Day 2/29 Days of Giving is…

… are you having fun with the giveaways?

Omigosh.. am. i. ever. … can’t you feel all that connects us?

… I’ve found myself walking around the house singing & whistling

I haven’t done that in ages …

… I feel like anything and everything is suddenly possible

like when you first saw the wizard of oz…

…. and all that dreary gray; turned to this spectacular sort of vivid color

pure. magic. …. who says it doesn’t exist?

… sometimes, we just have to create magic for ourselves

which is how I finally came to decide on this for today’s giveaway….

… i’m kinda picking through the things i have based on my mood that day

OK! OK! i’ll shush and get to it…

… for the record – i prefer shush or be quiet etc. as opposed to ‘shut up’

‘shut up’ seems more offensive to me than most four letter words….

…hmmm… wonder why?

Oh… the giveaway…. !

 Calendar I am In!

Cover image is by Karyn Gartel aka The Altered Diva. Note the phrase –
“Delivered on the Wings of your DREAMS”

Told ya it was the perfect fit for today – and not just because of that. Go ahead, Read On. 

Collage, Artplay for Your Creative Spirit 2009 Wall Calendar

As children, we play with art naturally, but somewhere along the way, most of us get the idea that only an elite group – artists – can be creative. The creative spirit lives inside each person, just waiting to be expressed. Collage, assemblage, and mixed media artwork are providing adventurous ways for people at every skill level to discover the joy that comes from imaginative self-expression.

The Collage For Your Creative Spirit 2009 wall calendar features pieces by twelve accomplished collage artists, accompanied by text by Lunaea Weatherstone to get the viewer’s own creative juices flowing. The combination of practical suggestions and visual delights adds up to an exciting calendar that will intrigue, entertain, and most of all, inspire.

The positive spirit that this artistic calendar puts forth is really what ‘gets’ to me. As many of you know, it is my mantra of sorts that anyone CAN and SHOULD create. (hmm, maybe that will be the slogan for my new site – thoughts?) The tips, suggestions, and messages each month truly ring home inside of me, and I hope that they will provide a similar feeling to you too. It’s far-to-friggin-easy to doubt our creative abilities, and lose sight of all the value that provides – This calendar, is a fantastic gentle reminder to keep that negativity in check and stick to the heart of the matter. Added Bonus? It inspires. My mind has already dreamt of whimsical new projects to start and explore creatively as a result of this.

Plus, it’s pure eye candy. I mean, seriously – which one of us, isn’t a sucker for that?

Did I mention the 12 gifted artists that Lunea Weatherstone brought into this project? Here’s the breakdown:

Here’s a link back to last year, when I first announced that Lunea asked me to take part in this. They chose to use two of my skinny book pages that I had created for an article I did in Cloth, Paper, Scissors. All in all, the entire book has 20 some pages – that I created it in under a week; actually, I think it was just in a few days. (When Pokey said jump, I said how high!) All kidding aside – I work best under that kind of pressure. I won’t begin to tell you the hours I spent or just how much of myself – you know, my real self – my soul –  poured into that book. It’s still here. I haven’t evolved enough yet to let that book go! (FYI, I totally stole that last line from Susan Tuttle… you’ll understand in a few days. *wink*.) I titled the book, ‘ A work in Progress’ because I felt it was somehow unfinished. That I’m somehow unfinished. People, things, personalities, our art… always evolve; in some ways we are all works in progress.

So, before I spend a year telling you every little mundane detail about it… all I really wanted to say is that I was mesmerized by how the folks at Amber Lotus transformed it. They took two seperate pages, and made it appear to be a singular spread – wicked eh? I’ll be sure to try and get a good pic of my page in the calendar soon and add it to this post & my flickr.

"A Work In Progress" Skinny Book- Pages 3 & 4

Speaking of Flickr — you can see the skinny book in it’s entirety simply by clicking here – I scanned it all in today. If you see the old photos, you’ll understand why that thrills me. Simple Pleasures!

If you hadn’t already guessed, I’m giving away a copy of the calendar today. If more than 100 people comment to win, I’ll give away not one, but two copies! Upon your request, I’ll gladly open it and inscribe/sign my lil’ month of November. The month of gratitude. Fitting isn’t it?

Reading your answers to various questions I’ve asked, gives me so much joy. I laugh, I cry, I think. It makes blogging seem less about me, and more about you. Kinda like we’re all sitting on these exquisitely worn, handmade rockers, drinking tea on a massive front porch in the middle of nowhere: just chit-chatting away.

Beautiful. Just. Beautiful.

Alright you creative lovelies – to enter today’s giveaway:

  • Leave a comment on this post, answering one ( or both ) of these questions “How have you indulged your creative spirit today, if you haven’t – why not?” and/or “What is the most odd item within your reach right now?” If you totally don’t like those questions, then just tell me your favorite month!
  • Do this by: Tuesday, December 9th. Winner or Winners will be announced then!
  • If you haven’t already you can enter to win Day 1 Here and Tell me your wish here and you may win that too or a $100.00 Gift Certificate to my new site!

Just because it’s inevitable I’ll be asked: I have a handful of these calendars left in my store, that upon request & purchase I can inscribe/sign for you. Otherwise, Amazon has them in stock too!

Thanks – to each and every one of you for brightening my life and showing me the magic this holiday season! Warmly,

145 Responses

  1. Hi Chrysti,
    The calendar sounds so lovely, what a great pick of artists for the pages.

    Haven’t had a minute yet but soon will, then will work on some Twinchies.
    I most odd iten within my reach would have to be a rusty nail found in a ghosttown and piece of bone found in the desert, love that kind of stuff.

    p.s. after seeing your skinny pages again I guess I am going to have to make some more of those, the foremat was so different.

  2. Congratulations!!! Being on the calendar must be great :)

    I’m going to answer the first question… I haven’t indulge in my creative spirit today because I’m sick… and when I’m sick I just don’t want to do anything besides be in bed :P But that doesn’t mean I don’t create in my mind :)


  3. LOVE this calendar… how inspiring!

    Also, the most odd item within my reach right now is my mini disco ball. Someone gave it to me back in high school… and I should probably use it as a tree ornament or something, but I keep it out year round and hang it on the wall of my office. Sometimes, you have to break up the work with a little dancing and my disco ball helps to set the mood. :)

  4. I haven’t indulged my creative spirit today yet, because I have been at work all day! I hope to be more creative later. The most interesting thing that it close to me is a playing card, to be exact, a four of clubs. It was found on the floor near my desk.

    Thanks for having these contests!

  5. lovely give my friend! actually the most unusual thing next to me, a roll of toilet paper. lol and no i am not on the toilet! lol

  6. I have indulged my creative by printing out templates of reindeer and letting my 5 year old grandgirl color them whatever color she wants and then putting them together so they stand. I think we will be punching a hole in them so they can hang on the tree.

