actually quite simple. There are SO MANY fabulous books about mixed media available these days that I couldn’t possibly have enough room to store them in our puny bungalow. Besides, I’ve already got WAY too many ideas. All the inspiration makes my heart spin :) If I purchase more books I only get more frustrated with the time I don’t have to be doing creating.

    So wonderful of you Chrysti to be doing this 29 day project. Thanks from the near bottom of my heart.

  101. What is stopping me from making a self portrait? I think I don’t do enough self reflection. But actually, everything I create is a bit of a self portrait, portraying a characteristic, a desire, a thought, or some other bit of myself. And I do like to take photos of my shadow… And if I win this book, maybe I’ll discover other ways of making self portraits :)

  102. I haven’t really got an excuse other than to say….I have no excuse for not doing it….as for “why are manhole covers round??? have you ever tried putting a square peg in a round hole?????….well it also works or rather doesn’t work the other way as well….it’s hard to fit a round peg in a square hole….just a thought…..”
    Patti V

  103. Hmmm…I guess I never really entertained arting myself with paper, paint and glue! I think it’s something I may want to try after the holidays.

    Great thought provoking question…

  104. I did a self portrait of sorts last year… but it was done in a cartoon style. Me in my slippers with a paint brush in one hand and a coffee cup in the other… still in my jammies.

    It was the best I could do as the creative juices were pretty stagnant.

    2009 is going to be the year when the creativity blooms around me. I have to surround myself with inspiration… like this blog/website!

    Thanks for sharing all your creativity with the world!

  105. There is nothing from stopping me to do a self portrait. I have never drawn or painted but that doesn’t matter. I have stage 4 inflammatory breast cancer and cannot raise my arms above my elbows but that doesn’t matter either. I could try to draw it on my lap.

    Thanks for the inspiration, I am going to push myself and draw it after all I can throw it out if I don’t want it.

    Renee Khan

  106. Why not make a self-portrait? Doubts about my artistic (especially drawing) abilities, self-image insecurities…put those two issues together and you have one big roadblock. However, it remains a goal of mine, for someday…

  107. the above answers are very eye-opening…i have a self-portrait that is my blog banner…but i do one every year at least…it helps to document my creative journey and improve my skill set…everyone should do it often…glad i found your blog…blessings, Cre8Tiva

  108. HMMM good question!

    I don’t think I would like it!! I love doing other people in art but not myself. I think I would put my own self loathing into it which I don’t think I would intentionally do but it may turn out that way. Guess it’s a good challenge. I would judge it too harshly. I have done myself digitally and I like how that turned out though so who knows!! LOL

  109. I think what stops me from doing a self portrait is just spending the time to reflect and think about me, I am way too critical of myself and would probably spend more time thinking about negatives!

  110. I answered: read my post here:

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  112. I have done a self portrait, after another member of my ZNE group did one I challanged myself to do one also. I did several. At first what stopped me was not liking how I look. I aged 10 years overnight after I lost my husband and daughter and the face I see in the mirror just wasn’t me anymore.
    It’s taken a long time to get used to the me I am now and when Stacey Merrill did her challange for more of us to try and do one I did. I did it digitaly, it wasn’t so bad so I did another and the more I did the easier it was to look at myself.
    It is a hard thing I think for most women to do unless your very comfortable in your own skin but I was not. I feel better after doing it, feeling like I crossed some bridge in doing so.

  113. What’s stopping me from making a self-portrait? I don’t have a mirror near my working space. I would want it to look really good, so I’d have to spend a lot of time thinking, drawing, etc. and I don’t seem to have that kind of patience. I’m not good at drawing faces. You can see my last try at a self-portrait at my website link above, looks like a child drew it…
    But this book looks like it might be able to help me, trying out some other media where I don’t feel like the picture has to look exactly like me, but represents me in some other way…

  114. What’s stopping me…? Well, I have a date ‘tween the 25 and 30 with a neighbour to make masks.

    I’ve been nodding while reading the interview, yep, I like that about the book……and then when I came to your self-promo, I paused to look at my copy of the book, and chrysti – must say, I read every word of your article at the store before buying the book.

    just saying….love the book

  115. Manhole covers are round because men don’t mind being associated with that shape, whereas women would most likely be highly offended. Besides, we women don’t use them anyway. Sewer work’s for the men types. ;P

  116. I have never really thought about having a self portrait made because I don’t consider myself artistically inclined. It would probably come out as all squiggles and contoured lines.

  117. What is stopping me from making a self portrait is I really don’t know how to portray how I see myself. I would have to do a lot of introspection!

