Day 5/29 Days of Giving is…

as i opened this to blog today…

…one word instantaneously sprang to mind


… you inspire me, truly inspire me

do i tell you all that enough?

…. for those who may be having a day, where they doubt their value

please know, I cherish you … even if we haven’t formally ‘met’ …

…  wow! the smiles, and much needed laughter you gifted me with

have been a godsend today! …

… every time i craved a bit of refuge from the pain

i popped on here to read a few of your comments…

…and left feeling brighter, lighter, and a bit happier

but i have to say…

… some of you? have horridly bad taste in jokes & puns!

which, tickles me …

…’cause i love a really good bad joke

almost as much as people falling

..isn’t that terrible of me?

back to your horridly bad taste… we totally need help…

like serious help.

ha – that’s what creating is meant for!…

… i found the start of my healing within creating & the humor today

thank you, for providing me with a safe, smile filled place to visit …

… which actually, unintentionally leads me to today’s giveaway

focusing on another one of my havens….

…. go ahead, guess

hint… every artist or createatarian needs one….

My Studio

If you guessed my studio, you hit the proverbial nail on the head! Have you seen my studio yet? If not, clicking here will to take you that photoset on Flickr, I’d love to have you visit!

And no, I am not giving my studio away – I may be a lil’ nutso, but I am not quite THAT far gone… (yet anyway). However, I’d be willing to trade for a larger stand alone cottagey shed, withcustom cabinetry located in the middle of the woods… My studio isn’t much, but it’s mine. I did the best i could, with what I have; it suits my needs. We all may dream of bigger & better — but this truly does suffice for me.  It is the room that houses tiny treasures, harbors big dreams and allows me a refuge from the rest of the world. It’s the one place I find a comforting sort of solace. It is the one place I can truly just be.. me.


I talk more about it in the current issue of Cloth,Paper, Scissors Studios (p. 45). Which is my own personal favorite new magazine of the year. I was soooo bummed that I couldn’t meet the deadline when Cate asked me to take part in Issue 1 … so needless to say, I was thrilled when I got a second chance! Plus, I got to share the spotlight with friends like Lia and Tiffany … Lia & i had a few phone calls where we obsessed on how obsessive we were. It was nice to know I wasn’t alone! Her studio is super cool, be sure to check it out in there too (p. 49).

What really sets Cloth,Paper, Scissors Studios apart from other studio type publications is that it doesn’t just focus on these lavish, dream spaces most of us will never have in our lifetimes. It shows a tremendous amount of real spaces with real people. Everyday folk like you & I. Heck, some of the spaces aren’t even studios – they are corners of a living room, a closet — it’s just jam packed with ideas, inspiration, and solutions that anyone can apply. It’s not often you find practical and beautiful all wrapped up in one pretty package ya know. If that’s not enough – it also has tutorials, and projects geared towards your space and organizing tips & tricks.

 Chrysti's Magazine Files

I even have a lil’ project in the online extras – simple, stylish magazine ( and other things) files. Super easy. Super cute. If you make some, be sure to show me how they came out! For the curious – I scored the bases at an Ikea. I have another set (shown in other pics) of these plain-jane cardboard magazine holders that I covered with color copies of ephemera, mostly personal family documents and letters from my grandparents. It’s beyond comforting to see their writing daily!

When I open my new site — I will be adding a regular column on studio organizing, since it’s one of the most frequently asked questions I receive. You can check out these past blog posts of mine, for some tips I have already put out there.

To prove to you just how awesome this special publication is — I will be giving away not one, but two copiesof this in today’s giveaway — that is, if we get over 100 entries/comments. So make sure to tell your friends, so two of you can be lucky winners. And hey, why not let us see your space in one of the future issues? The amazing crew over there is accepting submissions. Pokey talks about it on her blog here.

You can read about my favorite supplies in the issue — but I thought I’d share some of my other favorite things with you too. For sentimental reasons – I lovingly treasure the tacky, I-would-never-in-a-million-years-choose-this-for myself, poorly made, dust magnet of a curio cabinet as it was my Grammas. Each & every time I look at it; I am instantly taken back to the day she bought it – how this amazingly big, heartwarming smile adorned her face, the pride she had when her doll collection filled it, how she lit up when she’d show it off; it was as if she had purchased the Taj Mahal… and I am instantly inspired every time I sneak a glance. I want that emotion and pride to come forth in my work, which is why it’s placed in my studio.

My big cozy chair and a half was an amazing score during a going out of business sale. Without a doubt it’s where you’ll find me curled up to read, paging through magazines, and sometimes I even journal there. My iPod is almost always blaring in my studio, as music and the brightness of my room just infuse me with an artistic energy I can’t find elsewhere.

Chrysti's Studio  Chrysti's Studio - Close-Ups

I can’t leave out my charm chain that is draped over my chandelier either. It’s a storybook without words; as it holds treasures from my travels, memories of my childhood, and is filled with gifts that have been given to me, or I gave to myself! Each charm holds a value to me that is beyond measure and it’s truly the stuff that dreams are made of.