    The strangest thing within my reach is one of those plastic hourglass timers from some old game.

  7. This calendar looks terrific Chrysti!!! I’ve been indulging my creative spirit today by catching up with some of my favorite blogs and enjoying some great eye candy!!!!! Also have plans for some Christmas Ornies running around in my brain!

    The oddest thing within my reach right now is a pencil sharpener shaped like a globe on a stand.

  8. Today I indulged my creative spirit by doodling during a conference call, knitting on a hat during my lunch hour and buying a new skein of sock yarn. Winter always puts me in the knitting mood.

  9. Hi Chrysti,
    Today I was not going to do any art,just clean and shampoo carpets.But I kept going back to my paperclay doll I’m working on….I’d do a little something,walk away work on the carpet,then I started a background on a canvas,looked at that doll again just thought maybe striped stockings,no that did’nt work,back to the carpets,then sketched in a fairy on the canvas,looked at that doll again,needed a skirt gathered an stitched,no sewing machine,put a fan on the carpet to dry it,threw on a sweat shirt over my pajamas went to my Mom’s to use her sewing machine,finished the skirt….went home,moved the fan.Wet the skirt,dried it in the oven,took a shower,dried my hair,put some chicken in the oven for supper,after taking skirt out.Put the skirt on the doll.Put fan away,painted in face on the fairy.Husband home from work,supper on and wine in hand writing this to you!
    I am soooo ADHD….:)
    Have a great day! Congratulations on the calender,what a cool thing to be a part of…..

  10. Congrats to you! Yes, I’ve indulged my creative spriit, working away on my Christmas journal, taking pictures, and blogging! Oddest thing within my reach? Various post it notes with scribbles. Why odd? I wrote them and can’t figure out what I was trying to remind myself about!

  11. Hi Chrysti,

    I can so relate to Becky my day has been the same way, it took me all day to pin a embroidered pic on front of an ornament, and still do not have it sewn down, or the ornie sewn and stuffed. WOW I went from the iron, to the computer, to the sewing machine, to doing laundry, to the machine, and then back to the computer, and then, now supper is over with. when I leave here, I am going to set down and SEW till its finished..what a good 20 mins is all I need..Geez…ADDH drives me crazy some days. can tell I didn’t take my meds this morning…shame on me…I did get them taken when I remembered. Yeah me.

    Chrysti, I think its great what you are doing. If only the world had more people like the wonderful people we find on blogland…You guys are so awesome!



  12. The oddest thing within my reach right now is my daughter’s pink kitty bath puff (don’t know what it is doing at my desk instead of in her bathroom, as I look at my desk it seems like it ends up being a magnet for many things that should have homes elsewhere.) Today I indulged my creative spirit by teaching art to a group of preschool children and loving their reaction to the creative process the best was when one boy keep reapeating ” I did it myself!)

  13. I was gone to work all day but tonight I have been working on some digital collages that I will use as backgrounds, I like to work on some art every day even if just for 5 mins–It fills me up.
    The odd thing is a pastry brush I use for crumbs in the keyboard(I know-sad) and plus one of my cats loves to play with it
    I have enjoyed reading all the posts and could identify with many yesterday in regard to self portraits

  14. the oddest thing within reach right now is my son’s gold lame’ wish bag. i’m not quite sure of it’s function, but he is very protective of it :)

  15. the oddest thing within reach right now? that’s kinda hard, because i’m sitting at my desk and there are lots of weird things within reach! probably the oddest is the strange little japanese mini toy i got with a recent yesasia order – it’s an odd little gray mouse, and i wish my phone had a spot for charms, because that’s really where he should be!

    unfortunately, my creative spirit has taken a back seat today to the winter cold i’ve finally succumbed to. any spare time has been used for power napping!

  16. I have not indulged my creative spirit today….and I am so bummed about it–but I know why
    my studio is a disaster-and I am overwhelmed–
    there I have said it-
    hopefully I will do better-
    Thanks for the bop on the head!
    brenda bliss

  17. What a wonderful give away! One of my gal pals on PAO (paperartistsonline) linked to your blog yesterday and I’m just now getting around to reading everything.
    Congratulations on being included in a fantastic, inspiring calendar. Your art is amazing.
    I havent created anything yet today because my son just had 8 teeth pulled. My creative wheels are turning though. I have Christmas cards and ornaments to finish up this weekend.
    You second question made me laugh simply because of my answer. “What is the most odd item within your reach right now?” Why that would have to be my son’s 8 teeth. :)

  18. Another absolutely splendid item that I am salivating for now!! The most odd item within my reach right now is a small, mica-flecked, stone Zuni bear fetish (wow, I was truly surprised to actually look around me and see that I did, in fact, have an odd item within reach!). xoxo Serena

    P.S. I just adore those skinny pages. They are mesmerizingly gorgeous!

  19. I have NOT indulged my creative spirit today, but I PLAN to carve out some time this weekend. Creativity CAN happen with proper planning, at least in this time in my life!

  20. here are a couple things I would like to have

    adirondack alcohol inks and distressing solution

    and to be able to use my photoshop…it whips my butt.


  21. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love my calendar I already have it hanging up waiting for the new year! I use to belong to a puzzle group where we altered puzzles by themes, similar to what you mentioned but larger. It was so much fun to see the final puzzle come together. You can check them out at the link here:

    Happy Creating! :-)

  22. i love the calendar!!! i want one! thanks for tweeting about it…

    ok, question 1: this morning i swung by my fave coffee shop and picked up a caramel soy latte to get the creative juices flowing. then i came home and finished the final touches on my latest painting of a harlequin girl. she’s gorgeous!

    question 2: the most odd item within my reach is a pink hello kitty pez dispenser from the states – with very old and soggy strawberry pez candy!!

    or maybe it’s the shark tooth i found in an urn left on a shelf in my apartment by the previous tenants along with what appears to be a piece of the berlin wall… hmmmm. i don’t know, u decide!

    thanks a bunch, and have a great day!

    de Shan

  23. Hi Chrysti,
    Am still lovin’ the way that you are able to express yourself. No holding back.
    Today I attended a seminar on communications with those that we serve. Very interesting. Haven’t had a chance to do much creatively but my bent will take a different form tonight. I have some diplomas that some of my students got but were not able to attend the graduation so I still have them. I plan to mail them out in the morning but not before I have a chance to add a word of encouragement and wish them a very merry Christmas. My way of reaching people one by one.
    Thanks for sharing your heart!

  24. Another great giveaway!! You are so Awesome Chrysti! I wish I could participate, but I am between a rock and a hard place at them moment. Hoping 2009 is a better time for everyone!

    “How have you indulged your creative spirit today, if you haven’t – why not?”

    Not yet…most of my supplies are in storage right now, but I did go out and buy some paper tonight so that I can start working on the Paper Bag Journal I made over the weekend. Plus, I have been trying to get focused on listing eBay items so that I have extra money to spend for Christmas.