  118. What’s stopping me from making a self-portrait?
    I think that I need to be better in drawing. It is difficult to have the right size of eyes, nose and mouth and to make nice shadows.
    The book is on my wishing list, so it would be wonderful to win it.
    Thank you very much to be so generous to your blogreaders !
    I wish you a warm and peaceful advent time,

  119. Honestly – I guess it never occurred to me to make a self-portrait. And now that it has, I guess the thing that will hold me back is my drawing ability. I can draw fun and silly things, but not anything “REAL”. Maybe I should just sit down and do it huh? It might not be what everyone else things a self-portrait should be – but does that really matter??? Good Question!

  120. I made a self portrait! It turned out way ugly…and people said it looked like me….sigh.

  121. I don’t know why I’ve never attempted a self-portrait. When I think about doing one, I just freeze up a bit … start thinking thoughts like: seems a little self-centered, why would I want a portrait of myself when I can see myself every day in the mirror, where do I start, what’s the point, …

    Maybe it has to do with the fact that I very rarely look good in photos … scared that if I make a portrait, it’ll be even worse than that. Who knows? One of the days, maybe I will kick all that aside and try one anyway …

  122. Hmmmm??? good question, I suppose nothing is stopping me to create a self portrait I had just never thought of it :) I certainly am now though after reading about this great book and your interview with Cate.

    I don’t know why I have not seen this book before. I have K.R.Roberts book and i notice some of her art work on the cover, that would have sparked my interest right away. So that’s why I have not purchased the book yet.

    My daughter called and asked if there were any books I would like for Christmas, and after visiting your blog this morning I already have two for my wish list :)


  123. Yeah! What IS stopping me from doing a self-portrait??? It’s something I have been wanting to do since a year or so… And yet, I didn’t… Why?
    I guess it feels to vulnerable. Being myself around others, showing myself to others is allready quit a thing, no? Showing what vision i have on myself is twice as vulnerable, it’s like me without my extra layer of protection.
    So eh…. I’m scared!!!!
    But not too scared. I have now decided I will do a selfportrait. Soon…

  124. WOW! What’ stopping me from making a self-portrait? I never thought about it before! Maybe today! And soooo many beautiful creative people saying here that they don’t like what they see? HMMMMM…This is an opportunity to paint (or whatever) from the inside out! We all have an angel inside and she looks different for each of us…now that is a self portrait! If I want to see you I will just look! Show me the real you, the substance, what is on the inside. The reveal! Now that would be fun! I know me better than anyone and never considered expressing the “real” me on paper. Maybe today! Inspiring !

  125. What’s stopping me from making a self portrait?
    I have done some, but perhaps it’s time to reflect and do another.

  126. Many years ago (when I was in my 20’s – younger, prettier, slimmer, smoother skin etc … LOL) I did an art course, and had to do a pencil rendered self-portrait, and a mixed media distorted reflection one as well. I really enjoyed doing these, they made me look inside myself, and draw not only what I saw, but what I felt.

    Then I had children, a couple of marriages, bad health, and my art was put to the side – not forgotten, but ignored for many years. It has only been within the last couple of years that I have come back to it, and I have found that I have embraced my artistic side like an old lost friend.

    So I pulled out my old drawings and mixed media works, and marveled over the “old” me – full of youth and adventure, for life and art! But my style has changed, or maybe I haven’t yet found one that’s “mine” for my older years. I’m perservering tho, and hopefully one day will find the real me – and then maybe I can do another self-portrait that will capture what I have become inside, rather than my wrinkles, and my tired eyes! lol

    … Books and magazines (especially Cloth Paper Scissors!) are my inspiration, and if I don’t win a copy of this book (thank you Chrysti for the opportunity to enter!), then I will definitely buy one …

  127. Being the Queen (even if it *is* just a self-proclaimed title), I have not ventured into making a self-portrait because…
    1) Being the Queen, shouldn’t I have subjects to do that for me? haha
    2) I need this book first, silly. It’s always interesting to study the great “masters” before delving into such a project. Get their take on it. See where they took it. So I can “oohhh” and “aaahhh” – read every detail on every piece…and then start on my own, inevitably doing things the hard way – a sort of reinvent the wheel thing – then tweaking it (for months, sometimes) to get it to the point I’m not afraid to let my therapist see it.

    Seriously, tho, I need the book. I’ve been eyeing it – but a signed copy will go so much better with the regality of my studio. (Said totally tongue-in-cheek.) After learning you are in it, Self-Portraits has gone from my Amazon wish list, to my basket. I can’t wait to look at it in person!

    Thanks for this!
    Katherine :)

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  129. I haven’t made a self portrait, among all of the other paintings i’ve done, because I don’t think it would look like me. Not because I have no confidence in my art, but because I don’t think I see myself in my head the way I really look. :)

    Maybe sometime.