No offense to y’all: but I’d rather be in my studio than blogging tonight – so here’s how to enter:

  • Leave a comment on this post, answering one ( or both ) of these questions “What do you love about your creative space?” and/or “What would you most like help organizing in that space?” If you don’t care for one of those, then merely just do a lil schmoozing by lying through your teeth and saying by far my studio is the best in the issue. We all need a lil’ denial don’t we?
  • Do this by: Tuesday, December 9th. Winner or Winners will be announced then!
  • Still time to enter these giveaways too! Day 0, Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, & Day 4

83 Responses

  1. the following link will lead you to a few pics of my crafting room. of course it’s not neat and tidy right favorite thing about my space is it use to be my son’s blue bedroom and now it is my PINK craft room! i spend probably 90% of my home time in this room. the computer and a tv is also in this room.

  2. Hi Chrysti,
    So glad your spirits were lifted by some corny jokes teehee
    Oh your studio is totally amazing Chrysti~~!~~ !! I’m so jealous. I have a nice big room, but it’s not filled with gorgeous accessories like yours. At the moment it’s being shared with my daughter Bec’s crafty goodness too……. so room is limited.

    I would love to be so organised that I didn’t have to look for everything when I wanted it. My clip-it-up is the best thing on my table!!

  3. Hiya — love the shots of your gorgeous studio!!!

    What do i love about mine, you ask? — mostly that it is a space that is mine and mine alone — filled with all the things I love — vintage photos, ribbons, ephemera, old books, my art, other’s art, quotes, photos, a granny square blanket, my favorite paints and supplies… you name it. A place to call my own.


  4. My space needs serious help in every conceivable manner. It is the complete antithesis of your space. Now your space…sighhhhhhhhhhh…that is my DREAM space!! I checked out all of your Flickr photos in detail, trying to emblazon it into my memory so I could maybe come away with some ideas of how to remedy my chaotic situation here. I haven’t seen the other studios in the issue so I won’t be lying when I say that yours is the absolute best, most organized art studio I’ve ever seen! But even when I do see the others (’cause if I don’t win this, I’m definitely still buying meself a copy) I can’t imagine anyone else’s topping yours! Glad you’re in lighter spirits today. xoxo Serena

  5. “What do you love about your creative space?” When my studio was up, I loved the lavendar color I had on the walls. I also loved that I used a lot of things that had a previous purpose. For example, I used and old wooden CD holder to display my Art Stamps. I used and old wooden cassette tape to store my ink pads.

    Artful Blessings,

  6. I love my creative space because it’s mine and I finally have one.
    I need help with figuring out how to store all the stickers and magazine cut outs, buttons, brads, and other little stuff that gets lost in drawers. Then I forget I what I have. I also need to get some more light. When it is night, I have to move my table to the middle of the room so I don’t have a shadow on my work.

  7. I need a space like Heinlein’s bathroom in Time Enough for Love – exists in a separate time and space so it’s as big as you need it to be! LOL! I would LOVE to have builtin shelving from floor to ceiling… I have way too many things I like to tinker in and none of which I am mistress…./wry grin/

  8. “What do you love about your creative space?” – My space is a room in our basement that needs lots of upgrades . . . it’s ugly, it’s partially organized . . . but it’s mine. I love going in there to craft – when I’m in there doing my thing, nothing else matters . . . it’s my retreat away from the daily grind. And when I’m crafting, all of life’s little stresses are nowhere to be found in my mind.

    “What would you most like help organizing in that space?”
    EVERYTHING! I so try to be organized, but I need to find a way to fit it in my family’s budget. I have a couple small bookshelves, some wire cubes, even my daughter’s old changing table in there to use to try to keep my stuff organized, baskets and bins, etc. Better lighting would be good – instead of the meager flourescent lights from the 1970’s that currently occupy the space. But, beyond all of that, I still love my room!

    Oh, and YES, you do have the best studio ever! Thanks for sharing the pictures – I am totally GREEN with envy!

  9. The thing I love most about my creative space is that it is a whole room and has a childproof doorknob cover to keep the 1 year old out.

    It also has lots of windows and shelving, but still needs some organizing.

    I’d love to have your space – it is gorgeous!

  10. I only WISH I had something even close to your creative space! I think I find organizing being what is holding me back creatively. Organizing in general is not a strength of mine so whenever I even think about it, I end up with a little anxiety.

    Looking forward to the CPS studio edition and I agree, this is THE best magazine out there!

  11. What I love about my space is that I can do whatever I want with it. I don’t actually have the room completed yet, but I’m looking forward to getting it all set up. Your space is great!