    “What is the most odd item within your reach right now?”

    I am sitting at my brother’s desk and the most odd item is a ceramic doll that is made to look like him when he was a kid.

    And my favorite month is July…that is when my birthday is!
    Artful Blessings,

  25. Chrysti, the awesome variety of your work, the profound honesty and the determination of your spirit all moves me to keep on creating upward and onward. I have so many dreams and aspirations and I am hoping that I’m only at the tip of the iceberg of making them come true :)

    Fellow NC / CMMAG artist, Jodi Ohl

  26. What a fabulous calendar this promises to be!! Congratulations on being included in it. Very exciting.

    Now, as for how I indulged in creativity today – it’s a bit of a long story. I received an email about a week ago from a lady asking me if I could use a broken Waterford crystal pitcher. She couldn’t bear to throw it away. Now I’ve only ever made jewelry from broken china and have never tried crystal, although someone did suggest it to me awhile back. The Waterford came in the mail today and I hardly had my coat off before I was marking off the areas I wanted to cut out and getting all sorts of ideas of what I want to do with it. The 18-point starburst on the bottom would make a fabulous suncatcher! Not to mention all the pendants and earrings I can get out of this one pitcher. I haven’t been this excited since I started working with china!

  27. Oh Wow, I most definately want one of these – how inspirational – what awesome art……. sigh.

    I’m sending out positive vibes to the universe – pick me , pick me….. one day It WILL work… (positive thinking)

    Love your posts – I read every word teehee – seriously I do!

    Now, for the questions:

    I have not done anything hands-on today, but have spent hours browsing through some awesome blogs being inspired by creative diva’s and blog friends from all over the globe……… i want to play with my new stamps (will upload anything i create to my blog eventually! LOL)

    The most unusual thing within my reach right now – hmm I have several ‘weird’ things near me. . . The oddest would have to be my “sniffer” – ok, let me explain. It’s a little tube kind of like a ‘vicks inhaler’… from Thailand. They are great for sinus sufferers and it’s a double ended little tube. One end is for sniffing, the other for ‘dabbing’ you can dab the liquid onto your temples and pulse points – great for a little ‘lift’ and the start of a headache…
    Yup, it’s great. I bought a dozen of them, on holiday and the last one I had lasted me for 3 years!!

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to win this awesome giveaway!!


  28. I indulged creative spirit greatly today. I made 11 Christmas atcs and a fat book page for a mingle! I had load of fun making background paper, too! Hum, the weirdest thing around me at the moment is the broken handle of a mirror, I don’t even know how it made its way upstairs!
    Thanks for a fun day of reading! What a cool book!

  29. Hi Chrysti :)

    I love this calendar!! Very cool give-a-way!

    ok to answer the questions:

    “How have you indulged your creative spirit today, if you haven’t – why not?” yes I am working on some ATCs…some for a swap, and some just for the heck of it!

    “What is the most odd item within your reach right now?”
    there are a couple of “odd” items…Hubster makes his own sinkers ( fishing) and he brought me one that didn’t all the way with lead in the mold, so it has a flat bottom and stands upright…it is by the co puter monitor, then i have a few foil wrappers from Polish chocolates, with the writing being in polish. lastly a pair of those $2.00 magnifying reading glasses you can get at the store.


  30. Today at lunch I took a break from the office and ran down to my local Stamp Store… I had called earlier and asked if I could use the table they have in the back to work on my Christmas cards…which I need to get back to after playing on the computer. So today that’s what I did.

    Now for the odd item on my desk… it is a SMILE ON A STICK
    I hope it is ok… I posted a link to the picture I just posted on my blog and promoted your 29days of giving again!!!

  31. I have indulged my creative spirit today by…….writing. It’s for school, a sociology class on “social problems” and I won’t bore you with the details except the assignment was to be creative and have fun with it, which I did.

    The most odd item within m reach right now is….a hula dancer in a “grass” skirt. You know…the kind that you are supposed to put on your dashboard in the car and they wobble. hahha I love her!

    Your book is beautiful…you are so inspiring.

  32. Yes! Through photography and talking with my best friend about all the fun things I intend to make in the next few weeks.

    The strangest thing in reach is a mini rug (like about 6 in x 8 in) for my mouse? Not really sure what it’s for…but there it is!

  33. Beautiful Pages! What a wonderful calendar!

  34. Congratulations Christy! Wonderful calendar and love your skinny book as well. I chose the question of the most unusual thing next to me. It is a tiny little metal box with a tiny little watch flywheel in it. I was so fascinated when I took a look at it that I did a post on my blog showing it:

    Thankyou for drawing my attention to it. I would never have looked in the box otherwise!


  35. Those are some nice collages!

    I did indulge my creative spirit today. I’m a teacher. It’s a given that if I am teaching, I am indulging my creative spirit, and encouraging the creative spirits of my students…

  36. I have INDULGED my creative spirit today with THREE HOURS at Borders pouring over art books, especially Susan Tuttle’s wonderful new book.
    I would LOVE to have this calendar.

  37. No . . . I have actually indulged my creative spirit today – unless writing technical proposal documentation counts! LOL! Why not? It’s been a very hectic and busy day at the office.

    The oddest thing within my reach at this moment is the purple caterpillar made of fun dough that my 6 year old daughter made for me that is sitting here on my desk for my personal viewing pleasure!

    Thanks for the fun!

  38. i stumbled upon your blog and am enamored with the gorgeousness in your art. the calendar looks i worked a 12 hour shift in the cardiac care unit today and the closest i came to art was a discussion with a friend about our crafts. right now the oddest thing within my reach is a vinyl record that i paid a dollar for at an estate sale… the vinyl is bergundy colored and it has the RCA VICTOR dog logo on the center. i bought it to make into an album cover. i think it will look soooo cool. thanks for the giveaway offer. ms. cheryl

  39. The first thing I did after work today was to pick up a paintbrush and apply a layer of gel medium to a commission I’m working on. It felt sssooooo good! The most odd item within my reach right now is my son — he’s 14, need I say more? :)

  40. I have a teeny rosewood Buddha that sits on the far end of my nightstand. It’s not unusual for some people to have a statue of Buddha but it is for me. I just find him very comforting.

  41. What a great calender. I would love to win a copy!
    “How have you indulged your creative spirit today, if you haven’t – why not?”

    I have not indulged my creative spirit today. I tried to, honestly each time I walked past my art supplies I wanted to just stop and paint something but it was not to happen today.

    Oh and my favorite month is September, my birthday month!


  42. I dont know if you would consider it odd but it is odd for a computer/office desk. It is a bowl filled with Self Mastery cards. The idea being to select one at random and it helps you with your current situation ie Acceptance: As a master I recognize that I must let everyone be who they are with total acceptance. I am comfortable within myself, no matter what.