  130. I am stopped from making a self portrait because the me in my head is either way more glamorous or way uglier than my real self and nothing that is remotely realistic would ever satisfy those two extremes…. :)

  131. I have not been stopped from making a self portrait by any thing or anyone but myself. And I do hope to do one in polymer clay one of these days. At least it is on my to do list.

  132. Hmmm…what is stopping me from making a self portrait? Well, I need some guidance or ideas to get my creative juices going, I guess. Also, I do not really like having my photo taken for all to see.

    My wish is to become a member of a design team. I keep watching out for them. I love trying new techniques and creating with a deadline.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this wonderful signed book.

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  134. Honestly? My nose. I hate my nose and to have to draw it or somehow work around it would depress me. Maybe I’ll do a collage with a childhood photo when my nose was little and cute.

  135. Is it toooo late to enter???

    My abilities are getting slimmer…but I can still read and enjoy the ART CANDY and WISH, DREAM,and TRY MY BEST


  136. I never thought about making a self portrait before. Then I saw this book on amazon and wondered if I could do one and how it would look and what I would do. My head is spinning with ideas all the time… but Myself (my head) is stopping Me (my heart) from doing it, you know how it goes, I don’t have money to buy the book, I don’t have time (I have three children, the youngest 5 weeks old, sleep is something I only dream of), I can’t draw, I can’t paint, I first have to learn that before I can do something serious like a self portrait, I don’t know where to start, I don’t know what to say about me and so on. I would really love to get the book because I love books and maybe I could learn to overcome my block.
    Thanks for the great interview, I love your little comments and look foward to the next days reading your blog!

    Christina B.

  137. what is stopping me? I guess it would be a bit of depression topped with procrastination

    why are manhole covers round? I think it is easier to stuff something in a round shape rather than a square where things can get caught by all those corners…

    why haven’t I bought the book? haven’t heard of it until today but will put it on my wishlist, thanks!

  138. I would love to do a self portrait. I have had so many life experiences that have left their mark. I am unique for all that I have been through and pretty damn cute for someone who was completely paralysed 9 yrs ago and has made a remarkable comeback. I just really have no clue how to go about doing so….

  139. Hey~
    If I’d happen to win this book, please give it to the person three spots ahead of me, Christina B. She deserves a treat it sounds to me!

  140. What’s stopping me from making a self portrait?

    My usual – procrastination – I actually started one in
    a class at Art Unraveled but when the pieces didn’t
    fit correctly ( it was a quartered portrait) I tore it
    apart with a promise to do it over.

    I shouldn’t have worried about the pieces fitting as
    none of the inner pieces of me fit anyway.

    If I don’t win I will get the book because so many on
    Yahoo group I belong to are raving about it.

  141. wow, what is stopping me from making a self portrait–i think it scares me to death, I will see age I think, but I need to make one now before I get older right?

  142. […] 1 – Click Here to read all about it Prize:  a SIGNED copy Mixed-Media Self Portraits by Cate Coulacos Prato […]

  143. The reason I have never tried a self portrait is that I CAN’T DRAW~! I’m not just saying that….I can’t draw about as much as I can’t do math. Must be right side of the brain challenge or something. If I tried it, you would think it was my 3 year old granddaughter who did it! Actually, I never really thought about it before now……maybe because I knew
    I couldn’t draw so I didn’t even try. Now I’m curious! Could I?
    I may just give it a whirl. Who would know?

  144. Hi Pat Schmidt – Find the book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain and practice those techniques – it’s an old book, so you should be able to find it cheap in a used bookstore. If you draw without looking, you draw without judging, and you express on paper what you see. It’s quite an amazing process. When I wanted to learn to draw (as an adult who grew up thinking that I couldn’t), I got a drawing journal with a blank half page and a half page with lines to write in. I took it with me places and drew all kinds of silly stuff, like the lamp above the table in a restaurant – and then wrote underneath about the place where I drew it. Anyway. Just some ideas for getting past the idea that you “can’t” draw.

    Chrysti, I know I’m too late to enter the drawing for the book, just wanted to encourage Pat to try it. :)

  145. Better late than never, right? I haven’t done a true self portrait, but I feel like I am putting a bit of myself into each of the portraits that I create. They are inspired by my innermost feelings of nurturing, nest building, and even letting go. It is my therapy and my way of dealing with the daily lessons of being a woman.

  146. […] sorta way) today’s giveaway, is one you should be familar with already since it was the Day 1 giveaway too!. I HIGHLY recommend you go back to that post and check out the interview I did with Cate, and read […]

  147. Now I am going away to do my breakfast, afterward having my breakfast coming over
    again to read other news.

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