  12. Darn good questions… What do I love about my space? Like the rest, I love that it’s my own space, and I love that it has lots of repurposed parts. Like the drawers out of an old sewing table, standing on end, holding my acrylics. And the old TV entertainment center holding old books & magazines & sheet music & thrift store shrunken wool sweaters. And the old silver plate goblets holding wierd little things, and of course the old wooden cigar boxes, photo storage boxes, hat boxes, etc. I’ve got too much stuff & not enough time, so I could use help reigning in the overflow :)

  13. I love my space, I have my dolly friends gathered around me some vintage stuff on the walls,, paper dolls, people have sent me in swaps, my books , my supplies , my trusty table that is used for every craft I do, but please dont look under it LOL…My organizational skills are lacking I,m afraid.
    I start creating and out comes everything then before you know it the whole table is covered , but then I still need the stuff and I’m not done yet. Oh! what did I do with that new bag of beads I bought. I need that ribbon , Oh no it got tangled up with that wire trim stuff again. when Am I going to learn I can’t put that stuff in with the ribbon. which tin did I put that cool bunch of buttons in again. on no not that one ….. ohohoho the bag of stars busted open …and there all over the place in the bottom of the tin …-there’s that thing I was looking for the other day………..
    Brenda Moss

  14. Well actually I hate my creative space right now. I need some major organizing to happen. Time to go to the Container Store!

  15. I peeked at this issue in the store! SOO cool Chrysti, I always want to nudge the person next to me and say “I sent this artist bark from my yard”. But only true mixed media artists would understand. My “studio” is spread all over the house. I have serious organizational issues, and letting go issues, and just plain issues. I have decided to make the “living room” the studio, I read that Claudine Hellmuth used her living room in Florida for a studio, so surely, I could. I want to get a new big chair like yours someday. major “letting go” of stuff needs to occur. One step at a time. I’m almost finished with my Christmas non-profit projects, and we’ll gear down for a while, and hope to focus on the home front for a while. ya gotta have a dream.

  16. I finally have my own little studio. It is a place that provides a haven that can and is anything I need it to be. I hope others can find that as well. Everyone needs their own spot. Creating, dreaming, simpling being. That is what a space is for.

  17. I could use some inspiration to get my space organized better. The biggest issue is having too much for the space. But what I like about my space is that it’s our dining room in a house with an open floor plan, so I’m always close to Hubby when he’s in the living room watching tv & surfing the net.

  18. Hmmm…what do I love about my creative space? 1. That it’s fairly organized, 2. the big paper shelving unit that my daughter bought at a scrapbook store going out of business for $100, 3. that no one works in there except me, my daughter, and the dog (she has her own couch)–well, ok, the dog doesn’t really work, but she naps and that’s work for her!

  19. “What do you love about your creative space?”

    Its where all the things i love most are ! My crafting materials,Paints etc etc,…..TV and PC lol ,in fact its the most used room in my flat,more than the kitchen haha,I come in here to think,create and dream………….When i,m not creating in it i,m organising it,Its my space !

    I love your Studio wow amazing, some great ideas for storage !

  20. I love my “studio” it has all my pretty creating things in it, all of my beautiful papers, so many lovlies…I love being in there and just letting the ideas flow…it is my sanctuary.


  21. OMG! OMG! OMG! This post was just for ME, wasn’t it? I swear it was. Hmm have you been haunting my blog? Are the pictures of my so-unkempt-and-disorganized space driving you as nuts as it’s driving me?? Just seeing your magbnificently magical studio warmed my heart – until my kittens drew my attention up from the computer…and I was reminded of the creative chaos awaiting my attention. In a dire way. In fact…hmm…yep! I hear it screaming for my attention.

    Your space is so bright and soothing! Forget it woman, it’s just easier at this point to move. If I bring all my scrumptious supplies, can I move in? Please? Just for a few days??

    Your studio. It’s like Heaven with walls! You have a second career in you, Chrysti…it’s traveling around the country, setting up amazing spaces for the creative type. And I know exactly where you can start…how does Denver sound to you? If you can give my studio a sense of warmth and beauty – just as you’ve given yours – you can do anything!!

    My biggest organization question? Seriously? (“Muwahahahaha,” she laughs evily, knowing she could keep even Martha Stewart busy with that one…) My biggest organization question has to be…WHERE DO I START??

    You’re a love – and this is fun. Can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve for tomorrow! :)

    Katherine – who should get points for the sheer volume of posts regarding (dis)organization on her own blog – and even more points for the time she’s been working on *trying* to set up a studio!

  22. Creative space! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! I don’t have one. I create most often on my bed ‘cos it’s the only place I have room to spread things out. The light is best in my bedroom so it’s also the brightest place to create. So, in answer to your question ‘what do you love about your creative space’ I would have to say the light ‘cos it’s the only thing it has going for it. Better than not having a space to create at all though. I love your cozy chair, by the way.

  23. Oh, man, my art room is in desperate need of an overhaul! There are so many boxes and piles of books and things on the floor that I can barely walk around my table in the center. And the table is almost completely covered with other stuff – I have maybe a 12×12″ space clear that I can actually work on. I’m with the other commenter – I need to make a trip to the Container Store (although my DH wants to call those Mission Organization people, because he knows they would throw a bunch of stuff away!).
    But even with all of the clutter, I love my room because it is MY room – I’m fortunate enough to have a place of my own, that I can leave as messy as I want. And it’s full of the things I love – rubber stamps, gorgeous papers, yummy inks and paints.
    Your space is lovely, Chrysti – one day I hope my studio will be as organized and cozy as yours!