  43. What a wonderful giveaway!! Fabulous assemblage of talent (you included!) that contributed!!
    How awesome that the giveaways are lifting you up!! Keep singing…and I agree about the “shut-up”. We treat that like a swear in my house too!! Use your vocabulary we always say…there are other ways to express that same thing. :)

    Weirdest thing witin reach right now as I sit at my computer desk….
    a pile of dirty chandelier crystals and a nearly empty bag of herb seasoned popcorn! Weird but true! lol

  44. Hi!
    I have indulged my creative spirit a bit today, I have fed my sould some yummy eye candy on your blog as well as some other favs.
    I have made up some designs for ornaments and christmas decor I am goinf to make
    I have worked in my December Daily album, inspired by Ali Edwards, and I have taken some lovely photos..

    Not too shabby eh’?

    I would love to see this calendar and to win it would be even better, then I could see it everyday!!!

    Thanks for the chance to win!!


  45. Congratulations! The calendar looks wonderful & inspiring! I indulged my creative spirit today by surfing the vendor links for Seattle’s Urban Craft Uprising! Great stuff that gave me lots of cool ideas! The most odd item within my reach right now is my needle felting stash… not too odd ;)

  46. Terrific Chrsyti! I love those calenders and am tickled that you’re in the 2009! Excellent!!! I indulged my creative spirit today by tricking out some photos in photoshop for a commisioned Christmas present. wooohooo!!! I have nothing really odd…within reach…paintbrushes….and I’m not anywhere near my art room……I find paintbrushes everywhere these days…in the bathroom….in the kitchen…by the computer….they’re in transit….so…since that’s not really odd (at least not for me)…I’ll tell you my favorite month….is….November….love the fog…..
    Patti V

  47. I went to life drawing today, and bought myself a new big journal.

  48. Hi Christi… just letting you know I have put your generous Give Away info on my blog….oh to be a lucky recipient!..vbg

  49. I have done nothing creative today because, suffering from a winter virus, I have just stumbled from my bed and drunk my morning coffee. I look at my desk and see nothing odd about it, it’s all normal to me. Webcam, cordlessheadphones, 2 bos files housing the island’s photo archive, 2 balls of different yarn, a part-knitted mitt, my knitting box of essential tools, a knitting kit box, with one and a half mittens in it, the island newsletter, a purple fleece hat… definitely situation normal. Perhaps the oddest thing within reach is the dog lying by my side. She is very odd indeed. The one behind my chair is rather less odd.

    O.K. I offer up for oddness consideration — this item on the left hand side of my desk – the inside plastic packaging from a packet of McVitie’s Boaster biscuits (cookies – do you have those over there?). It has been sitting here for two weeks while I ponder it and try to work out how I want to alter it to turn it into a useful 2 pot holder of some kind. It wouldn’t be odd next door in my studio but it’s a little out of place in my office.

  50. No, I’ve not really indulged my creative spirit today because I’m at work and working 12 hour shifts. I have taken a little time to look at art blogs. Because I’m at work and I’m a lab technician, I could name a lot of odd things at reach, but guess I would have to say tubes for blood collection. Most of you might think that is weird. Of course, it’s normal for me.

  51. You know, Christi, we may brighten your life but every time you post a new piece of work you brighten my life :o) Onto the questions: 1) I haven’t indulged my creative spirit yet but I will once I have finished reading my blogs. I intend painting a cardinal (the bird) today. 2) There are a few odd items withing my reach but the one that sounds best is the vampire teddybear.

  52. I create daily. It’s a driven thing. Ideas, designs, color, texture, light, and form revolve in my head incessantly. Designs bang against my skull from within, begging to be let out…to become reality. Today I designed some Jewelry in holiday themes, because that is what my spirit is full of.

    The oddest thing within my reach right now is some Boylan soda pop bottle caps. Why? Because something about their colors and the date, 1891, that appear on these bottle caps appeals to my design eye. I’ll probably create a necklace for a friend with them, because we’ve shared so many bottles of Boylan soda pop with our lunches together.
    Happy Holidays to All!

  53. Creative today? It is 5:26 am and I just fed the cats. It is too early to be creative yet but later…..that’s different! Most weird object near me at the moment – a 1043 cookbook filled qith pressed leaves and flowers found at a yard sale recently.

  54. I think my Creative Spirit indulges me!
    I have an hour’s drive to work, so I have plenty of time to think about current art that needs to be worked on or completed. My favorite future project involves a fabric book collaborative my West Coast friend, Janet.
    Strangest thing within reach? a cartoon of a fire hydrant peeing on a dog.
    Happy days,
    p.s. I was part of your first skinny book swap and made some pages even I like a lot. ; )

  55. Let’s see…I was quite creative when I decorated my 13 year old’s lunch bag! I put a humongous heart on it with an “I love you!” just to get a rise out of him. He’s so good about nurturing my goofy side!

    As for the most odd item within my reach? My STACK of cabinet cards. I know that’s not odd, but they’re the ONLY thing within my reach at the moment!

  56. i haven’t been so creative the past few weeks because i’ve been redoing my art space. so hopefully this weekend will provide lots of time to create some chunky houses for a swap i’m in. as for odd i’m not sure i could reach for anything odd…but i would like to play with my melting pot i recently re-discovered in the redo.

  57. Congrats on the calendar!! I’ve looked at that calendar before, but haven’t bought it- I may have to make it my 2009 calendar- I can always use eye candy and inspiration in my art studio!

    I haven’t done anything creative yet today (It’s waaay early, and I’m at work!), but I plan on working on my Christmas cards later… I’ve been totally inspired this year, and have at least six different card designs floating around in my head; it’s wonderful when that happens!!

  58. The calendar that you are giving away today is fabulous! I love anything that inspires me to create and how wonderful to have the inspiration of so many great artists in one place! Very cool!

    Ah, now for your questions:

    It’s 7:45 am and I’ve already worked on a new painting a little bit (some gesso resist stamped on and drying), an outline for a particular kind of art journal page I’m about to work on, and some playing with PSP and some images I’m going to use on said art journal pages. Yea, I’m driven to create. lol

    And the strangest thing within reach? A Whoppers candy carton/box with the top half cut off…I use it to store my “utensils” in (paintbrushes, exacto knife, calligraphy pens, glue pen, etc.) I’m all about recycling. LOL

    Peace & Love,

  59. I am so very impressed with your work and your ability to keep on creating and giving your thought the wings they need.

    I only wish to become at least one quarter as good as you one day.

    God Bless,

    Lizz King
    The Haunted Studio Under The Stairs

  60. I write a poem each day to start the creative spirit soaring in my life. The strangest thing within my reach is a pencil with a green eraser in the shape of a brain nestled in green McCoy pottery.