  24. I am so glad that you felt the love yesterday ! Isn’t it amazing to think that all you had to do was ask for a little help to get through and you got such an abundance of it ? Truly amazing !!!

    Your studio is awesome !!! I love the organization but what I really love is how reflective it is of you and yourself as an artist. I think that is what is missing most in my space. It has all my tools (toys !;-)) in it. It is pretty organized most of the time. The paint color is okay – cheery yellow/gold – good fengshui color apparantly. The walls have some of me on them but It doesn’t feel like it really reflects me as an artist.Well I certainly have some food for thought now about my play space…maybe a 2009 resolution – make my studio a reflection of me…cool !
    Thanks Chrysti !

  25. Hmmm…My studio is my refuge, and it’s actually IN THE HOUSE (OK, it’s in the basement, but that’s part of the house, right?)

    When we lived in California, my studio was in the garage. It was a 5′ by 5′ space and so crammed. Now I actually have a room just for me. It doesn’t have any windows and the paneling is old, but it’s still all mine. I even have a string of white lights that I put on to “enhance the mood!”

    Now, all I need are some shelves to put my pretty little art pieces on. Oh yeah, and about a week to straighten it all out!

  26. “What do you love about your creative space?”
    I love that it is MINE, all mine…I can make messes and leave them to come back to later, that everything in that one space is for me to work with and means nothing to anyone else in the house but me, and that when I’m in there I can block out the rest of the world.
    “What would you most like help organizing in that space?”
    I would love to have a shelving system with baskets to organize all of my art supplies. A wall of them would clean up my stuff and with labeled baskets, I could find everything instead of having to hunt through all my mismatched, makeshift stuff. GAH!
    OH, and btw, your studio IS the best in the issue. *grin*
    Peace & Love,

  27. i love that my creative space is my own. i can leave what i am working on and not worry that i have to put things away. as for organizing…i would like to see creative ways to organize…how to recycle regular household objects into creative organizational containers.

  28. I love my creative space because it is filled with all the stuff that I love and am inspired by. It makes me happy to walk into my studio and see the paints, glue, pens, and paper cutter. It makes my fingers tingle and itch to create. I also love that my studio is filled with my favorite magazines, books, and photographs. What I love MOST about my creative space is that it is my safe haven.

  29. Chrysti, your creative space is totally inspiring! I’m happy to hear that our silly jokes made you feel a bit better.

    As for me, I yearn for my own organised craft room with lots of storage shelves so that I can be obsessively/ compulsively neat. I also desperately need a decent lamp so that I can do detailed work at night. Presently, I have a craft desk, and my craft goodies are sorted into cardboard and plastic boxes on the floor and on the sofa, as I don’t yet have the money to buy storage shelves. I get into a mess quickly due to the lack of storage, so find myself having to do big clean-ups on a regular basis so that I can think clearly. I just can’t create in the midst of clutter. What’s positive about my craft area is that my desk overlooks some lovely trees opposite.

  30. My creative art room has windows overlooking mountains with prisms catching the sunlight throwing rainbows across the room. The room is filled with an abundance of craft and art materials and books in a semi organized manner with lots of shelves. The computer sits front and center with a dancer hanging onto a star mobile overhead. It is a peaceful, safe place to create. One of the great ideas from studio was to put rolls of papers into a plastic waste basket. Easy to use and great way to store.

  31. Crysti – can I come live in your studio? I’m in awe…..what a dream room!!

    What I love about my creative space – an extra bedroom in my house – is the wall color, how comfy the room is, my supplies all around neatly organized, and the things I love that inspire me are all around.

    The help I need is figuring out a better way to organize the papers and goodies. I need a wall full of bookcases or something to hold bins and I don’t know if I want baskets, metal, etc. I wish we had an Ikea or that Ikea had a mail order !!!!!!!

  32. I have this fantastic issue, so please don’t enter me in the drawing … but … I wanted to say congratulations and I hope you feel better soon! As someone who suffers from chronic back pain and rhizotomy after rhizotomy {where they cauterize the nerve ending away only to have it grow back in a 6 month to a year} I completely sympathize!

    I also wanted to laugh with you about bad jokes and falling … I love them both too … mainly because I’M a faller extraordinaire!

    We went bowling with my parents yesterday for my birthday and my mom went over the line and crash landed 1/3 down the lane. My son, loving a great fall like we do, took her photo! I’ll post it on my FB when we get the roll developed so you can laugh along with us!


  33. you have a wonderfully inspiring space! i love all the ways you organized!

    the thing i love the most about my space isn’t exactly a thing… i love it because my husband constructed the walls, painted the floor and put up the shelves, all because i was pregnant at the time. just knowing that he would do that for me makes my space so much more inviting. it isn’t much, but it suits me.

  34. What I love about my space is that most walls covered in yellow pine and one great dark red wall covered in stuff I love…a couch I can read on with a new light! A great IKEA cabinet full of supplies… my imac of course with a view to tons of snow right now – that’s not so good :) and a bookshelf full of books just waiting to be read.

    Better get started!

  35. What do I love about my creative space?

    Well, at the moment, my creative space is pretty small so I lik that I have a place for everything and everything in its place.

    The best part of it though is little things like my basket of ribbons, or my paint pallets that are full of dried on paints from all my past projects. I actually don’t wash them on purpose because I love the way they look when they’re full of paint. Having a clean pallet makes it look like art was never there–that they were never used. This way, when the paint dries, it’s like having memories of all the stuff I’ve created.

  36. Is it toooo late to enter???

    My abilities are getting slimmer…but I can still read and enjoy the ART CANDY and WISH, DREAM,and TRY MY BEST

    I just enjoyed the pictures of your STUDIO. I can just picture you working in there…such a wonderful, awesome,
    believeable and loving thought to leave with.

    Thank you

  37. The window in my creative space is my favorite thing… My eyes and heart can wander out, taking in the tree and the long street leading away from the house. As for tools, I think it’s my tables — I don’t mind getting anything on them…very liberating!

    For the organziation aspect of this question, I do pretty well with most things. The problem area for me, is organizing my repurpose/reuse/recycle stash. My closet seems very small, wrt those things. (Maybe I save too much? Nah…)

  38. Chrysti, I have to tell you how terribly excited I was when I picked up this issue of Cloth,Paper, Scissors Studios and was first viewing it. I found not only Tiffany, whom I had just previously encountered at Flickr, but also you and Lia. Ask my dd. I was practically dancing in the van as we were driving to the big city – Saskatoon.
    I am in process of organizing my studio spaces – actually 2 smaller rooms. I think right now my fave parts are the inspiration boards.
    I have to add that I absolutely ADORE your charm chain on your chandelier. thanks for so much inspiration.
    As I already have the magazine I know of a perfect place to re-gift it if I would happen to be the lucky winner.
    I hope you are having an absolutely inspiring day.
    angels be with you,
    Wendy xo

  39. I’d like a spare bedroom to help me organize. Right now my studio is my bedroom, lol!

  40. My space is a huge huge mess….once I get it somewhat organize….then I take it apart….pile everywhere and try to organize it once again. Gosh, if I took out as much time creating things – I would have a lot of finished projects….ha-ha-ha….

    Crysti…your space is wonderful…I so love that big huge chair in the corner….I can easily see me sitting there drinking a cup of tea and dreaming….enjoy your beautiful environment.

  41. I envy your studio. Mine is “temporary” and recently went through a burst of organization but I need vertical storage since stuff is still stored underneath tables which doesn’t really make for a pretty studio. And paint. Must paint walls… :)

  42. What do you love about your creative space –
    It’s mine special, private place. I’m inspired by all the surrounding “stuff”. I can leave projects and know that they will be waiting for me just as I left them when I return.

    What would you most like help organizing in that space –
    More square feet

    Love your space. The charm chain is inspiring.

  43. Oh, how I wish I had a Creative Space that looked almost exactly like yours! (Mine would look more like “me”). It is so warm~ the faux finish on the walls, the big comfy chair, your “charming” chandelier, and Curio cabinet…. I have one of my Gradma’s doll cabinets, too! I don’t have a room to call my own, but when I do, I will use your studio as an inspiration!

  44. “What do you love about your creative space?”
    I love that my space is mine. It’s such an insane luxury to have my own space to create and store treasures; I try to never be ungrateful for it.

    “What would you most like help organizing in that space?”
    My studio is a work in progress; I mainly need the time and energy to clean, sand down, and repaint the metal boxes I bought to use as storage. Anyone wanna come over and lend a hand for some manual labor?!! ;-) Once I have those pieces painted and in place, I think I will be 80% on the way to my dream space…really, that alone should motivate me more!

  45. I just discovered your site. I’m a flickr friend and love your work. Great website and this post INSPIRES me! thank you!

  46. i love to be in creation mode…i travel a lot so i have to take a studio with me…it is in a metal briefcase filled with my necessary art supplies – drawing pencils, colored pencils, pens, brushes, watercolor set, glue stick, t square, wc crayons…at home i have a small room dedicated to studio space…

    i would most like to have a professional organizer come and transform my creative space…

    blessings, rebecca

  47. I love my corner piece desk with hutch and lights. It is just the right size for my cutting mat and/or craft mat. I really need help with organizing/storing my rubber stamps (off the block). I have my clear stamps in notebooks, but my rubber ones are too heavy for that. They are in cd cases, and take up a lot of room. Help!

  48. Oh my, I want to live in your studio! It is the most magically wonderful place I’ve ever seen to create art in. I would create and then I’d curl up in that big comfy chair with a cup of tea and just dream of my next project.
    My art space is called “A Moveable Feast” because it is scattered from one end of the house to the other and I have to gather things from hither and yon before I can even start a project. I am not an organized person despite buying plastic drawers and stuff. Everything is filled to overflowing and I can’t find anything when I need it. Needless to say, I need a plan for organizing, a central space to keep everything, and a system of shelves and containers,etc. that would be easy to keep up with. One of those nice comfy chairs nearby would be nice, too.
    I have a metal shed in the backyard but it is used for storage, and isn’t insulated, so it is cold in the winter and hot in the summer. My husband likes to have me around when I paint or draw but he absolutely hates my mess.
    You can see I need to win this contest.
    Can you help me?