  61. I am indulging my creative spirit today – I got up before 1100! LOL! I have lots of Christmas sewing to do – flannel pjs for the Royal Froggie Prince and the kids, among many things. Shower, iced tea and then bobbins away!


  62. It’s only 9:20 in the morning and I have to work first but hope to work on my Christmas cards later today. Nothing odd within my reach, only desk type stuff. My favorite month is June because it’s warm and there are flowers everywhere.

  63. The most odd thing within my reach is fishing line. It’s actually on my computer desk. I’m going to string up some large glittered snowflakes in my new picture window. I love the view and the great light it gives me so I can’t bring myself to put curtains up to them. Have a great weekend! Sally

  64. Chrysti,
    I am doing well just to get out of bed -lol! My head is full of cold and aches : ( I dont get sick very often, so I hate it when I do!
    I have seen this calender online and it looks awesome! Would love to have a signed copy. cool.
    The oddest thing in my reach is I guess a piece of birch bark… it came off my wreath and now its just sitting there.
    Have a good day!

  65. Way cool blog! Creative types are my favorite, too.

    I was creative yesterday, I think. I built a snow structure of some kind. First, it looked like a rotting carcas of a rhino. And then someone pointed out that the snow structure looked like the rotting carcas of a giant rabbit head.

    I settled on a deformed iceberg.

    The calendar you’ve created is awesome! Inspiring, too!

    Cool beans!


  66. OK, I’m adding my two cents! First I gotta say I love your work, and this skinny book as astonishing!

    I have not indulged my creative spirit today (YET) because I am at work and not near my art supplies. However, I can and will do it because–I have Photoshop! I can make a collage or two here.

    My favorite month is October. Why? I love the fall colors, the cooler temps, the crispness of the air, the knowledge that the holidays are just around the corner…I am sorry it is over and I must wait almost another year!

    Best wishes to you!

  67. What a gorgeous calendar! I miss using my creative juices for “fun stuff”. I have an entire room filled with all my creative junk and the door stays shut. :( It will be opened when I can spend time playing! Hope it’s soon. :)

    The most unusual thing within reach right now? A giant purple trash container on top of the table I’m working at right now. It’s my reminder to “clean up my space”.

    If I can get the “space” I’m in right now cleaned and clutter free (which includes my brain) I am treating myself to “open the door to your creative room” – at least having a peek in will be a start! LOL

  68. Good Morning:

    The oddest item within my reach right now is a little broken porceline bonsai plant one of my daughters bought me 26 years ago when I was in the hospital after a miscarriage.

    Hope I win.

    Renee Khan

  69. How have you indulged your creative spirit today: I watched an 8 minute video on artist Jesse Reno and how he creates. It was a wonderful 8 minutes only broken by the knock of my mail lady who brought my new 1958 industrial sewing machine! {yay} This is a gift from my husband and kids for Christmas and it’s all I can do not to open it!

    What is the most odd item within your reach right now?

    bacon – Larry called and said he’s on his way home from work and would love a turkey/bacon/avocado sandwich for lunch:)

    other than that it’s a funky 3 sided ruler I scored from my husband’s grandfather!

  70. oh i have this calendar on my amazon wish list, but i’d much prefer a free signed copy :)
    and yes, i have done something creative already today. it’s only 740 am here, but at 530 i worked on a journal page for a zetti crow journal page swap!

    and i’m sitting at my computer desk right now, so i guess the only odd thing within reach is me!

    ~ cathy

  71. I have not yet indulged my creative spirit today because I’m still sitting at this darn computer! Although I suppose one could argue that reading your blog is indulging the creative spirit! Soon, though, I will head downstairs to work on my Southwestern Michelle Ward-inspired collage.
    Weirdest thing within reach? Gotta be the bag of unsalted peanuts I keep for feeding the squirrels out of the window next to the desk. It’s 20 degrees F…I’m not going outside to feed my little rodent friends, so I make them climb up the bench into the window sill to grab their goodies!

  72. I love that calendar!

    The “odd” item within reach on my table is my kitty… can’t keep her off the table when I’m working. Now I’m just trying to find a way to incorporate her in the projects. Maybe some paw stamping? :)

  73. The calender looks so pretty Chrysti. What a change of scenery that would be from landscapes and/or kitties. :)

  74. today i am finishing painted wine glasses with portraits of women coming to our holiday party…12 glasses…such fun to do…congrats on the inclusion in the calendar and all the advice and your beautiful artwork…blessings, Cre8Tiva

  75. What a beautiful calendar! The winner of this is a lucky person indeed! How I have indulged my creative spirit today… I did several things. I pulled out one of the old encyclopedias I bought for 30 cents at a used book store and cut out the maps, beautiful birds, illustrations, etc., for use in collage. Sometimes this jump starts an idea for me. I also worked on some altered papers for a swap, trying a variety of methods using oil pastels, acrylics, stencils, sandpaper and collage. Thank you. Terry O.

  76. Forgot to answer the question of the weirdest thing within reach right now. Since I’m not at the desk where I create but, rather, at the computer in another room, there is really nothing. So, my favorite month is October. Definitely October. Fall leaves, beautiful colors, crisp air, drives to Hood River and the “fruit loop” for pears and apples. Love it! Terry O.

  77. Hmm, the oddest thing within my reach right now (here at work) is the pen I bought at Halloween time — it’s a funny orange stick pen with orange feathers and a black hat — a strange ostrich or flamingo perhaps :-)

  78. Howdy! How are you today? Here’s the question:

    “How have you indulged your creative spirit today, if you haven’t – why not?”

    I indulge my creative spirit every day in digital graphic art. I’m not too good about it. I purchase, and have licenses for, other’s REAL art to be used within my small creations. But I do it evey day!

    Here’s the question:

    “What is the most odd item within your reach right now?”

    A display carton of 24 lip balms, because I couldn’t find just a single one to buy! Now I’m stocked! :)

    And an alternate:

    “Tell me your favorite month!”

    Hmm… interesting thing to ponder. I think, probably June. My reasons are quite depressing, and have nothing to do with the fact my birthday is in June.

    I hope you’re having a MAHvelous day!

  79. Question one: I am working on a commission while my daughter naps.

    Question two: my dogs ears are right on my knee as I type. So soft!

    Chrysti you’re so generous! Thanks for all you do to inspire!


  80. Hi Chrysti.It’s fantastic to “hear”the happiness and warmth of your heart spilling right out onto my laptop…Today I indulged my creative spirit by catching up with atcs,altered book pages and emails to and from friends old and new.I felt a sense of relief that my mom made it through the holiday and another chemo treatment.
    I have so much to be thankful for that it just carried me right through projects I had put off and almost dreaded.
    The most odd thing within reach is a white stuffed gorilla about 6 inches high with a most mischevious grin on it’s face beckoning me back to the paints perhaps to make a”mess”…and my favorite month is June-because It’s my birth month,both brothers,a cousin and my wonderfully tolerant husband celebrate their birthdays as well.
    Thank You Chrysti for the art and inspiration.