  49. I don’t really have a specific space where I work- I tend to work a little all over my apartment- on the coffee table, at my computer desk, on the dining room table. But the place that I have set aside as my own personal studio and storage area is a little nook in the corner of our bedroom. I have my drafting desk set up there with tons of light, a bulletin board, and storage cubby cubes. I love that it is my own space- if I need to tuck away and focus, I can go there after my son goes to bed and dig through my supplies, spread out, and leave it a mess if necessary- I don’t have to worry that tiny hands will wander through and grab things off the desk the way I do at the coffee table!

  50. I wish that I could answer that question, for the past 5 years I have lived in a single wide mobile home, my space is my desk, cigar boxes filled with pens,stickers,snippets of what nots and has beens, and an overstuffed filing cabinet. my workspace is the top of the drawer that my computer keyboard resides , It is no wonder that I never finish a project, I can’t find what /where it has been tucked out of the way. I am glad that you are feeling better today Chrysti, I think that many of us have felt the heartbreak that you have had to endure. Some of us more times than we wish to feel. Love to you and all the best, Sharon

  51. My “creative space”, well I could say that I love the piano jammed in the middle of it, or the stacks of ephemera that I just know I’ll need someday.. mmm maybe the mess on the table… both tables. The little rubber-maid drawer things that are jammed everywhere. The fact that I can only see my keyboard and mouse on this table… it’s a REALLY BIG table and yup, COVERED! Okay I guess what I truly love is that it’s NOT all mine! My kids join me here, creating when they want to or just watching, chatting, giggling and sharing their day. It’s a messy messy place, but it’s where I do my thing – whatever that may be. I would LOVE to have a space ANYWHERE near yours! But, alas it’s not the haven that a 3 year old can hang out in. In all honesty, the organization doesn’t bother me much because I do much less when it’s all picked up. With lots of things spread about, I get inspired often to pick up this-or-that and make something! And who wants to go digging for that little whatchamacallit to put on a card? You should’ve asked us to send photos! I bet I would get the vote for messiest space and I think you’ve just inspired me for another post on my blog today! Before and after shots maybe? Thanks for another inspirational post today – I’ve been so enjoying my visits to your site!!

  52. I love that I actually have a space….All my stuff in one place and I don’t need to put it away when the family wants to eat…..although I have to say I was a lot more organised when I did have to clean up after every session…maybe there is a lesson for me there somewhere.
    I need more storage….more shelves….more cool nick nacks…stuff…more stuff….must have more stuff…lol
    Oh and I think I would be the winner of the messiest space. My table is covered with stuff, and it is a really big table too, not only that but under the table is jam packed as well, just enough room for my feet…I think I need more space:)

  53. I can’t smooze about it being the best, as i haven’t seen any in person except for my one friend’s scrapping/craft/art area in her basement which is OK, but not HOMEY… Your studio is ir organized, but it is also warm and inviting…wish I could visit LOL. hell, I wished it were mine.

    now to answer the question:

    “What would you most like help organizing in that space?”

    cleaning the OLD stuff out of the room, and then setting it up….as you can tell my studio is not created yet. but I am trying to work on it…I am disabled and have lifting restrictions and other issues, so I need help, and sadly, there usually isn’t any forth coming.

    My oldest daughter now longer lives home, plus she isn’t speaking to anyone, my son doesn’t evn live in the same state, and my youngest daughter-though still living home, isn’t around much, and when she is, she doesn’t do much. so it is just hubby and I , and he is older than me, plus still works F/T (cause I can’t) and when he comes home from work he is doing firewood and other stuff. He keeps telling me, my studio will become a reality soon. I am hoping by this summer.

    Did I share too much?


  54. Hiya Chrysti! SO glad we could help you out yesterday with a few smiles. Did you know that you’re an AMAZING person? I have so much respect and awe for you. I wish I could just inherit your attitude. I need attitude adjustment, REALLY. And not like how they joke about it being a different term for happy hour. I need to get back to being the me I used to be… before lots of horrible things happened and I ended up here. But…. that’s a long story. Just know I respect you SO-O-O-O much!

    So, here’s the question:

    “What do you love about your creative space?”

    Well, it’s difficult for me to love it right now. I stopped being crafty when I discovered computer graphics. So much easier to store things that way! I know, I could be doing digi-scrapping. That’s what I used to do: Paper crafts like scrapping (mostly) and card making.

    What I liked about the space I had was that it was mine. I know you’ve read that before, but it was (still is, actually) a little corner of space I’d carved out of my already-little living room, and it has all kinds of organization goodies (love those things). Anyone “normal” who took a look at this little corner of my hovel would think I was totally nuts! I have an industrial shelving unit in my home! It holds seven scrapbooks at the moment (well, eight if you count the one still in the wrapper). It also houses SO much other stuff!! Mostly paper, but other little things too.