  81. Yeah for collage and magic and coloring the world with creativity! Yeah for the community our art builds, and for the art our community inspires! Yeah for all of us! :::BIG SMILES::::

  82. love what you are doing !!!

    the most odd thing within my reach right now is my wonderful whimsical cat (who thinks he is a human) Gus. He has such odd ways about him – but he is such a special part of my life too.


  83. Hi Chrysti,
    I am so into this. I was about to let you know that Felix, my huge partially Maine Coon, was within reach but as soon as I went to write that, ornery as he is, he left! Ha! But yes I engaged in creativity today as I do everyday with my morning pages/art journal. Thanks for asking.

  84. How have you indulged your creative spirit today…YES I bought some mini dominos’ so experiments in progress lol.
    What is the most odd item within your reach right now?”

    Its a pencil with the head of a cat,hanging from it on a chain is a plaque which says “I cant be Broke ! I still have cheques” haha


  85. I have indulged my creative spirit today by creating clay animals with my 2nd graders- I used to alway make the same animal for fear of making something ugly in front of my students- but this week I made a completely different creature every single time, right before their very eyes, and just followed my guts. It was more fun, and they were awed and amazed. I ended up with a cow, a lizard, a fox and a brachiosaurus, all in the span of a couple of days.

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  87. I have indulged my creative spirit today by sending off a collection of punched paper pieces for a swap. I haven’t done more, because I still feel kind of sick and therefore not very creative. That should change in the next day or two.

    The oddest thing in my reach is a “Free Sample”. It’s a little plastic bottle with liquid in it. Supposedly sperm, but it’s fake, of course. They were handed out at the “Doo Dah Parade”.

  88. I indulged my creative spirit by designing and prepping to make some Christmas cards. I hope to finish them later. I can’t bring myself to make them all alike, so I look at lots of pics in magazines and on blogs and then using various ideas to make cards in the colors and styles that I like.

  89. I have not indulged in anything physically creative today because I’ve been working at school. I did come up with a couple of creative ideas for students to use in the books they are making. However, last night I found a mini book online to print out and put together containing cat riddles. It’s going to go into my own little “cat-ology” booklet. I need to get mine made this weekend so the students have something to look at. Already some of them have really gotten into the “ology” book idea that I got from a convention last month.
    The oddest thing within my reach right now isa dog toy on the bed. Not supposed to be there, but the dog is on the bed taking in the last dying rays of the sun.
    My favorite month is June because school is out and I can relax under the big tree outside in the sun, and read a book again (for pleasure).

  90. Indulged? I am making angels. I keep sneaking the glue and colors on back on my desk in between translating a line of text. Then I have to hide everything so that I am not tempted… Indulge? I love it. A day isn’t right without a little art play now is it?

    The oddest item within my reach is vintage (8-year old) bottle of Republic of Tea iced tea which my son stocked up on on a trip to the U.S. and we hauled back here with us thinking we would delight in drinking it… wrong. Nasty stuff. It has taken us several years to pitch the stuff and one bottle got rescued for its aesthetics and sits on my side table, ready to be sipped in dire emergency.

    My favorite month is the one we are in.

    Love the skinny book Chrysti and your contagious enthusiasm, as always. Thanks for the blog treats!

  91. MY favorite month is November cause my birthday falls in there somewhere, and I get to share it with you Christi!!!!
    Is that shameless or what?!

  92. How very cool! love your skinny pages and the calendar is beyond wonderful.

    I also was stuck at work but just as soon as I finish one more thing on line I’m working on some collage tonight and this weekend – also want to finish up a fabric shrine.

    not sure how odd it is but there is a rubber dog toy near my computer – taken away from my little dog Goose and replaced with a toy that doesn’t make so much noise – no worries though she will get it back just as soon as I finish on the computer :)

    Love your art – will be back to surf more later this weekend – thanks for the e-mail.

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  94. The most unusual item within my reach right now is a $100 stack of ‘Deal Or No Deal’ scratch off lottery tickets from last year. They’re my boyfriends.

    Funny thing is, he calls ME a packrat.

  95. I have indulged my creative spirit by going to the local art supply store which resulted in the purchase of a couple of paints, cutting out pictures in magazines for collages, and working on pages in my art journal. The oddest thing in my reach is a pair of head phones not plugged into anything.

  96. Ohhh, my favorite month is May. So very full of promise! It’s also my birthday, but, I think, that’s not the reason it’s my favorite ;=)

  97. I’m very fortunate that I get to indulge my creative spirit almost every day, at least for a couple of hours. Hope you got to indulge yours too Chrysti…

  98. did not get an opportunity to create anything today with work and hockey games for the boys. I really enjoy reading all the comments from all you creative people. I guess my oddest thing within reach is my little Boston Terrier, snoring away at my side :)

  99. I indulged my creative spirit very consciously today! I knew it would be a busy day and I wouldn’t have a whole lot of time to devote to “myself”….so when i left for work this AM – i threw my art journal in my back pack, (which is already armed with a pencil page with colored pencils/pens/markers/stick glue and scissors) some modgepodge and an old paint brush was added to the pencil bag….and on my lunch hour I started a journal page!

  100. I have indulged in my creative spirit today by shopping for supplies and finding great treasures. The oddest thing in my reach right now is an UNO deck of cards

  101. Guess I will make the comments jump over a 100! Woohoo!
    II love the questions you pose to us, it makes me focus on something other then more mundane aspects of my life and on my heart song…

    Yes, I have indulged my creative spirit today. I picked up my crochet hook and began work on a few fiber projects for gifts and some for the needy. I haven’t touched a hook in months and the feeling of the fiber moving along my hands made me all warm and fuzzy knowing the end results would be loved an appreciated my the recipients.

    The most odd item within grasp is a sealed deck of cards for the Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas the say “This deck was used in actual plat at the Bellagio Casino.” LOL A gift from my sister who recently visited and wanted me to have a little of the action for myself, LOL

    And just because I can’t skip the last question, my favorite month is December. It means family, home, magic, wonder, hope, snow, and good will among us all. Love this time of year :)


  102. I have worked in my private art journal this morning. This is very helpful to get inspired and to wake up :-)
    I will make some ATCs now. I love it to swap art.
    To have such an inspiring calendar here in my “arting room” would be very nice !

  103. I indulge my creative spirit today, as I do every day!, If not working on a project, I always doodle, I doodle with many types of “doodledevices” ( pens,pencils,chalk, charcoal, string, ribbon, brushes, and pretty much anything that I can make a design or marks with, and on. I feel the need to add to the “odd item” question, simply because when I looked around my desk I had to laugh out loud as my eyes settled on my set of lower dentures !, I must have “came to terms with the humility issue” that most mankind struggles with to actually write that down for all the world to see, But, what the hay, I AM only human…..