    Sometimes I get an *inkling* of a muse that tells me to create something with paper. But it passes by so quickly. I have a friend in the hospital, and was going to make him a card. By the time I pulled the stamps and put them on my scrap table, the sheer volume of materials I could choose from just overwhelmed me, and I never did it. *slap self* (I did send him a gift.. he should get it any day now.)

    So, what do I like the most about it? However weird it looks, it’s mine. All mine!

    Here’s the other question:

    “What would you most like help organizing in that space?”

    If someone could forfeit the foyer of this building and make me more space, I would then need help organizing the paper. It was an AMAZING paper purchase I did that sort of stopped my paper crafting in its tracks. Suddenly, it was all too much. I was hooked on buying supplies, and not using them up quickly enough. So… help me get space!!

    Or, there’s this:

    …merely just do a lil schmoozing by lying through your teeth and saying by far my studio is the best in the issue.

    Holy crap!! Your studio is the casbah!! (sp?) It so totally rocks, Chrysti. Really, you’re such a fortunate (dare I say lucky?) person to have that studio! It’s a masterpiece. Has you organized and has your personality all over the place. Ah, to have a space like that….. I do have a chair and a half, but not in my little corner. It’s in my living room, but always full of stuff I’m giving to the Salvation Army. I’ll give, then re-fill it with more stuff to give! Haven’t sat in that chair for a loooong time!

    You are, like I say, extremely fortunate, and as I respect and am in awe of you and your inner beauty, I totally am in awe of your studio!!

    P.S. I read that short blurb called “Is Your Studio All A-Clutter?” from your link to the magazine. That’s inspiring to me. Because I just told you that I got that amazing paper buy and immediately was stuck! And she talks about just that! I need to SHED so much stuff. And it hurts me to think about tossing it, but that’s the easiest solution for me. I’m in a really small apartment with owners that want to keep the sidewalk out front clear, so can’t have a sidewalk sale. I don’t have the supplies (and WON’T get them, due to clutter) to sell on eBay, where I know I’d clean up for all this stuff. Now, if only I CAN “SHED” — that would be a small miracle for me!!

    Need some paper?

  55. My studio space? At various times: the sofa and coffee table, the dining table and a tea cart, propped up with pillows in my bed…well, you get the picture:)

    Everything is packed into totes and clear plastic containers for portability due to the fact that I have to scoot around quite a bit.

    Can I have your chair? I could make that into my studio, geesh, that thing is Big and Wonderful!

  56. “What do you love about your creative space?”

    I love that I get a new and improved craft space ~ every 3 years because we move into another town. My DH builds everything after my wishes and we decide what has worked the last time and what not.
    I have great ribbon holder made from curtain rods, lots of drawer units and a floor to ceiling “Ivar” shelf system from IKEA I never want to miss again. It is flexible, and I can take it with me when we move again.

    “What would you most like help organizing in that space?”
    Everything Paper! I have a lot of paper, I never find what I’m looking for and I tried several storing options already.

  57. Your studio is fabulous!

    “What do you love about your creative space?”

    I love that I have one! It is out in our garage and not at all fancy. When we moved to our new home, which has a 3 car garage, I was able to finally get a little space to set up an easel and desk and store my painting, beading and crafting supplies. It allows me time to get away from the kiddies and create without worrying if they will get into my stash – plus, I can leave projects up midway!!!

    Someday, I hope to have a little cottage in wood too ~ a real space with heat and a/c and without car fumes ;)

  58. Maybe someone has some ideas for me . Lots of stuff i’ve collected over the years. I decided to put in a link for some pictures. I don’t know maybe all I need is another bookcase and some tins and baskets or something I don’t know.
    Brenda Moss

  59. What I love about my studio is the company I have. I have my Mom there by my side. We almost always go to our studio together. It always help when being creative to have someone to bounce ideas off of. Thanks for having these questions, they are real thought provoking!

  60. Glad you are beginning the healing- I think many of us have been in the same place and it is hard.

    I have a spare room for my creative self but it is not organized nearly as beautifully as yours. You inspire me to get alittle more organized in there. I also have to do something about the heat, as it is chilly in there so I don’t work as often as I would like. I would love the magazine to be inspired!

  61. What I love about my creative space is that it is all mine. I love having a space that can do with whatever I want and I don’t have to clean up immediately if I need to leave a project for a bit, I can just turn the lights off, close the drape and it will be there when I get back. I have a small room 4×10 but it works for me.

    I love your space. Oh my gosh, it makes me want to come play with you! ;D
    Pick me, pick me.

  62. What I love most about my creative space is the view. From my window, I can look out over the roofs of the houses below, far away to the Columbia River and hills of Washington state.

  63. My creative space is where ever I plop down, the portable, non existent kind. I would love a room to be all organized and alone at times.

    Your room is great, I love the cozy chair!

  64. I love that my space is completely me in every way! Its very modern and everything has its place. Although some would say its to clean to be creative in, I love the fact that the cleanliness gives me lots of open room with which to work. Plus whenever my creative mojo runs off I tend to stare at blank walls for hours… so I have added 2 finches. Their much more fun to stare at and often leave me in stitches.