  104. I indulged my creative spirit today by making Christmas Decorations and hostess gifts for some upcoming parties. I love to take a little something to the holiday parties that I have personally made: an ornament, or some other decor item.

    The most ODD item within my reach right now is empty energy drink cans (they have cool pictures on them! LOL!)

  105. today i went on a motorcycle ride, i made 40 tiny blackbirds and i worked most of the afternoon reworking a design until i was finally satisfied.

  106. I’ll just answer my favorite month is July bc its hot and i was born in that month.

  107. oh what a fantastic calendar!! yum yum!
    no creative spirt for me today-well maybe later-i want to get the house picked up-we are to have the first snow of the season tonite and tomorrow and i want to be out there and enjoying the fresh air and the beauty of the snowfall
    i hope to do a little knitting or finishing up making soldered glass christmas ornies -making some stew in the crock pot to enjoy on a cold winters day
    we shall see which way my muse takes me
    enjoy your day

  108. That calendar looks awesome!

    I haven’t had a chance to create yet today … just woke up a bit ago … though I have already perused a few blogs this morning that have given my creative soul a little pleasure.

    Weirdest thing near me? Probably the Easter egg coloring kit that one of my girls brought upstairs the other day … just not quite the right time of year for that LOL!

  109. The strangest thing within my reach right now is an empty container of antibacterial wipes. I have no idea why it’s here in my craft room; I kind of have a vague memory of bringing it home from work so I could recycle it, but I’m not sure!

  110. Today I indulged my creative spirit…not yet actually. But I will, right after I finished this comment. And, in a way, participating on your give-aways is also an indulging thing, right?
    So, now I will go to my little creating-corner and create, meditate, enjoy, indulge!

  111. I had to work, it is a necessary evil in the way of creating on a daily basis. What to do? I considered becoming a homeless out of choice but iI have too many wonderful art supplies to carry around and while working in the outdoors would be great it is not always practical depending on what you do creatively. I thought about painting walls but like so many other crafts and would hate to “limit” myself to just one, so off to work I go ….working for the weekend! Hoping for a holiday or mental heal day off! Ahhh to retire in an art studio with no cares! Life would be perfect. Oh, and I do have 2 cats to feed…invaluable inspiration and company You insire me too! What would it take to set up a single site to “host” giveaways all year round-anybody could adopt or host a giveaway-? just a thought.

  112. I promised myself that I’d reorganize my art room this month before I allowed myself to play. In so doing, I’ve rediscovered all kinds of materials and have sparked lots of ideas for future projects.

    My favorite month is December. The lead-in the Christmas is full of family, friends and creativity.

  113. Haven’t indulged today yet-catching up on e-mail after a trip to Colorado for the holidays and delighted to find yours and your generous spirit! Bought a canvas yesterday at Goodwill for $.99 and an old dictionary for $1.79 so am going to make some kind of mixxed media collage today-at least get it started and tomorrow my favorite creative indulgence-the flea market!!! The oddest thing near me is a little “Coots” bobble figurine that has 2 old “coots”that says -“Still two ‘flower Children’ high on each other.”, which a friend gave us and describes my 60 year old husband and myself(59) to a tee!

  114. Have I indulged my creative spirit today?

    Other than looking at the beautiful artwork in this post… no. :( Why? I suppose because there are only 24 hours in a day, and today’s hours have been taken up with laundry, being with my toddler, mopping floors, shampooing rugs, cleaning the kitchen and bathroom… but hey, the day’s not over yet. I think I will sit down alone with myself this evening and do some art. I need to get into that habit again – after all, early toddler bedtimes are a limited-time opportunity – they grow up so fast!

  115. Soo fun!! I haven’t spent time creating yet – I had to move a treadmill that I sold, which is actually just fine with me. For without selling my treadmill – at this exact time – our power would have been shut off. As in first thing Monday morning. And as a single mom of 3, no power stinks. (I remember it all too well from a few months ago!) I’m just pleased as pie that someone can afford to buy something like a treadmill – now I have more space in my studio, I don’t feel guilty for not being able to work out, and I can pay my power bill. WOOT!! :)

    The strangest thing I have within reach? Probably a hermit crab. He just came up from a molt, so I took him out to crawl around my desk while I’m online. I have 3 kittens at present – and the one who is watching Shelly climb around, is patiently waiting for me to turn my back. lol

    Thanks for making this so fun!!

  116. BTW: I am groovin’ on Deb Tidwell’s idea of hosting a year-round giveaway. That would be so fun! Anyone else?

    I would definitely be willing to defer to Deb or to you, Chrysti, for thoughts or plans. I would certainly be willing to help anyway I can – so if you are up for doing something like that, shoot me an email!


  117. Yes, I have indulged my creative spirit (thrown two in the bin cause they were turning out terrible.. or should I say not turning out at all lol).. but I had an enjoyable hour or so wasting some paint…

    strangest thing within my reach right now? I’m at my puter desk so there isnt too many strange things here hmmmm…. must be the teddy bear hat at the end of the desk… havent seen the bear for months lol

  118. What an honor to be included in the calendar, how cool!
    “How have you indulged your creative spirit today, if you haven’t – why not?” I indulged my creative spirit today by making my husband help me with a complete studio clean up/organize/make more room in there/and make it look good, all at the same time. My reward for getting it done, is to actually sit down in there & make some art! I’m having surgery in a little over a week, so I have to get stuff cleaned up in there to make room for both me & some sort of assistive walking device for awhile. So to answer your question, I had to be really damn creative to make everything fit-it’s a small room. And extra creative to keep his attention long enough to help me do whatever I couldn’t handle.
    “What is the most odd item within your reach right now? Hmmmm, being 50 something doesn’t keep me from wanting my toys:) so probably the strangest item (for some-not to me-lol) is a Scooby Doo bobble head! Long story, but it fits:)
    By the way, I’m really enjoying these questions!

  119. Creativity? Today??Christmas decorating AND dusting off some old ornaments that I was making last year… Unfinished art, never born :-( I will get those on the tree this year!!!

    Strangest thing within my reach? Well I can’t see the top of my table but I can see a red felt crab pin cushion attached to an oyster shell that my mom and I made a “bushel” of a few years ago – I think he will now make an appearance on my blog! Thanks for making me take a look around at the stuff that’s always right in front of me!

  120. What an amazing calendar!! Thank you so much Chrysti, for the chance to win one …

    I’d like to answer the 3rd question, as I’m in my office right now, surrounded by gorgeous art that my friends have sent me, and the item that caught my eye as the odd one out is a Christmas box my daughter made for me last Xmas – it’s made from a Xmas card, and has a full-of-love hand-written message inside – which is why I still have, and treasure it!

  121. The most odd item within my reach? A viking helmet. Gold, stereotypical, plastic.

  122. Yes I did. I made two gifts. two cards, and a double page layout.

  123. What a beuatiful calender I love your tribute.
    An that skinny book is gorgeous, thans for sharing!

  124. Hello again Chrysti – as everyone has mentioned, the calendar looks gorgeous. I have been creative today – I managed to drag myself out of bed (feeling extremely unwell), and started making a few Christmas cards. The oddest thing near me is a whole lot of annoying moths flying around my room – I have no idea how they managed to get in here as I have flyscreens on the windows.

  125. “How have you indulged your creative spirit today, if you haven’t – why not?” and/or “What is the most odd item within your reach right now?” Looking over your blog and reading your words have made me want to go do my art. You have a wonderful way of telling things that spark interest. An odd item within my reach? Well to you that might be the cornhusk and leaves in my vase…to me it’s “ART”. =) It’s just a vase filled with things that remind me of Iowa and NC. That’s where my friends hubby moved to. It’s kind of a “remembering” piece of art. =) Blessings

  126. What is the most odd item within your reach right now?

    A little stack of bookmarks that look exactly like a Blackberry Pearl. Picked them up when I was at the cell phone store because I thought they’d be a strange impact in some sort of altered art piece.

    Also a photo of me at age 4 in front of a pink toy stove that was under the Christmas tree. The attempt to turn me into Susie Homemaker did not work. :)

  127. “How have you indulged your creative spirit today, if you haven’t – why not?” and/or “What is the most odd item within your reach right now?”

    I very rarely have a day when I don’t indulge my creativity. If I do have a day when I can’t, or a few days when I can’t I become miserable and cranky. It’s truly my avenue for release. Unfortunately the contsant creation/ connection to my creative spirit, leaves my life a mess. I literally have a constant stream of creative clutter. It’s the wake thrown up by my tiny little creative canoe.

    Today I plan to finish up an afghan, and start another for Christmas gifts. Yesterday I spend the day working on artist trading cards. The day before that I was working on amigurumi toys. It’s always something with me. I create while I sit in front of the tv at night. I “multi-task” art and mindless tube watching. :)

  128. Yes! I am indulging my creative spirit today, and probably all week as I am decorating the house for Christmas and I have decided to do things totally different this year. I am mixing up bizarre combos and placing things in unusual spots to delight and tickle the senses.

  129. Well, I didn’t indulge my creative spirit Thursday because I came home from work and had to pack and drive out to Long Island for a Wedding over the weekend. Now here it is Sunday….and I’m back home…but, once again, no creative indulgence. :( Had to unpack and catch up on all the things that should have been done while I was away. Hopefully this coming weekend. I get “art time” on the weekends….I look forwqrd to it all week…sometimes, that’s just what gets me through the week!

  130. I have indulged my creative spirit today, by baking. I know some people wouldn’t think of baking as creative. But think about it. When I started baking those cookies and brownies today I put my heart in to them and isn’t that part of creativity? Don’t we all create from out hearts?

  131. I love this calendar and your skinny book is great! Love the birds and birdcage image. The layers of colors are beautiful!

    I was creative today in my packaging of Christmas gifts and gift tags that I created for them.

  132. […] time to enter these giveaways too! Day 0, Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, & Day 4 Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)chrysti « Art By […]

  133. Well- I made a pair of really fabulous earrings that I can’t wait to put in my shop! The strangest thing in my reach right now? Hummmm, an orange peel?

  134. I finished a Christmas gift for my daughter today…. I printed out all the articles I’d written, made covers, and had it spiral bound. I love how it turned out! I can’t wait to give it to her!

    The oddest item within reach right now ….hmmm…are any of these odd? A wood tray, pr. scissors, pencil, book, Nat’l Geographic magazine, book light, remote, family genealogy papers, and laptop….

  135. I’m working on creating an advent calendar for the kids since the shop ones are just so tacky…
    and the strangest thing within reach right now is a black rubber snake that the kids brought back from Australia…we don’t have snakes in New Zealand, but this thing reminds a friend of mine, of a simalar snake that she would use to scare the house keeper with when she lived in Africa.

  136. Is it toooo late to enter???

    My abilities are getting slimmer…but I can still read and enjoy the ART CANDY and WISH, DREAM,and TRY MY BEST


  137. How have you indulged your creative spirit today? Firstly – I admired your flickr set from your studio :)Secondly I reminisced about first seeing your skinny books in the Cloth, Paper, Scissors mag. I remember how I practically memorrized the steps you listed for the backgrounds. I kept going back to the mag. to check what you’d done next. It took a little while to realize I had to do it my way. It took some effort to get Tsukineko inks AND learn how much I love them.

    gotta run – on to the next day.

  138. Today I have indulged my creative spirit with cooking because I didn’t have time to make something more “artsy” – my FIL was taken to the hospital with a stroke and cooking helped me calm my nerves while it provided us with something healthy and warming on this cold and horrible day. And I washed some new pieces of fabric I bought on Saturday at IKEA to make handsewn shoppings bags as christmas presents for my family. so much for creativity, there wasn’t time to do anything else. But I loved just thinking about sewing those bags…

  139. Haven’t indulged my creative spirit today. have a flare with my “fibrogarbage”. hoping to get back to my Chirstmas cards tonight. I absolutely love love love your calendar! What wonderful art by awesome artists! Yes, I would love love love to win it, too! Thanks for the chance!

  140. My favorite month? October – love the feel of fall and of course Halloween.

    The oddest thing within my reach? well, in my cluttered mess everything is pretty normal for me but for others there would probably be some oddities – bullet casings I guess – saving them to make wind chimes.

    Have I indulged my creative spirit today? No that comes and goes and mostly goes.

  141. Yes I induldged in my creative spirit today. Gathered some fun materials together for Comfort Doll Project. sketched doll design. Most oddest thing within my reach ,a candy watch my fiance’s grandson gave me. Remember those candy necklaces they had when you when you were a kid? It’s like that with a candy watch face. cool……
    Peace,Brenda Moss

  142. Yes, I actually tried to do a few things, but seemed to be missing one important part of each project. I had to settle (haha) for stamping out a bagful of new beautiful Bella/Rosa art stamp images, so that I could see them and organize. Vintage photo stamps, for the most part. My images are all catalogued in a 4×6 file card box. It makes it so easy just to pull out images and wording to play with, and you already see the sizes of things. I am enjoying my bit of creativity this evening.

  143. I’ve indulged my creative spirit by working on a
    bracelet for a gift exchange in my mixed media\
    group – it was great to be working with beads

  144. I am going to try later , I am going to make a scrapbook for someone for christmas, so I am pondering what techniquees I want to use in my head, I will be creating art later, I promise

  145. […] 2- Click Here to read all about it Prize:  a SIGNED copy of Collage, Artplay for Your Creative Spirit 2009 Wall […]

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