  65. […] that big cozy chair I showed you yesterday in my […]

  66. I have a computer room where I am right now, but it is not really a good space, after seeing your pictures (I love it), I really like the idea of using my bookcases for boxes of crafts and papers instead of full of books I never ever look at.

    Thanks for the tip.

    Renee Khan

  67. I guess I love most that I actually do HAVE a creative space and I like least that it is disorganized and dark.

    I haven’t yet forced myself to switch over from “fabric” to “paper” organization. It was perfect when I was into fabric, but not so much now.

    What I need now is the OTHER basement room that has two walls of windows and a giant pool table in the middle of it. :)

  68. I haven’t seenthe issue… but I would LOVE to have your studio… OH MY what a retreat!!!!

    that said I still like where I create… I share a room DH and most of the time am there by myself. I have lots of things to create with. Not too much table space and not a big chair in the corner to relax in… I need to et my hands on this mag and dream up some grand plans for when we buy our next place!

  69. I so need this magizine. I have to be the most unorganized person. I have a room with make shift items in it. Things I have bought in garage sales or have had given to me. I have so much “stuff” in here that I never know where anything is. Except the things I am working on at the time.
    I love your room with your comfy chair, storage boxes and shelves, and that large window. I thing that is what I miss the most. I don’t have good lighting.

  70. Ha the only thing I love about my creative space is that’s where I create. At the moment I am working at the end of a dining room table. I would love to have a room all to myself. Your studio is beautiful and hopefully one day I will have one of my own.

    I’m so glad your feeling a bit better today!

  71. what i ‘love’ about my studio (kitchen) is that it is a mess. it’s clean and sorta tidy. but certainly not organized. keeping it that this level allows me to stop saying, ‘pleez excuse the mess’ which i was forever saying when i use to clear the table.

  72. Hi~
    What I love about my “studio” is that it was just built for me this summer. It doubled the size of my room. French doors look out into the woods, my own little deck, and the top half of an 8′ wall space that is entirely bulletin board.

  73. I have like a gazilion different arrangemnets for papers and I would like help organizing those in a good way. I store them in folders but it’s difficult to get a good overview when I make collages… Though I don’t want to spend time organizing, just arting! :-) Love looking at other peoples studios because I don’t have one myself!

  74. Hi Chrysti,
    my studio is developing since years and every change rsults in more clever space for art supplies. I love this evolutionary process !
    I am happy when I can organize my artsupplies in new boxes. So I can see and touch them more often :-)
    My mounted rubber stamps on wood are in show displays and old printer letter boxes at my walls. Between them are a lot of things from art friends around the world : shrines, fabric hangers, gothic archs, soldered hangers, charms and paper stuff.
    All together it is a personal exhibition with an inspiring atmosphere. My friends love it to stay in this room, it is our living room, too.
    To make this place more perfect I would need a much bigger room with different working places for sewing, journaling for example. This is my dream !

  75. What would you most like help organizing in that space?
    I keep thinking that I am going to make better use of my space, so i keep trying and trying, but it makes me happy to fumble through my stuff…lol

  76. I enjoy my art space because it’s in the basement, away from LOUD TV’s and kids saying …. “Mom – Mom – Mom”….. It’s spacious and I also have a stereo and a T.V. (so I can watch CHICK FLICKS…instead of football!)
    Even if my son makes his way down with me, his x-box is hooked up to the T.V., and he can play – while i listen to the radio and CREATE!
    I wish I had some better “paper storage”. Like those box cubes to hang on the wall with space for each pile of organized paper!

  77. What do I love most about my creative space? My door! Once I close the door to my studio, I feel as if I am wrapped up in a comforting cocoon of art supplies, creative flow and magic.

  78. Oh, Chrysti…. (sigh) ….. I’m in my studio right now….. well, I’m sitting at my computer desk….. I can’t get any farther! Ouch! & I have a WHOLE ROOM! I’ve been putting cleaning out/up my studio for months now… & what did I do 2 days ago? Well, I bought more material, of course! I agree w/ Katherine The Queen…. you can go around the country (the world?!) & offer advice for those of us who have organization phobias…. your studio is my inspiration…. May The Universe Help Me, I think I’ll begin today!

    Queen Anne

  79. […] Well I’m kinda re-doing a giveaway I already did. See, 100 of you didn’t enter the fabulous Cloth, Paper, Scissors (omigosh this cat is so bad – shes a nut tonight!) Studios contest – so I only drew 1 winner. Shame on those who didn’t partake in the fun! Which leaves me with this beautiful extra copy and a blog post already written. […]

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  81. If I was a tree , I would have carved in my trunk DON”T CUT ME DOWN!!!! My tip for organizing ,baskets , but don’t put wire in with ribbon and /or fibers LOL… Crysti has the bestest craft room I have ever seen. all those cool drawers and files .everthing has a place …so well organized… lots of die for.
    Brenda Moss

  82. Way kewl space you have!!

    I’m working out of labeled boxes in a closet, LOL …but one day… lol

  83. Heya i am for the primary time here. I came across this board and I in finding It really helpful & it helped me out much. I am hoping to give something again and aid others like you helped me.

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